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Left Yesterday Over Southern Pacific for Camp Travis.

Matagorda County Tribune, July 19, 1918

Courtesy of Shirley L. Brown


One hundred and seven young Negroes left yesterday for Camp Travis to go into service for overseas fighting.

They represent the youth, vim and vigorous young manhood of the Negro race of Matagorda County and left the draft board headquarters singing, cheering, a happy lot, ready to meet anything anywhere.


Following are the names and places from which they were sent:


[The names have been alphabetized for your convenience.]


Alexander, Andrew - Markham

Alexander, Ben - Bay City

Anderson, Andrew - Bay City

Austin, Jessie - Sargent

Baines, Jim - Matagorda

Baldridge, Sherman - Bay City

Barnes, Isaac - Pledger

Bell, Ben - Gainesmore

Boone, Moses - Bay City

Boone, Matthew William - Bay City

Boone, Willie Benjamin - Bay City

Bouldin, Henderson - Bay City

Brooks, Cicero - Bay City

Brown, Charlie - Van Vleck

Brown, Philip - Bay City

Bryant, Jerry - Bay City

Chester, Amos - Van Vleck

Clark, Willie - Bay City

Clay, Irvin - Van Vleck

Clay, Willie - Matagorda

Cole, Osby - Bay City

Collins, Johnson - Cedar Lane

Crawford, Arthur - Markham

Crawford, Frank - Clemville

Dedrick, Albert - Bay City

Edison, Jack - Wadsworth

Edwards, Isham - Bay City

Franklin, Eugene - Palacios

Franklin, Leander - Blessing

Franklin, Sylvester - Van Vleck

Frazier, Lonie - Bay City

Giles, Mola - Van Vleck

Giles, Travis - Van Vleck

Green, Jack - Bay City

Harkless, Sam - Bay City

Hasley, Tommy Edwin - Bay City

Hawkins, Carey - Bay City

Hawkins, Ellison - Cedar Lane

Haywood, Johnnie - Kingsville

Henry, Bailey - Bay City

Higgins, Carey - Bay City

Higgins, James - Pledger

Jackson, Ben - Wharton

Jackson, Sullivan - Bay City

Johnson, Jacob - Bay City

Johnson, Reginald - Bay City

Johnson, Robert - Markham

Jones, Cleveland - Van Vleck

Jones, Matthew - Cedar Lane

Judkins, Burton - Pledger

Kemp, John Neal - Ashwood

Lacy, Bud - Houston

Lacy, Darrel - Lamarque, Texas


Laddie, Henry - Port Arthur

Laddie, Sam - Ashwood

Lewis, Walter Eugene - Matagorda

Luddington, Calvin Luther - Matagorda

Marshall, George - West Columbia

Martin, Bill - Bay City

Merchant, Mack - Cedar Lake

Merchant, March - Cedar Lake

Mills, Ben - Bay City

Mills, Horace - Bay City

Mills, James - Van Vleck

Mills, Oscar - Bay City

Monroe, Stanford - Pledger

Morgan, Fletcher - Bay City

Newsome, Charles Robert - Pledger

Newsome, Sanders - Pledger

Norman, Albert - Bay City

Palmer, Lee - Pledger

Parker, John - Bay City

Parks, Clarence - Blessing

Paul, Rugeley - West Columbia

Powell, Gillett - Cedar Lane

Richardson, Robbie - Bay City

Roberson, Harry - Magnet

Roberson, Joe - Matagorda

Robinson, Ralphfel - Bay City

Scurry, Atlas B. - Pledger

Smith, Mack - Cedar Lake

Specht, Aaron - Van Vleck

Stredic, Walter - Pledger

Surrell, Joseph - Bay City

Taylor, Moses - Markham

Thomas, John - Wadsworth

Thomas, Robert - Cedar Lane

Thorp, Lee - Bay City

Washington, Edway Travis - Bay City

Ways, Tom - Bay City

Weldon, John - Bay City

Wiggins, Loyd - Bay City

Williams, Hearth - Bay City

Williams, Jack - Pledger

Williams, Jessie - Markham

Williams, John - Markham

Williams, Johnson - Pledger

Williams, Matthew - Bay City

Williams, Tom - Bay City

Wilson, Lee - Bay City

Woodard, Nelson - Cedar Lake

Woodard, Thomas - Cedar Lake

Woodard, Ward - Cedar Lake

Woods, Will - Markham

Woolridge, Abe - Bay City





The Daily Tribune, September 29, 1918

Courtesy of Shirley L. Brown

Following are the names of thirty-one Matagorda County Negroes sent to Camp Travis yesterday, where they will be inducted into military service.

[The names have been alphabetized for your convenience.]

Aliniece, Raymond Johnson

Amey, Henry

Anderson, Carey

Anderson, Fred

Archie, Isaac

Boone, Levi

Bouldin, Damon

Brown, Louis

Carter, Basil Tolson

Clay, Lucius

Clay, Oscar

Donhoe, Willie

Green, Sam

Harrison, James

Hawkins, Walter McKinley


Jones, Ellis

Jones, Pleas

Lacy, Donald

Martin, Bennie

Morgan, Jack

Pea, Granville

Powell, Johnnie

Roy, Tim

Simmons, Lake

Spradley, Sam

Strauder, Basset

Stredic, Andrew

Thomas, Raymond

Wiggins, Alfred

Williams, William Henry

Young, Charlie



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