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Information Date Added
Sidney Schwartz Obituary
Bay City High School Diploma Awarded Posthumously to Sidney Denn
Bay City Coca Cola Plant Building Photo
Bay City Builds Many New Homes
Company D Casualties
Asa Yeamans Letter to Stephen F. Austin
November 24, 2014
John D. Bowden Obituary November 23, 2014
Palacios 1942 Hurricane Photos     The Canteen and City Hall    North of Luther Hotel
Linn Yeamans Car Ad - Citrus Grove
WWII Collegeport Soldiers Photo
Charles Walters Burkhart Family
November 22, 2014
Rowing on the Tres Palacios River, Blessing, Texas Postcard
Braman Family
November 21, 2014
Bowie Plantation Slave House Photo
Frank Adamec Naturalization Record
2014 Black History Month
Jefferson Davis School Photo
History of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church

Slater Blacksmith Shop Workers
November 20, 2014
Mike C. Pena Family Pictures
Bay City 1947 PTA Cookbook Ads
November 18, 2014
Van Vleck ISD Page November 11, 2014
Edith Lucille Arnold
David Paul Charron
Emily Ann Davis
Mary Frances Evans
Ruben Reyes Garcia Sr.
Alec E. Garrison
Ronald Edward Gilliam, Sr.
Elcenia Martin Gipson
Phyllis Jean Cade Glenn
Johnnie Marvin Green
Moses L. Green
William Joe Hooper
Sammie Colleen Finch Jarrell
Lela Estelle DeBusk Johnson
Cleve Bedford Jones
Eleanor Bures Knebel
Susie Vega Luna
Janice Lea McGuire
Richard James Mesey

Lillian Cole Milberger
Vivian Delores Miller

Frances F. Neitsch
Margie Ondreas
Hubert Dewayne Orr
James Lee Orton
Matthias John Ottis Jr.
Joyce Rennoldson
Martha Frances Reynolds
William Wade “Bill” Roome
Will Howard Ross Sr.
Beatrice Juanita Sanchez
Juanita R. “Janie” Sardelich
Beulah Mae Sparks
Marshall Aubrey Stephens
Howard Dale Taylor
Victoriano Terrasas Jr.
Harry Lee Treybig
Suzette Lavon Wilson
Michael Layton Witte
Isaac Rodriguez Zepeda Sr.
November 1, 2014
Brasfield Family
Obituaries - David H. Brasfield     Sylvia Thompson Brasfield Hendrick     James Victor Brasfield
Audrey Poe Brasfield Stowers Griffith
October 31, 2014
Theo Smith Obituary October 27, 2014
Company D, 6th Texas Infantry Unit Information October 10, 2014
Obituaries September 19, 2014
September 14, 2014
Matagorda Mavericks 2014 September 9, 2014
Matagorda County Historical Society Members September 6, 2014
Additional information of the Matagorda Incident and Rugeley's Men in 1863 September 3, 2014
Rodolphus D. Sterling Obituary August 30, 2014
Frank G. Cobb Family          Fred C. Cornelius Family           Davant Family           Thomas Jefferson Poole, Jr. August 27, 2014
Matagorda County Ranching August 25, 2014
Obituaries August 17, 2014
Abel H. Pierce, Sr. obituary
John Phillips Pierce Family          Abel H. Pierce, Sr.          Lee M. Pierce Family
August 6, 2014
Slone Family

Harles W. Adams     Gussie Fox Correll     Freddie Mae Frieze     James Clay Slone, Sr.
John Jones Slone     Phyllis O. Slone     Ted W. Slone     William H. Slone
August 5, 2014
Harrison Families - Thomas, Francis, Francis "Frank," Sr., Percy, Vernon Lee, Frank Jr. and Travis
Cyrus & Christine Cook, Joe & Nellie Griffith, John & Vivian Wier

August 3, 2014

Clarence Edward Lee Family           Abel Head "Shanghai" Pierce          Hamilton Savage, Sr. Family          Howard Walton Stell Family

August 2, 2014
John Harrison McCrosky Family          John Voss McCrosky, Sr. Family           Miller Family August 1, 2014
Hardeman Community Columns July 26, 2014
Obituaries July 20, 2014
North Cable Biography July 19, 2014
Howard & Matilda Sholl Family July 17, 2014
SAR Wightman Marker Dedication July 15, 2014
Drott Brothers July 14, 2014
Family of Alfred and Anna Jacobson Weborg July 10, 2014
Drs. Harry James Havlik & Minnie Toerck Havlik June 29, 2014
Dr. Alfred Byron "A. B." Cairnes
Dr. Frank W. Dimmitt, Sr.
Dr. Theodore Frederick Driskill
Dr. Florence Ruth Haile
Dr. Hazel Russell
June 28, 2014
Dr. Lyman Cronkrite June 27, 2014
Esther Arias Anzaldua
Mavis Helen Asbury
Letha Mae Loose Bailey
Oscar Albert Besler

Henry Allen Bradford
Gerald Ray Burwell, Sr.
Dennis C. Butler, Jr.
Fredie Maxine “Mac” Charlton
Emma Jean Cockrell
Bettie Lou Cornelius
Jerry Wayne Dittlinger
Anita G. Garcia
Santiago "Jim" Javier Gonzalez
Leo Joseph Grein
James Harold Grisham
Peggy Janice Watkins Henderson
Elenora Shimek Collins Hunt
Ronald Vincent Hutson
Grace Bullard Keener
William Frank Krobot
Betty Rugeley Lewis
Barney Mason, Sr.
Katherine Ray Milliff
John William Milner
Leila Mae McFarland
Betty Raeciel Neely
Faye Jeanette Austin O’Dell
Leo Edward Orsak
Edith Weiss Perez
Joe Pineda
Wayne Rex Quinn
Dorothy Mae Ramsey
Chad Renfroe
Alphonse Revis, Sr.
Jane Kirby Savage
Lillian Elizabeth Spalek
Manuel Thomas Tobias
Norman Carl Treude
Doris Lou Wilks
Martha Williams
June 25, 2014
Obituaries          John L. Stall          Elizabeth Small Stall          Mary Louise Reynolds Strother     W. C. H. Marshall June 21, 2014
Obituaries - Monroe Linton          M. T. Miller June 20, 2014
Francitas Obituary - Mary Margaret Kantner Baer June 19, 2014
Deutschburg Newspaper Columns June 15, 2014
Obituaries          Rev. Absolom Mitchell Andrews          Tempie Andrews Broughton          Lurline Andrews Wadsworth June 6, 2014
Judin Family Pictures
Turnerville (Collegeport) Pictures

