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Lewis Gould, grandson of Richard Ricker Lewis, shared this letter that he discovered in the Colquitt archives in Austin.


                                                                     Monday, November 11, 1912

Hon. O. B. Colquitt,
Governor , State of Texas , Austin .

Dear Sir;

           On the 19th of January, 1913, Lee and Jackson’s anniversary, the ladies of the E. S. Rugeley Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, are to unveil a monument and drinking fountain to the memory of the Confederate soldier throughout the land,--living and dead,--which monument, through their untiring efforts and energy these ladies have secured sufficient funds to build, and which will be erected in the Court House Square of our County. The monument is en route now, and will be erected in time for unveiling on January 19th, and it is the earnest desire of the ladies of the U. D. C. here that you be present and address us upon this occasion, and have asked me to take up this matter with you, and extend you this invitation to be with us on that date.

          The ladies and all here consider that you are the highly appropriate person to be with us and deliver us an address upon the occasion of the unveiling of our monument to “Our Confederate Dead,--Lest we forget”; and furthermore, in as much as you have never been in Matagorda County during your two campaigns for your office, we would be doubly glad to see you here on the 19th of January. You can leave Austin on the night of the 18th, reaching here at noon of the 19th, and can return that night, if you desire. I know that you are going to be very busy in January, as that is the time for the session of the Legislature, but we hope you can see your way clear to laying aside cares of business and gubernatorial administration, and join us on the 19th of January, as above indicated, when the monument will be unveiled.

          If you can see your way clear to being present for the unveiling of this monument, I would be glad to have you my house-guest during your visit in the city, and join my personal invitation to that of ladies asking that you be present at the above time and place.

          With best personal regards, and trusting to have an early and favorable acceptance of the ladies’ invitation, and my personal one, I remain,

                                                              Very truly yours,

                                                         Richard R. Lewis


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Feb. 7, 2005
Feb. 7, 2005