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Isaac Newton Cox
McLennan County Texas Will No. 7282

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: That I, I. N. COX of McLennan County, Texas, being of sound mind and disposing memory, do hereby make and publish this my LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT, hereby revoking all wills heretofore made by me at any time.

FIRST, I direct that all my debts be paid by my executors as soon as practical after my death.

SECOND, I have four living boys, namely W. C. COX, JOE M. COX, JOHN D. COX and OTIS N. COX, and I have four living daughters, namely: EMILY F. McWILLIAMS, NANCY E. MORRIS, ELDORA F. BUCKNER and JULIA A. CONNALLY, and I have two daughters dead, namely ETHEL D. ROWLAND and she left surviving her four children, namely, RUTH, DORA, RUSSELL and ERIN, the first two having already married and the last two are minors and single; and AMANDA J. JONES who left surviving her two children, namely, ERNEST N. JONES and OMAR JONES.

THIRD, I have advanced to the following named children the following amounts and I hereby direct that my executors shall charge such childs part acquired under this will with these advancements, together with interest from date of advancement at the rate of six per cent per annum, the date and amount of such advancements and to whom advanced are as follows:
a. Eldora F. Buckner advanced $43.25 January 1, 1910
b. Nancy E. Morris, advanced $195.00 January 1, 1916
c. Ethel D. Rowland advanced $82.00 January 1, 1921
d. Otis Cox advanced $1200.00 January 1, 1919.

FOURTH, In addition to the charge against Ethel D. Rowland's heirs share as stated in the above under 'c' Compton Undertakers of Waco, Texas hold an account for $60.00 and Lee Hardware Co. of McGregor, Texas holds and account for $32.25 against her or her estate or against C. W. Rowland which is for funeral expense incurred when she died, and I hereby direct my executors to pay said accounts, with six per cent interest thereon from date of this will, to be paid out of the share going to said Ethel D. Rowland's children, and said advancement made to said Ethel D. Rowland listed under 'c' herein shall be charged against the said Ethel D. Rowland's childrens' share.

FIFTH, If I have or may be entitled to any notes or accounts against any of my children in addition to the above stated amounts and advancements, then any such mote, account and obligations shall be charged to said child's part such child is to receive under this will.

SIXTH, I am on notes for some of my children as surety and I hereby direct that any and all such notes must be paid by such child before he or she receives anything under this will and in case such child does not pay any such note then my executors are directed to pay said notes and if there is any difference or balance left to pay the balance to such child, but in case such child's share under his will does not more than pay any such note then such child shall receive nothing under this will.

SEVENTH, I direct that the children of my two deceased daughters shall receive, share and share alike, their deceased mother's share in my estate, subject to the charges against Ethel D. Rowland's share. And such children of said Ethel Rowland shall receive their respective parts as they become of age and I hereby direct my executors to hold said children's respective share or parts acquired under this will till such child reaches his or her majority and to deliver such part to such respective children at that time. However, with reference to Omar Jones part I especially direct my executors to hold her part and to handle and us the same for her necessities of life, and if the part she acquires under this will is not consumed and spent entirely for her necessaries, then at her death ny balance of her property or money said executors may have shall be divided equally between my children, the children of any deceased child taking the deceased parents share of same. I also instruct my executors to use their best judgment in handling said funds for said Omar Jones, but they must not invest such funds in any kind of property except government securities of place the same in some good and solvent bank on time deposit. If they do neither of these then they must keep the funds in tact.

EIGHTH, As soon as practical after my death I direct the executors hereinafter named to reduce my entire estate to cash and hereby give them full authority to sell and convey all land owned by me wherever located, and subject to the above debts and obligations and notes and charges to divide the net proceeds of my estate between my children and their heirs share and share alike; the children of deceased children to receive the deceased parent share, except the said Omar Jones share shall be held and handled by my executors as above directed, and any minor's share delivered to such minor at the time he or she becomes of age.

NINTH, I hereby make, constitute and appoint my three sons, W. C. Cox, Joe M. Cox and John D. Cox Independent Executors of my estate and direct that no bond or other security be required of them or either of them as such, a majority of whom shall have full power and authority to act herein. And if any one or more of them dies, fails to qualify or refuses to act after qualifying then in such event any one or more who has qualified and is acting shall have full authority to act herein and do any and all things necessary in carrying out the provisions of this will the same as if all three had qualified and were acting jointly.

TENTH, It is my desire and I herenow direct that no action be had in the courts in the administration of my estate other than to file, prove and record this will and file an inventory and appraisment of my estate and list of claims.

Witness my hand at McGregor, Texas on this the 22nd day of December, 1926 in the presence of J. H. Hooker and J. B. Brown who witness the same at my request.
signed I. N. Cox

The above instrument was now here subscribed by I. N. Cox, the testator, in our presence, and we, at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other sign our names hereto as attesting witness at McGregor, Texas on this December 22, 1926.
s/J. H. Hooker, J. B. Brown

Filed 12 Dec 1928, J. W. Baker, Clk. Co. Ct., McLennan Co., Texas, by R. O. Bagby, Dpty