Glaros Family
June 3, 214
John Francis McNabb Family May 31, 2014
Frederick Clarence McCamly Family May 30, 2014
Family of Matthew Talbot          Family of Henry Gibson May 29, 2014
Family of Joseph Thomas Hefford May 28, 2014
Update of casualty page for PFC Vicente Campos Nieto, Jr. May 27, 2014
Obituaries     Gertrude Campos Nieto     Lola Velma Mulkey Payne     Carita Foley Sanford
Buhler Settlement
May 26, 2014
Matagorda Negro School May 22, 2014
Palacios Beacon Online Link May 21, 2014
Obituaries May 19, 2014
Marriages 1914 - 1920 Added to Marriage Records May 18, 2014
Photo of Braman House in Matagorda
Vadis Corporon Obituary
Mary 12, 2014
Photos of Landmark Plaques added on these pages
4th and 5th Street
6th Street - 1          6th Street - 2          6th Street - 3
7th Street
Avenues D and E
Avenue F - 1          Avenue F - 2
Avenue G - 1          Avenue G - 2           Avenue G - 3           Avenue G - 4
Avenue H            Avenue I
Avenue K and Matthews
May 10, 2014
Hawley Obituaries          Mabel Naomi Bobbitt          Ottmar Schimek May 8, 2014
Current Matagorda County Doctors May 7, 2014
Dr. Frank West Allen
Dr. William Thomas Laxson
May 6, 2014
Dr. Howard Everett Van Griner May 5, 2014
Dr. Alfred J. Giese
Dr. Buell Franklin Roche
Dr. Emmett Adam Sibley
Dr. Christopher Altman Voelker
Carr Real Estate and Thornton Grocerty Letterheads
May 4, 2014
Dr. Tyler Walter Cagle
Dr. Keith A. Daggett
Dr. Fayette William Estill
Dr. Vernon Herman Fricke
May 3, 2014
Obituary of Edith Clapp Linton
Loos Marker Picture
May 2, 2014
Dr. William Nelson Brooks
Hubert Calvin Richardson obit
Francitas School Certificate
May 1, 2014
Dr. Henry H. Loos Historical Marker Dedication Pictures April 30, 2014

Herbert Pearl "Bert" Carr Timeline
Joseph Francis "Frank" Carr Timeline
Ida Viola Thornton Carr
Theron Francis Carr

April 27, 2014
Richard Oakford Serrill Family April 26, 2014
Patrick Henry & Julia Martin Rose
Wills of Amelia and Galen Hodges
April 24 2014
Marker Pictures April 23, 2014
Will of Maria Louisa Warren
Marker Photo of Julia Martin Rose
April 22, 2014
Will of Rudolph Hayes April 21, 2014
Will Thompson Family          John L. Thorp Family
Wills of John L. Thorp & Elizabeth A. Thorp
April 20, 2014
 Wills     Dr. John Frederick Huttner      Ira Ingram     George R. Kenner
Dr. John Frederick Huttner biography
Index for Matagorda County Wills Online - Volume A - 1827 - 1894
April 19, 2014
Alamo Lumber Compnay Ad
Ehlert's Bakery Ad
Matagorda Pharmacy Ad
Palacios Normal Article 1913
Hawley Obituaries
Guy Montgomery Brinkley
J. J. Fortenberry
William King
Jeremiah Lashbrook
April 18, 2014
Bundick Family History
Dr. Joseph L. Guffy
Dr. John Frederick Huttner
Dr. Robert H. Jackson, Jr.
Dr. Norval Pembrook Knight
Dr. M. C. Reed
Dr. T. J. Turley
April 17, 2014
Tenaris Matagorda County Video
April 16, 2014
Marker Photos
Sam L. Sain
Armand “A. B.” “Sonny” Salas
Ben Salas
Mike Salas
Rosie Salas
Virginia Salas
Pasqual Salazar III
Pasqual Salazar, Jr.
Domingo Sanchez, Jr.
Domingo L. Sanchez, Sr.
Paul Sanchez
Rudy N. Sanchez
Mildred B. Sanders
Ethel Mangum Sansing
Gwendolyn Sansing
Henry Roscoe Sansing
M. C. Sansing
Naomi Sansing
Patsy A. Davis Sansing
W. C. Sansing
W. F. "Bill" Sansing
William F. Sansing, Jr.
Willie C. Sansing
Benita Saucedo
Alice McEwen Sauer
Gerald Clement Sauer
Eva Mae Saunders
Hardy F. Scarborough
Lena L. Scarborough
Charity Scheppan
Christina Schimek
Henry Schimek
Teri Ann Schrader
Georgia L. Schwartz

Cecelia Harriett Scoggin
Elaine McDaniel Scoggin
Jack S. Scoggin
John Leslie Scoggin
Fred D. Scott
Evelyn Mae Scott
John G. Scott
Sandra Mae Scott
George S. Self
Joe Henry Senkyrik
Joe Senkyrik
Louis J. Senkyrik, Jr.
Mary Senkyrik
Oma M. Settle
Manley Sexton
Theresa Sexton
Kimberley Ware Shafer
Robert E. Shafer
Mary Ann Shamblin
Netta Lee Shannon
Thomas L. Shannon
Doris Pate Shillingburg
Jocelyn Jeannene Shine
William "Bill" Shine
Hassie Shiver
Mary A. Shivers
Millard C. Shivers
Ima Showers
Isaac W. Showers
Hattie Showers
Tony M. Showers
Felton Shumate
Philip M. "Felipe" Silva
Maria Silva
Primitivo Silva
Alton Glen Simmons
Glen Louis Simmons
Rosalie E. Simmons
Andrew Frank Simons
Mary A. Sipula
Thelma Sirmon
Catherine Skinner
Anna Skuca
Henry Skuca
John A. Skuca
Johnie Silvester Skuca
Dorothy Louise Smith
Neva Faye Teat Smith
E. C. “Gene” Smith
Elizabeth Smith
J. L. Smith
Leslie A. Smith
Maurice H. Smith
Nettie B. Smith
Paul J. Smith
Rufus L. Smith
Ruth A. Smith
Weldon Bailey Smith
Hilda M. Snyder
John L. Snyder
Isaac Sosa
Cora M. Sowell
Limuel H. Sowell
Frank Charlie Spalek
Donald K. Spellman, Jr.
Keila Marie Spencer
Bobby Ray Springer
Alva “Al” Springer
Hazel M. Springer
Frances Sprta
Joe Frank Sprta
John Patrick Stafford
Rebecca Lee Stafford
Donald Edward Staggs
L. B. Stark
Martha G. Stark
Ruth M. Starling
Joseph F. Stavinoha
Nonie S. Stavinoha
Cecilia V. Stephenson
Dawes B. Stephenson
Benjamin F. Stevens
Maud Lee Stevens
Bennie Jerrel Stevens
Omar Ned Stevens
Robert Lee Stevens
Charles C. Stone
Edna B. Stone
H. T. Stone
Ragan C. Stone
Artie Street
Phillip Joe Strimple
Sylvia Rosemary Strimple
Floyd E. Strubar
Lera E. Strubar
Richard Suffling
Wesley Arthur Sullivan
Joe C. Sumners
Geraldine Sutton
William D. Sutton
Peyton J. Swansey
Frank C. "Buddy" Sweeny
Lillie Jo Sweeny
April 15, 2014
Marker Photos
Maggie Weber Cadenhead
Helen Tillman Cox
George Lee Plant
Joseph E. Plant
Marie E. Plant
Welthey B. Platt
Emogene M. Poe
Hurston O. Poe
Richard Hurston Poe
Bertie L. Polensky
Eloise Polensky
Johnnie M. Polensky
Lawrence Polensky
Mary L. Polensky
Rudolph Roy Polensky
Stanley Polensky
Frances Poncik
Simon Lee Poncik
Horace W. Pool
Lurline Pool
Betty Popek
Edward Joe Popek
Eula Prestwood
Randy Donald Price
Terry Dale Price
George W. Pruett
Rosie M. Pruett
Richard W. Pyburn
Guy Ragus, Jr.
Guy Ragus, Sr.
Sally Ragus
Jose A. "Tony" Ramirez
Benito Ramos
Manuel Ramos, Jr.
Randall Twins 
Dorothy Gregurek Ray
H. H. "Bully" Ray
Hazel Norwood Ray
Lavada Ray
Ovie F. Ray
David T. Rayburn
Mary P. Rayburn
Marie L. Raymond
Ella L. Ready
Chuck Alan Reed
Ada Larue Tabb
James D. Tabb
Elaine Coker Talasek
Theresa B. Talbot
James Collier Taylor
John Wesley "J. J." Taylor, Jr.
Katie Lee Teat
Paula Riley Teat
Rex Teat, Jr.
Rex Teat
Ann Tedford
Earl J. Teeler
Vallie Teeler
Charles Adrain Tenberg
Charles Wesley Teutsch
Dorothy Elaine Thames
Edgar Waldon Thames
Thomas Joe Tharp
Lee Roy Thomas
Ruby Mae Thomas
Ann V. Thomasson
Bobbie Estell Thompson
James E. Thompson
Louetta Thompson
Terry A. Thompson
Will Thompson
Gilbert W. Tillman
Janet Kay Tillmon
Buford A. Timmons
Vennie Timmons
Elizabeth Tobeck
Harold Norman Tolson
Dominga E. Torres
Elisabeth C. Torres
Gregorio Torres
Guadalupe Torres
Manuela Torres
Raul C. Torres
Teofilo B. Torres
Jerry F. Townsend
Seth Trammell
Indalecio Trevino
Jimmy Trevino
Angeline Trlicik
Jerry F. Trlicik
J. J. Tweedle

