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This cemetery is located on private property in a pasture on FM 521. DIRECTIONS

Yeamans-Stallard Home

Yeamans, Elmer D., 1881 - 1884

Yeamans, Ellina L., 1883 - 1886

Yeamans, Alvin H., 1888 - 1890

Children of
Horace Moore Yeamans and
Elisa LaBauve Yeamans



Elise LaBauve
Photo courtesy of
Louis Keizer





Yeamans Family Birth Register
Bible of Olive Yeamans

Courtesy of Linn Ready

Elmer Daniel Yeamans, Ellena Lucille Yeamans, Linn Odelon Yeamans,  Alvin Horace Yeamans,
Eugene Numa Yeamans, Charles Valcoure, Victor Horace Yeamans, Donald Oliver Yeamans, Lucille Elinor Yeamans



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