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Furniture Store Was Founded in 1900







Wm. Walker and Walker-Matchett have been serving Bay City since 1900 when William Walker, founder, first started in business here. At that time the style of the store title was just Wm. Walker and continued until 1923, when L. M. Matchett, who had been employed by Mr. Walker for a number of years, was taken into partnership of the funeral directing business and made manager of the furniture branch.

From the beginning, this firm has consistently made every effort to give Bay City and Matagorda County the best service possible at all times. New stock, new ideas and new methods to increase the efficiency of that service have been secured and incorporated as rapidly as possible. For several years prior to his death, Mr. Walker, due to ill health, permitted the active management of the business to fall on his partner, Mr. Matchett. Mr. Matchett continued the business along the same lines of progressive service started by the elder Mr. Walker when Bay City was young and today this concern ranks among the most up-to-date and progressive firms of this county.

Time has brought many changes in the funeral directing profession during this period of time. Funeral directors were directors only, and did the render the service of today. In those early days no display rooms were in existence; funeral processions were preceded by horse drawn vehicles.

Then came the day of the automobile hearse which in itself created a desire to perform a better service. Rapid strides were made during the years 1918 to 1925 and funeral directing was brought to a higher level than ever before. Funeral directors had to be alert and progressive and keep up with the times. In July, 1932, a modern funeral home was thrown open for inspection located on East Seventh Street. This home is designed and arranged to suit the needs and requirements of a modern and well-directed funeral home.

The structure is simple and well lighted and decorated in such a manner that it emphasized the homelike atmosphere. It is here that most of the funerals are held with a quiet dignity and sympathetic attitude that is particularly appreciated by bereaved relatives and friends.

A chapel and family room capable of seating nearly 100 people permit the family to hold services and at the same time not losing the home-like atmosphere and dignity so desired by their customers and clients.

Mr. Matchett is assisted in his work by P. T. Novosad, who is also a licensed embalmer and funeral director.


The Daily Tribune, Century of Progress Edition, Section 7, Pages 1 & 6



Day Book of Walker Furniture Company

Weimar , Texas, 1900-1902

Part 1              Part 2               Part 3

[Editor's note: Although the entries contained in this day book are primarily transactions from
Colorado County, Texas, not Matagorda County, it is included because it may not be available elsewhere.]

Ledger of Walker Furniture Company
Bay City , Texas

Part 1               Part 2               Part 3               Part 4

Part 5              Part 6               Part 7               Part 8

Part 9               Part 10

The day book  was kept on a daily basis with all purchases for the day listed together. This ledger, however, has a page for each customer. It is not always easy to determine in which year some of the transactions occurred. All dates that were found have been included and others can be determined by finding the date and backing up. The ledger itself does not have a date on the first page. The year 1903 is written inside the front cover although some entries indicate that some accounts began in 1902.

William Walker   Coffins and Caskets   1913 - 1917


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