Bertha "Betty" Tweedle
Richard J. Tweedle
Alberta Wagner
James Wagner
Bertha Etta Wakefield
Billy M. Wakefield
Bob Wakefield, Sr.
Mabel Wakefield
Vallie Irene Wakefield
William Wakefield
George M. Walker
Ina P. Walker
Lois M. Walker
Millard Walker
Mollie Walker
William A. Walker
William T. Walker
Imogene M. Ward
Edward N. "Eddie" Ware
Edward H. Ware
Laura R. Ware
Jim Honea Warnock
Winnie Aileen Warnock
Dennis Watkins
Ellouise B. Watkins
Lucy G. Watkins
Joseph Watson
Ruby P. Watson
George W. Weathers
Haley B. Weathers
Loyce B. Webb
Randol B. Webb
Emma L. Webb
W. S. Webb
Leo C. Weber, Sr.
Essie V. Weeks
Luther T. Weeks
Doris J. Weldon
Larry L. Weldon
Daniel Welfel
Douglas B. Wells
Effie Lorene Wells
Lola O. Wells
Marion M. Wells
Mark S. Wells
Mayme D. Wells

Peggy Lynn Wells
Elo Joseph Werlla
Martha May Werlla
Vernon Eugene Werlla
I. J. "Mike" Westbrook
Cathy Westinghouse
Frances Westinghouse
L. A. "Dutch" Westinghouse
Hartsfield Whaley
Lilla B. Whaley
Ben H. "Dick" Wheeler, Jr.
Ben H. Wheeler, Sr.
Martha M. Wheeler
Winifred M. Wheeler
James E. White
Matthew John White
Nannie V. White
Richard J. White
Thomas B. White
William A. "Billy" White
William A.  White
Jerhald “Jerry” Whitfield
Laura Leona Whittlesey
Oscar Leslie Whittlesey
Edward Dudley Wilks
A. W. Williams
Agnes Anna Williams
Charles Lee Williams
Clara M. Williams
Jessie Mae Williams
Mark Stephen Williams
Barry Lynn Wilson
James Henry Wilson
Hattie Bell Wilson
Robert L. "Buster" Wilson
Jeffery Shane Wise
Anna S. Wolffarth
Joe Pat Wolffarth
Bernice Mae Wooley
Robert H. Wooley
David A. Wright
Myrtle L. Wright
Carrie M. Wyse
J. Morris Wyse
Naomi P. Wyse

April 15, 2014
Marker Photos
Art "Tudi" Martinez
Eluterio Martinez
John Martinez
Afton E. Massey
Bertie S. Massey
Jerry Don Massey
Jewell M. Massey
Manning K. Massey
Margaret A. Massey
Olivia Callihan Massey
Richmond Massey
Robert Lee Massey
William A. Massey
Michael A. Masters Jr.
John L. Matejek
Josephine Mathis
Samuel Mathis
Charles D. Matthews
James S. Matthews
Mary A. Matthews
Rodney Estel Matthews
Glenda Kay Matura
Donald E. Mayer
Nancy L. Mayer
Karen Jo Mazel
Joel W. Meador
Viiola F. Meador
Hank Melat
Judy Melat
Agnes Hanna Merritt
Melvin Forrest Merritt
A. Shirley Meyer
V. L. "Sonny" Meyer
Mark Vernon Meyer
Earl A. Mickelson
Chester O. Middleton
Johnnie V. Middleton
John Robert Middleton
Thomas J. "T. J." Middleton
Cordelia S. Mielsch
Paul E. Mielsch
Mary Louis Miles
Johnny Ray Miller
Marjorie R. Miller
Clara B. Miller
Raymond Miller
Ruben Braden Miller
Annie Wise Mizell
Howard Mizell
Chris G. Montalvo
Phillip S. Montalvo
Fortino C. Montoya
Fern Moon
Jack Moon
Amon Moore
Mattie Moore
Arthur Moore
Willie Mae Moore
Donald E. Moore
Laura C. Moore
Mary L. Moore
Caesar R. Morales
Dean Martin Morales
Evaristo B. Moreno
Jose A. Moreno
Nicolas B. Moreno
Refugia S. Moreno
Faith L. Morris
Maurice S. Morris
Gaston Arthur Morton
Juanita D. Muniz
Nancy Marie Murphree
Helen Muszynski
Nevada Sowell Mutchler
Elbert J. Myers
Viola F. Myers
Leo Palacios

Nelda P. Palacios
Saturio Palacios
Mamie G. Pardue
William H. Pardue
Floyd C. Parish
Myrtle Lee Parish
Bertha Lillian Parker
Joyce Elaine Parker
Lula A. Parker
Marietta Parks
Mitchell Parks
Hubert Lang Parma
Donna Ola Patrick
B. J. Patterson
Virginia Laird Patterson
Walter E. Penny
Graciela Torres Perez
Socorro Perez
Edwin J. Peter
Ella Peterson
Robert A. Peterson
Maudie I. Peveto
Otheo Norris "Pete" Peveto
Titus M. Pharis
Vera R. Pharis
J. T. "Buck" Phillips
Vernice "Dorothy" Phillips
April 14, 2014
Helen Velma Akers
Hardy Christmas
Henry Lofton Fortenberry
Curtis Shelbert Reed, Sr.
Louise Cowart Rush

