Apprehended Loss of Capt. Rugeley and 21 Men.

Dispatches have been received from Gen. Magruderís Headquarters stating that Capt. Rugeley and his company proceeded out on Matagorda bay the other day, in three launches, and two of the launches capsized in a severe wind that sprang up in the night. Eighteen men from the capsized boats finally succeeded by swimming and wading in reaching the shore near the east end of the bay, and proceeded to the camps of some of our troops. The fate of Capt. Rugeley and 21 men who were in another launch, was not known, and Col. Buchel immediately sent men to find them if possible, but the men had not returned, nor was any further information received at the time the courier left. It is to be hoped that they may have effected a landing in some other part of the bay shore. The object of his expedition by water is not stated.

The Galveston News, Houston, Texas, Wednesday, January 6, 1864, Volume XX, No. 42

Captain Rugeley's Report

Burkhart's Account
Nell Wilkinson Letter

Mrs. Duncan Gordon's Account

Capt. Edward Salmon Rugeley

Capt. Marmion's Letter - December 30, 1863

Diary of Thomas Linn, Drummer 16th Ohio Vol. Infantry written from Decrow's Point


December 30-31, 1863  Casualties
James [Jesse?] Matthews London, VA 23
J. H. Jones Mobile, AL 29
D. A. McKinley Cabines, NC 22
A. D. Hines, Bugler Washington, TX 28
George M. Bowie Alabama 19
J. M. Connor Tennessee 22
J. N. Howell Alabama 18
N. M. Kennerly Illinois 33
A. J. May Arkansas 32
J. B. Seaborn Virginia 18
B. H. Walton Missouri 21
Thomas E. McKinley Tennessee 18
Tom Wadsworth Matagorda 18
T. C. Secrest Matagorda 25
J. G. Secrest Texas 20
Henry Gibson Matagorda 19
A. C. Johnson Louisiana 18
James Rugeley Matagorda 17
E [James A.?] Duggan
Edwin B. Lake
Julius Shaw


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