Marker Photos

Gordon W. McCarty
Don Jean McCray
Eunice Beaty McCullar
Elizabeth McDaniel
Harry C. McDaniel
Elmo S. McDonald
Lucy M. McDonald
Mildred High McGonagle
William Henderson McGonagle
Ernest McKenzie
Myrtle McKenzie
Joan Henderson McKissick
Lynda McKissick
Paul L. McKissick
Reba McKissick
Frances McMahon
Alfred J. Naiser
Annie Naiser
John Naiser
Johnnie J. Naiser
Theodore W. Naiser
Troy Eugene Nance
Everett B. Neptune
Virginia Graham Tully Neptune
Emily Amber Newman
Lowell Eugene Newsom
Gladys Evelyn Newton
Harvey C. Newton
Ida B. Newton
Melvin M. Newton
Randolph L. Nicely
Annie Mae Nichols
Ronald W. Nichols
William E. Nichols
Margaret Kathleen Niemietz
Peter P. Niemietz
Juakana Nolen
Dayle Eugene Nolen
Bertha S. Norman
William Ray Norman
Ben L. Nowak
Annie Dora Nowak
Frank A. Nowak
Fern E. Quinn
Samuel A. Quinn
Felix V. Quintanilla
Curtis Shelbert Reed, Sr.
Edgar W. Reed
Edith Cummings Reed

Emaline Rose Reed
Molly Suggs Reed
Robert Lee Reed Jr.
James Rodney Reeves
Marcus D. Reeves
Marcus G. Reeves
Emil Eugene Richers
Wayne Roberds
Hattie K. Roberts
James B. Roberts
C. J. Robertson
John H. Robison
Willie B. Robison
Emilia R. Rodriguez
Gloria Rodriguez
Juan G. Rodriguez
Juanita T. Rodriguez
Maria M. Rodriguez
Rebecca Rodriguez
Ruben Rodriguez, Sr.
Lois Sowell Rogers
Maxine Fay Royse
Linda Sue Ruddick
Grace A. Ruston
Hugh A. Ruston
Ralph E. Ruth
Roy Edward Rutherford, Sr.
Arthur D. Ryman
Arthur J. Ryman
Betty J. Ryman
Christine R. Ryman
Elmer Harry Ryman
Lloyd E. Ryman
John D. Ryman
Katie Ryman
Kenneth Ray Ryman
Mary E. Ryman
Myra V. Ryman
Myrtle Ryman
Ollie H. Ryman
Pearl S. Ryman
Robert E. Ryman
Sarah Ann Ryman
Tommy R. Ryman
Ladis John Uher
Noah Carl Uher
Otto C. Umberger
John Louis Underwood, Sr.
Glen Houston Ussery

April 13, 2014
Marker Photos
Kara Charleen Iker
Goldie Insall
Robert E. Insall
Jacy Lynn Jackson
Henry Herman Jahns
Agnes M. Janise
Barbara Janise
Henry J. Janise
Millerd Jenkins
Olivia R. Jimenez
Arthur B. Johnson
Edna Louise Johnson
Henry Marston Johnson
Jewel E. Johnson
Margaret Johnson
Penola J. Johnson
Robert E. Johnson
Roxie Emma Dunlap Johnson
William Phillip Johnson
Anna U. Johnston
Charles L. Johnston
Earl J. Johnston
Johny B. Johnson
Clifford H. Joice
Jessie G. Joice
Charles R. Jones, Jr.
Charles R. Jones, Sr.
Chester Paul Jones
Joan L. Jones
Martha J. Jones

Raymond Jones, Sr.
James E. Jordan
Mattie Lee Jordan
Lorine Joyner
William Leon Joyner
Anthony R. “Tony” Jurek
Emilie Jurek
Jim V. Jurek
Joseph Frank "Joe" Jurek, Sr.
Frankie Lacina, Jr.
Frank J. Lacina, Sr.
Maggie Doretta Lacina
Clarence Mabin Laird
Eugene V. Laird
H. Wayne Laird
Willie Marie Laird
Lorna Jean Landry
Simon M. Landry
Burnal La Reau
Lucille La Reau
James Latham, Sr.
James S. Latham, Jr.
Wilton T. Lawson
Ernest Le Blanc
Sibyl Walker Le Blanc
Luella Bender Ledwig

Jeannette Maxine Helton Lee
Lou Bessie Lee
Cecil O. Legg
Minnie M. Legg
Elsie LeMaster
Jack LeMaster
Pauline LeMaster
W. H. LeMaster
Florence D. Leslie
Will A. Leverett
Angelita Longoria
Irenia Longoria
Annie Loose
Connie Loose
Marcell Loose
Walter Leo Loose, Sr.
Martin M. Lopez, Sr.
Estanislao Losoya
Felipa G. Losoya
Jehu N. Lovett
Julia Anna Lowe
Tom Frank Lowe
William Butler Lowe
Joe V. Lowery
Carmel A. Lozano
Margaret Gonzales Lozano
Edgar Lukefahr
Elsie Lukefahr
Thomas E. Lukefahr Sr.
Floyd Luna
James Walter Luna
Marian Frost Luna
Ivy McKissick Lusty
Alma E. Lyle
Robert Bruce Lyle
Sam A. Lyle
Mary Lupe Magnia
Paul V. Magnia
Edith Posey Mallard
Ginny Lynn Mallard
Harry T. Mallard
Belinda Ann Mangum
Dow Mangum
T. Inez Mangum
Roland W. Markert
Charles C. Marshall
Vivian May Marshall
Christopher J. Martin
Eddie E. Martin
Judith Ann Martin
April 12, 2014
Marker Photos
Judith Burch Chittenden
Courtney Denise Clements
Sandra Gail Cleveland
Eunice Clifton
Louie Clifton
Claudie M. Cobb
Lester C. Cobb
Franklin Gregg Cockrell
Karl W. Cockrell
Clarence L. Colbert
Pearl C. Colbert
Cecil Cole
Willa Mae Cole
Bennie Cole
James R. Cole
Elizabeth Louise Coltes
John Edward Coltes
Harry Richard Columb
Arthur Roy Cook
Evelyn Cook
Mary E. Cornelius
William D. Cornelius, Sr.
Benito B. Cortinas
Fernanda V. Cortinas

Samuel Cortinas
Grover W. Coston III
William Grover Coston
Anita G. Couture
Martha L. Cox
Walcott R. Cox
David Albert Craft
Frank Sinclair Craft
Jerry T. Craft
Gloria Gay Luna Crain
Joe A. Crain
Novella Crain
Lawrence D. Crews
George F. Crosson
Peggy Cummings
Clara M. Myers Curnutte
Mary E. Falknor
William R. Falknor
Arnold A. Fanson
Minnie M. Fanson
George W. Fanson

Jennie B. Fanson
Mary Fanson
Marvin B. Farr
J. W. "Bill" Fehmel, Sr.
John "Bill" Fehmel, Jr.
Karen M. Fehmel
Gaetano F. Ferina
Bennett V. Ferrell
Rose Yanez Figueroa
Ernestine Fikes
Ora E. Fikes
Oscar D. Fikes
Oscar E. Fikes
Archie M. Findley
Gladys Faye Findley
Myra H. Findley
Lewis E. Fisher
Lily L. Flower
August Fojtik
Ollie M. Fojtik
Sophie Fojtik
Dan Richard Folmar Sr.
Oscar L. Folmar, Sr.
Verna M. Folmar
Laura Rose Fontenot
Lee Fontenot, Jr.
Rachel Renee Ford
Thomas Edward Ford
Thomas A. Forehand, Jr.
Roy Forrest
Ruby Forrest
Leslie Lee Fortenberry
Lillian Edward Franklin
Noah Keaton Franklin
Addie E. Franz
Le Roy Franz
Josie M. Franzina
Leo J. Franzina
April 11, 2014
Photos of the family of Dr. Henry H. Loos
Marker Photos
Nora B. Caldwell
Juan D. Camacho
Cleeland R. Cameron
Carolyn Hicks Campbell
Melvin Frederick Campbell Jr.
Consuelo Gonzales Canales
Jimmy Canales
Mary G. S. Canales
Amancio "Pete" Cano
Arroaro G. Cano
Benita Gomez Cano
Gabriel Cano
John Joe Cano, Jr.
Juan O. Cano

Hubert Cantrell
Sidney L. Carr
Annie Lucille Carroll
Felix C. Carroll
Edyth Carter
Betty Jean Denn Cartwright
Blanche Cartwright
Dakota W. Cartwright
Dorothy Beyer Cartwright
Milford Madison Cartwright
Savage Cartwright
Consepcion Castillo
Jeronimo Cardonea Cerda

Albert A. Chambless
Maggie Belle Chambless
Ricardo Charles
Albin Chasak
Helen Chasak
James A. Cheatham
Mary E. Cheatham
Edwin B. Chittenden
J. G. Chrisman
Pansy Chrisman
Claude W. Christie
Everet David Clark
Lois M. Clark

Robert M. Yanez
James L. Yarborough
Kaye Lynn Yarborough
Lloyd Martin Yeamans
Ruth Marie Yeamans
John O. Yeater
Kate W. Yeater
Margaret Edna Black Yoder
Floyd H. Young
Joyce Kovar Younts
Nell James Young
Albert C. Younts
Arthur W. Younts, Jr.
Arthur Wilson Younts
Lois E. Younts
Wilson Neal Younts
Vernie Taylor Younts
April 10, 2014
Marker Photos April 9, 2014
Marker Photos
Joseph H. Bagley
Ruth D. Bagley
Guy T. Bailey
Sarah H. Bailey
 Bessie L. Baker
Donald N. Baker
Edward Balusek
Alfred Ray “Sonny” Bankhead
Donald Ray Bankhead
Ruby E. Barnes
Toonie Barnes
Elizabeth M. Barr
Haroled V. Barr
James M. Barr
Delma Barrett
Jean Barrett
Emilio S. Barron
Ignacia Cervantes Barron
Roberto Lee Barron
Zoila L. Barron
James Ray Bass, Sr.
Violet Broom Bass
Georgia M. Bates
James Morris "Jimmy" Bates
Sidney J. Bates
Lillie Ann Baxter
Elza A. Beaty
Jules Belanger
Jules J. Belanger
Julia Belanger
Annie K. Bell
William C. Bell
George D. Bell
Lessie H. Bell
Sandra Laureen "Laurie" Bell
Gregoria R. Benavides
Juan Hernandez Benavides
Isabel Benavides
Jesus Benavides
Manuel D. Benavides
Manuel Guadalupe Benavides
Vernon R. Bender
Zona M. Bender
Betty Jo Benitz
M. J. Berglund
R. C. Berglund
Anne M. Bickham
Bryan L. Bickham
Clifford Walton Bickham
L. L. Bickham
Ora Lee Bickham
Doris E. Birkner
Otis Henry “Butch” Birkner
Timothy Paul Bittner
Stacy Sue Black
Tracy Lynn Black
James Walter Blackmon
Kittie J. Blanchard
Neal A. Blanchard
Irene Helen Blaylock
Kelly Blaylock
Virgil B. Blaylock
Etta Irene Blanchard
Ira N. Blanchard
Trilby Dawn Bond
Dorothy Viola Boring
Francis Vernon Borup
Ruth Barnhart Borup
Hazel Boyd
Oscar C. Boyd
Charles W. Branstetter
Peter J. Branstetter
Wesley J. Branstetter
Thomas F. Brdecko
Suda Fayelle Brod
Glenn Raymond Brooks
Ruth Brooks
William B. Brooks
Albert Baxter Brown
Charles Norman Brown Jr.
Evelyn Davis Brown
James C. Brown II
Jean Krenek Brown
Lila R. Brown
Manie Pearl Brown
Mary Viola Brown
Marilyn Ann Barlow Brown
Reba Ann Brown
Reba L. Brown
Robert Lein Brown
Tina Brod Brown
W. A. Brown
Walter A. Brown, Sr.
William O. Brown
Austin Brumley
Jack Junior Brumley
James Larkin Brumley
Myrtle D. Brumley
Paul B. Brunner, Jr.
Betty Bryan
William Michael Bryan
David C. Bryant
Liddie J. Bucek
William Bucek
Wilton John "Bill" Bucek
Billy J. Bullard
Mollie B. Bullard
Earnie Obey Bunch
Jesse Matthew Burford
Annie Mae Burkett
Sidney N. "Son" Burkett
Sally C. Burr
Carl A. Burt
Frances L. Burt
Bertie F. Burwell
Mary E. Burwell
Cruz Morales Bustos
Richard “Chato” M. Bustos Jr.
Carlos G. Byrd
Robert Paul Byrd, Sr.
Sibyl Byrd
April 8, 2014
Marker Photos Courtesy of Faye Cunningham
Dock La Verne Landrum
Leah B. Landrum
Jack LeCompt
Lillie LeCompt
Pete LeCompt
Paul S. Lewis
C. W. Lowe
Carrie O. Lowe
E .B. Lowe
Baby Boy Luder
Carmen Boney Luder
W. J. "Bill" Luder, Jr.
Mary Storey McClure
Frank A. McElrath
Victoria A. McElrath
J. C. McGehee
Manley Floyd McGehee
Maria Theresa McGehee
Nona B. McGehee
Alex E. McLeod
Charles E. Newman
Rose L. Newman
Sharon Joy Nichols
Shirley Jean Nichols
Florence R. Norton
Estella S. Nortron
Maggie L. O'Bannon
Joseph William O'Bryan, Sr.
Allan D. O'Connell
Nedra Vance Ogle
Linda Sue Olson
Wilbur A. Olson, Sr.
Andrea R. Olvera
Bruno Olvera, Sr.
Conception Olvera
Elva Olivo
Jesus Olivo
Jesse S. Orchard
Emma O'Rear
F. Travis O'Rear
Candelario Oros, Sr.
B. J. Orsag
Bohumir James Orsag
Rosie Orsag
Frankie Osborne
Gladys Osborne
M. G. "Bud" Osborne
William L. Osborne
Nicolas Osuna
Emil J. Ottis
Fred H. Ottis
Frank M. Ottis
George Peter Ottis, Jr.
Katherine S. Ottis
Molly B. Ottis
Nellie F. Ottis
Birdie Leggett Owen
Dorothy Joan Owen
Frances E. Owen
Fred Owen, Sr.
Kendall Byron Owen
Leo "Skipper' Owen
Malcum Ray Owen
Martha Owen
William F. Owen
William Herman Owen, Jr.
William Herman Owen, Sr.
Helen Valdez Paniagua
Charlotte Langham Pawloskey
Frances Perez
Jesse Perez
Joe Angel Perez
Pedro Perez
Dora Mae Perry
Geneva Z. Perry
James Lockhart Perry
James W. Perry
Ruby Landrum Petrucha
Charles Pickel
Eleanor Pickel
Francis S. Pierson
Margaret Pierson
Georgana Austin Posey
 Julia Austin Posey
Jesse J. Rice
John Allen Rice
Tena Rice
Emma Scott Richardson
James Luther Richardsno
Georgia M. Roe
Guy Walter Poe
Adrian Roscoe Rooth
Bernice A. Rooth
Hillman P. Rouse
Lawrence Eugene Ryman
John Henry Saunders
Mary B. Saunders
Presley T. Saunders
Annie Voytek Schultz
George A. Schultz
Ora Richardson Secrest
Pettus Gordon Secrest
Marjorie Bess Sellers
Ethel H. Semple
Sydney Semple
Ann Shoultz
Charles Albert Shoultz MD
Christine R. Shoultz
George A. Shoultz
Eliza J. Smith
John R. Smith
Eula Spoonemore
Hugh Strickland
Sylvia Strickland
Albert H. Wadsworth, Jr.
Lurline A. Wadsworth
Carolyn Faye Watson
Fred H. Wehmeyer
Harriett E. Wheeler
Fannie V. Whiddon
Joseph W. Whiddon
Paul Williams
Claude Willis
Ila J. Willis
Robert F. Willis
James C. Wright, Sr.
Jessie Mildred Wright
April 7, 2014
Roselawn Memorial Park and Cedarvale Cemetery Marker Photos Courtesy of Faye Cunningham
Norman Lee Franzina
Mason Lane Frick
Johnnie Mae Hagaman
Louis Joseph Hagaman
Edna Pauline Hagaman
Mary J. Hagaman
Oyer R. Hagaman
Oyer Robert Hagaman, Jr.
Elsie DeReese Hahn
Evalee Frick Hahn
John J. Hahn
Johnnie L. Hahn
Louie Lee Hahn
Bennie Hairston
Gladys Fay Hairston
Melvin Leon Hairston
Constance L. Hale
Marvin L. Hale
Clinton G. Hall
Frances Marion "Crickett" Hall
James Truett Hall, Sr.
Mary Ada Hall
Gordon M. Ham
Rachel Hamill
Robert L. Hamill
Larry Dean Hamilton
Logan Dustin Hamilton
Elma L. Hamilton
Walter C. Hamilton
Ann Strubar Hamor
Donald Evan Hamor
Mildred Elizabeth Hand
Infant Hanna
Wesley Bertel Hanna
Dorothy Jean Harrison
Ellen Lorene Harvey
Mary Eudora Hawkins
Sarah K. Osborne Hayes
Sylvia B. Hendrick
Carrie Hillery
William W. Hillery
John H. Hanson
Zelma O. Hanson
Danny Lee Hanzik
Andrew Haptonstall
Charles Hardrath
Irene Hardrath
Randolph "Randy" Harmer
Frances Callison Harrington
William Edward Harrington
Frank T. Harrison
John W. Harrison
Lillian A. Harrison
Ellen Lorene Harvey
Elnora S. Harvey
Lawrence V. Harvey
Preston L. Harvey
Bennie Louis Haverlah
Regunial C. Hayes
Olin C. Head, Sr.
A. A. "Col" Helmecke
Bessie M. Helmecke
Hula M. Henderson
Lester W. Henderson
Loren F. Henderson Jr.

Marie Hennig
Theodore Hennig
Carlos Hernandez
Gregoria Hernandez
Guadalupe Hernandez
Johnny J. Hernandez
Virginia R. Hernandez
Henry B. Hildreth
Lilyan K. Hildreth
Ethel O. Hodges
Richard Glenn Holliday
Arthur Edward Hoots
Autrey Wayne Hoots
Mattie Belle Hoots
Sidney Jack Hoots
Wade L. Hoots
Josephine W. Horn
Marion J. Horn
Howarton Twins
Georgia V. Hubbard
Henry Charlie Huck
Albert B. Hudson
Harriet R. Hudson
Angel Jalomo Huerta, Sr.
Louis M. Huerta, Jr.
Mercedes J. Huerta
Charlotte K. Hulen
Earl M. Huitt
Hilma Huitt
James Frederick Huitt
William G. Hutson
Jerry Don Hyett
Elizabeth Wagner James

Henry Johnson
Roxie Neel Johnson
Smith Johnson
Charles R. Jones
Ivy Jones
Mildred M. Jones
Ann K. Karkoska
William R. "Bill" Karkoska
Willie R. Karkoska
Jiheii "Jim" Kashiwada
Carmel E. Kee
Orbison D. Kee
Emma Kehrer
R. A. Kehrer
Edna L. Keith
Lula Mae Keith
Roy Lee Keith
Tarrance A. Kempfer
Martha J. Kennemer
Steve S. Kennemer
Alvin Clark Keyes
Odessa Keyes
Elizabeth L. Kimsey
Roland C. King
Alford Glyn Kinsey
August Klahn
Myrtle M. Klahn
Muriel Emma Klee
Ernest Henry Klussman
Stephen J. Knapik
James Richard Knights
Charles P. Krobot
Chrysteen Morris Kuhns
April 6, 2014

Roselawn Memorial Park and Cedarvale Cemetery Marker Photos Courtesy of Faye Cunningham

Gerald L. Fanson
 Eunice Lorene Farrer
Clybren Young Field
John Foisner
O. J. Foraker
Adrienne L. Foster
Bertha L. Frederic
 Charles J. Frederic
C. J. Frederick, Jr.
Maurice F. Frieze
Gevonna Frnka
Arthur "Jack" Frost
Gladys Moore Frost
Bruce P. Fruge
Marcella R. Gabino
Lorena Gaines
Norman H. Galle
Frances Gamez
Jose Gamez
Adela Sosa Garcia
Inez M. Garcia
Jose V. Garcia
Julia DeLeon Garcia
Matthew Ryan Garcia
Reynaldo G. Garcia
Carroll Guy Garner
Marcie Clark Garner
Margaret Garner
Shelby Jean Garner
Belva E. Garrett
Claude S. Garrett
Gusta M. Garrett
Harry Weldon Garrett
Mattie M. Garrett
Percy E. Garrett
James Walcott Gartrell
Meredith Wagner Gartrell
Bernardo Garza
Delmira A. Garza
Honorio Luna Garza
Maximo Garza
D. R. Gasaway
Helen Gasaway
Bart P. Gassen
Eva B. Gassen
Ida Gassen
Joe Gassen
Thomas Eugene Gassen
Alex Gavender
Alex M. Gavender
Annie Gavender
Frances Gavender
Dorothy Mae Gensler
Fred J. Gernand
Isabelle Gernand
Woodrow J. Gernand Sr.
Earl Gibbens
Jack W. Gibbens
Nyokia Gibbens
Donald Gill
Thelma R. Gill
Wilford Paul Gillespie
Alene W. Gilmore
Stephen F. Gilmore
Magdelena "Leni" Schmitt Gist
Max Gist
Lonnie E. Glaze
John H. Glover
Oma Pearl Glover
Enrique "Henry" Gomez
Enrique Gomez, Sr.
Joe S. Gonzales
Lorenzo Vega Gonzales
Rico Caine Gonzales
Teofila S. Gonzales
Victor Gonzales
Billy Burl Goodman
Alice L. Gordon
Robert C. Gordon
Harris Graeber
Lois H. Graeber
Carl F. Graham
Lenita Clorinda Graham
Bob Grasse
Fred Nelson Gray
Leslie Winston Gray
Ernest L. Grebe
Frances V. Grebe
James Craig Grebe
Brice P. Green
Jean H. Green
Josephine Zernicek Green
L. E. J. Grisham
Ena P. Guess
Merritt B. Guess
Ron F. Guffey, Jr.
Dreyden S. Guia
Maney E. Gusman
Oliver Herbert Gusman
Marion A. Guy
Antonio Guzman
Federico M. Guzman
Lucille R. Guzman
Judith Ann Martin

Bert Rose
April 5, 2014
Roselawn Memorial Park and Cedarvale Cemetery Marker Photos Courtesy of Faye Cunningham
Elizabeth T. Callaway
Wyatt L. Callaway
Baby Carter
Byron T. Carter, Jr.
Barbara E. Chadwick
George H. Chadwick
Mary E. Chambless
Mary Chapman
Sophia Chavez
Emily F. Clements
J. A. Clements, Jr.
Thomas J. Clements
Robert Collins
Ann Gillett Cox
William T. Cox
Floyd J. Culbertson
Ann M. Dacke
Leslie Clifton Dacke
James "Jim" Dannelley Sr.
Clyde Bee Dacke
Hattie J. Dailey
Lorene Pearl Dacke
Robert Arliss Dacke
Lewis Dailey
Ernest Ray Dancer
Sylvia N. Dancer
Coye Darnell

Margaret L. Darnell
Gerald B. Daugherty, Sr.
Sylvia Pearl Davidson
Carrie Davis
Curtis Orval Davis
Gary Ford Davis
Gary William Davis
Leslie “Les” Davis
Lillian Davis
Oran W. Davis
Pearl Lee Davis
Robert Taylor Davis
Tommy Lynn Davis
Walter Ernest Davis
Annie May Dean
Freddie D. Dean

Ross M. Dean
Dorothy A. DeLeon
Robert "Bobby" DeLeon, Jr.
Robert F. DeLeon, Sr.
Lawrence M. Dellis
Thelma Yeamans Dellis
Pinkie B. Denbow
William E. Denbow
Albert Denny
Martha B. Denny
Clara Sturm DeReese
George C. DeReese
Louis Rambin DeSoto, Jr.
Marjorie M. Dickson

Marvin E. Dickson
Tommy Lynn Davis
Walter Ernest Davis
Annie May Dean
Freddie D. Dean
Ross M. Dean
Dorothy A. DeLeon
Robert "Bobby" DeLeon, Jr.
Robert F. DeLeon, Sr.
Lawrence M. Dellis
Thelma Yeamans Dellis
Pinkie B. Denbow
William E. Denbow
Albert Denny
Martha B. Denny
Clara Sturm DeReese
George C. DeReese
Louis Rambin DeSoto, Jr.
Marjorie M. Dickson
Marvin E. Dickson

Tommy Lynn Davis
Walter Ernest Davis
Annie May Dean
Freddie D. Dean
Ross M. Dean
Dorothy A. DeLeon
Robert "Bobby" DeLeon, Jr.
Robert F. DeLeon, Sr.
Lawrence M. Dellis
Thelma Yeamans Dellis
Pinkie B. Denbow
William E. Denbow
Albert Denny
Martha B. Denny
Clara Sturm DeReese
George C. DeReese
Louis Rambin DeSoto, Jr.
Marjorie M. Dickson
Marvin E. Dickson
Carl Elton Dobson
Paul Eugene Dorman
Georgie Etta Dornak
Johnnie G. Dornak
Annie E. Downing
Arlene Downing
Jack Downing
Jack Everson Downs
Elisha J. Dozier
Lena A. Dozier
Norma P. Drake
S. Dale Drake
Ignace Drozd, Jr.
Marie Spellman Dunbar
Charlotte E. Duncan
Derward B. Duran
Lyndal M. Duran
Sylvia Oline Duran
April 4, 2013
Marker Photos Courtesy of Faye Cunningham
Martha Rugeley Bachman
Rowland Rugeley Bachman
Infant Baby Barta
George T. Bedford, Jr.
Thomas Bedford
Blonde B. Bell
Emma A. Bell
Emma Smart Bell
Everett R. Bell, Sr.
Ollie Bennett
Nancy Alice Blair
Thomas Walker Blair
John J. Blum
Melvin James Blum
Sarah Blum
Virginia "Jennye" Blum
Jack A. Bond
Lloyd Parker Bond
Mamie I. Bond
William E. Boutelle
Leona Inez New Boyd
Rheual A. Boyd
Shirley M. Boyd
Eula Brandon
Hiram Brandon
Francis Joseph Brangan
Mary Roseleen "Pat" Brangan
David H. Brasfield
Gus E. Brown
John Gove Brown
Pauline T. Brown
Josephine M. Bruno
T. C. Bruno
Myrtle Arlitt Bryant
William Allen Bryant
R. F. Clifton Buhl
April 3, 2014
Matagorda Cemetery and Cedarvale Cemetery Marker Photos Courtesy of Faye Cunningham April 2, 2014
Marker Pictures - Henry and Lula Crabill
Cedarvale Cemetery Marker Photos
Allie May Adams
Robert Arias, Sr.
Kate L. Arnold
William A. Arnold
Ephram J. Ashcraft
Nancy R. Ashcraft
Roselawn Memorial Park Marker Photos
Frances Abendroth
O'Farrell Abendroth
Rosie L. Abendroth
Edna M. Adams
James G. Adams
Ruby E. Adams
Maria Aguilera
Pedro Aguilera
Barbara T. Alameda
Clarence R. Allen
Frank T. Allen
Helen C. Allen
Jennie Allen
Mae Walker Allen
Joe Brice Allison
Johnnie C. Allison
Mildred Allison

Thomas Allsup
Juan Alvarado
Vencil A. Andel

M. N. "Andy" Anderson
Edwin C. Anderson
John B. Anderson
Lydia Lue Anderson
Marjorie J. Anderson
Mary D. Anderson
Nell C. Anderson
Orel F. Anderson
Rhoda T. Anderson
George R. Ardeneaux
James Ray Arlitt
Olive M. Arlitt
Leon T. Armatta

Minnie V. Armatta
Charles L. Arnold
Anna Rochelle Ashcraft

E. J. Ashcraft
Goldie M. Ashcraft
Harriette June Ashcraft
John W. Ashcraft
Kimberly Kay Ashcraft
Mary R. Ashcraft
Harvey R. Atkin
Jo P. Atkin
Antonio G. Atkinson
Lavon S. Attaway
L. A. "Six" Augsburger
Minnie Mae Augsburger
Emely C. Auzston
April 1, 2014
Grimes Cemetery Slave Marker
Mabel Elizabeth Williams
March 30, 2014
Picture of Zipprian Store
Matagorda Cemetery Marker Photos
Dr. Edward Adolphus Peareson
Douglas Broussard
Alberta Bernice LeCompte
J. M. Lecompte
Arthur W. Rhodes
March 29, 2014
Matagorda Cemetery Marker Photos Courtesy of Faye Cunningham
Sallie Hillard
Vadyse Bedford Hood
William Bond Hood
Jesse Harold Inglehart
Lucy Eleanor Inglehart
Ida Johnson
Genice Kopecky
Henry Kopecky
Alice Dunbar McClain
Henry E. McLain
Walter E. McLain
Infant Daughter McNabb
Infant Son McNabb
Jennie Baxter McNabb
Jennie Carter McNabb
John F. McNabb
John Francis McNabb
Mary Ann McNabb
Andrew C. Mackey
Eleanor C. Moore
Edward O'Connell
Emily O'Connell

Infant O'Connell
Infant Boy O'Connell
Maggie O'Connell
Mary Nixon O'Connell
Michael O'Connell
Michael B. O'Connell
Minnie O'Connell
Philip O'Connell

Mary E. Pennington
J. A. Phillips

Lucy F. Phillips
F. John Rehak
Elizabeth Mills Royall
George T. Sargent
Infant Sargent
Nettie C. Sargent
Reba Smith Sterry Sherrill
Jacob A. Smith
Josephine S. Smith
Oliver Smith
Christopher William Sterry
Daisy Ione Sterry

Dan Gordon Sterry
Elsie Eva Sterry
Gordon Duane Sterry
Henry Edward Sterry
James E. Sterry III
James Edward Sterry
James Flournoy Sterry
Joyce Elaine Mayberry Sterry
Molly Forestier Sterry
Reba Smith Sterry
Reginald Dunbar Sterry
Addie C. Stewart
Arthur C. Stewart
Bernice Baird Stewart
Lillian C. Stewart
Sarah Hillard Stewart
Walter S. Stewart
Thomas Stuart

Annie Wadsworth Thompson
Catherine Elinor Thompson
Dr. James Raphael Thompson
Louisa Warren Thompson
Angella McNabb Traylor
John McNabb Traylor
Julia Blizard Traylor

Robert Royal "Roy" Traylor
Thomas Richard Turner
Catherine Mackey Wadsworth
Edward Wadsworth
Thomas Mackey Wadsworth
Jewel Watkins
K. Ross Watkins
James Samuel Watson
Mary Anna Watson
Charlie T. Weaver
Gwendolyn Sterry Weaver
C. J. Whitaker
Mary E. White
Thomas A. White
Violet E. Wilburn
 Henry Wrigley
Emma Louise Yeamans
Joseph Yeamans, Sr.
Margaret Yeamans
Phillip Yeamans
March 28, 2014
Obituary - Maudie Mae Hauff
Matagorda Cemetery Marker Photos Courtesy of Faye Cunningham
March 27, 2014
Gulf Smoke Stack Demolition Photos
Photo of Second Engineer Frederick Henry Schmidt, Jr.
March 26, 2013
1934-35 Gulf High School Yearbook March 25, 2014
  March 24, 2014
Gulf High School Yearbooks March 20, 2014
Ida Rosenzweig Epstein
Max Epstein
Inez Morales Garcia
Reynaldo “Ray” Garcia
Minnie Rich Greenberg
Raye Kogutt Guzick
Inosencia M. Hernandez
Raymon Solis Hernandez, Sr.
Jake Kasman
Pincus Kogutt
Juanita R. Morales
George James Rainey III
Freda Simon
Anna Klein Wolstein
March 18, 2014
Additions to Slave Database March 17, 2014
Matagorda School Photos
Palacios African-American School & Rainbow Land Day Care Building
March 14, 2014
Cash's Creek Community Columns
Clemville Community Columns Nov. 27, 1914 - Dec. 4, 1925
Family Histories            James Claire Lewis           Luther O. Hill          Robert J. Hill
March 13, 2014
March 12, 2014
Obituaries March 11, 2014
Caney Newspaper Columns March 10, 2014
History of Beth David Center
Shearith Israel Synagogue
February 28, 2014
Dr. Walter F. Box
Dr. James W. Foster
Dr. James Monroe Gober
Dr. Josiah C. Kuykendall Kendall
Dr. James Raphael Thompson
February 27, 2014
Dr. William Hicks Hadnott Jr.
Dr. James Chad Howard
Dr. George Edwin Lipsitt
Dr. Clay Moore
Dr. Arthur M. Pelton
Dr. Samuel Pilkington
Dr. Lincoln F. Putnam
Dr. Dean Smith
February 26, 2014
Hawley Obituary Audrey Lucille (Piddle) Horn Chambless February 19, 2014
Hawley Obituary Elsie Minnie Elizabeth Brokmeyer Pierce February 3, 2014
Obituaries January 31, 2014
Palacios Pavilion photos courtesy of Bobbie Brune January 23, 2014
 Doctors          Dr. Guy Fontaine Fausset          Dr. Stephen Alexander Foote          Dr. Thomas Henry Hood          Dr. Claude Perry Jones January 20, 2014
Dr. R. H. Hanna
Dr. James Aeneas Phelps
Dr. Benjamin A. Phillips
Dr. James W. Stewart
Dr. Charles M. Thurston
Dr. Napoleon B. Viser
Dr. Valler
January 19, 2014
James Wilmer Dallam - Republic of Texas Document
Doctors          Dr. Thomas C. Brooks          Dr. Hugh Jennings Mangum          Dr. Kimber Washington Skinner
January 18, 2014
Sebastrian Dietrich Family
Bible Records - Ida Viola Carr
Dr. Jacob Hall          Dr. John W. Hester          Dr. Frank Lyon Jewell, Sr.
January 17, 2014
Doctors          Dr. Edwin Arnold Jacobs          Dr. Robert E. Jones          Dr. James Fisher Martin          Dr. Richard G. Turner January 16, 2014
Doctors           Dr. Joseph W. Benton          Dr. John H. Walton January 15, 2014
Diary of James Coltart
Dr. J. Randolph Allen          Dr. H. H. Dexter          Dr. Anthony B. Hannum          Dr. T. S. Waddell
January 14, 2014
Doctors          Dr. Anthony Forster Axson          Dr. John Milton Laughlin January 12, 2014
Doctors        Dr. Mason Locke Weems II          Dr. Leroy Almon Wilcox January 11, 2014
Obituary - Louis Eddie Pointer, Jr.
Doctors - Dr. Arthur Heath Flickwir and Dr. Henry E. Gaedcke
January 10, 2014
Dr. William Saunders Baldwin
Dr. Robert Holmes Chinn
Dr. Erastus S. Darling
Dr. Charlton E. Dawson
Dr. Davis Adolph Einkauf
Dr. Frederick Kenner Fisher
Dr Gordon Eugene Richardson
Dr. James C. Rorig
January 9, 2014
Dr. John W. Reed
Dr. Henry Edward Reece
Dr. Samuel R. Sholars
Dr. Charles A. Shoultz
Dr. Joseph Ralph “Doc” Wagner
Dr. George W. Wayman
Dr. John C. White, Jr.
January 8, 2014
Pledger Family
January 6, 2014
1946 African American School Census January 5, 2014
Obituaries January 5, 2014
Hawley Obituary - Lillian Sue Bundick January 2, 2014

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