1870 Census Index

Transcribed by Renee Smelley, May 2002

This page was updated on August 1, 2002


It is advisable that you only use this as an index to locate people or families on the 1870 Census.  The page number is listed first and linked to the census page image and each head of household member is also linked to the census page image.  There are also links to the 1870 Mortality Schedule if a person is listed on the schedule with a family number.  

If I have made a mistake in the spelling of the name corrections can be sent to, Shirley Cullum, County Coordinator with McMullen County 1870 Census Index in the subject line.  Please include in the message the corrections and the page number the person is located on.  



Age Sex Birth State
1 Moore, Elizabeth 66 F George
Moore, Albert 21 M Texas
Moore, James C. 16 M Texas
Moore, Josaphine 16 F Texas
Moore, Sarah 12 F Texas
Moore, Jefferson 8 M Texas
Moore, Melissa 3 M Texas
2 Moore, John 28 M Arkansas
Moore, Ellen 23 F Texas
Moore, Henry 4 M Texas
Moore, John 11/12 M Texas
Perhem, Wiett 31 M Mississippi
3 Harrison, Peter 47 M Mayland
Harrison, Amanda 46 F Louisiana
Harrison, William 20 M Texas
Harrison, John 18 M Texas
Harrison, Eli 15 M Texas
Harrison, Harriet 12 F Texas
Harrison, Newton 4 M Texas
4 Tope, James 31 M Arkansas
Tope, Darces 21 F Texas
Tope, Thomas 2 M Texas
5 Wright, Thomas 33 M Missouri
Wright, Maryann 33 F Arkansas
Wright, Sallie 3 F Texas
Wright, William 7/12 M Texas
6 Dilworth, George 45 M Mississippi
Dilworth, Andrew 8 M Texas
Dilworth, Ansun 4 M Texas
Askin, Charles 23 M Texas
Askin, Daleny 15 F Mississippi
Askin, Henry 1 M Mississippi
Note: George Dillworth and Mary Lampkin were married in Guadalupe Co., Texas according to the Marriage index at Guadalupe TXGenWeb.  Dillworth, George A. to Mary Lampkin by William McLean Jan 28, 1855
7 Francis, O. 32 M Texas
Francis, Nancy 17 F Texas
Wilkson, Amanda 18 F Mississippi
8 Franklin, James 40 M Alabama
Franklin, Elizabeth 29 F Texas
Franklin, Isabell 12 F Texas
Franklin, James 11 M Texas
Franklin, Thomas 8 M Texas
Franklin, Oda 5 F Texas
Franklin, Alice 10/12 F Texas
Drake, Nancy 56 F Georgia
9 Franklin, Allen 46 M South Carolina
Franklin, Isabell 42 F Mississippi
Franklin, Carolina 23 F Louisiana
Franklin, Sarah E. 27 F Mississippi
Franklin, Thomas 30 M Mississippi
Franklin, John 26 M Alabama
Franklin, Ralph 23 M Louisiana
Franklin, Richard 21 M Texas
Lewis, Richard 25 M Texas
Lewis, John 8 M Texas
Lewis, Mary 13 F Texas
Lewis, Rache 10 F Texas
Franklin, Charles 16 M Texas
10 Hill, John 49 M Ireland
Hill, Cerina 45 F Georgia
Hill, Vincy 15 F Texas
Hill, Isaac 17 M Texas
Avarcambel, M (Mary written above) 17 F Texas
Ocha, Rocha 30 M Mexico
Ocha, Prafeto 28 F New Mexico
Mitchal, Frank 18 M Texas
11 Taylor, Saphrana 23 F Texas
Taylar, Mary 6/12 F Texas
Mureas, Sara 27 F Georgia
Mureas, William 18 M Texas
Note: Very likely Sara and William's surname is Morris.  Saphrana's husband Martin Taylor was killed Nov. 1869 along with his father n law William Morris.  They are listed on the 1870 mortality schedule.
12 Bruce, Samual 37 M Alabama
Bruce, Eliza 23 F Texas
Bruce, Samual 3 M Texas
Bruce, Serene 6/12 F Texas
13 Hollin, Ruffis C. 32 M Tennessee
Hollin, Verginia 27 F Texas
Hollin, May 12 F Texas
Hollin, Gath 6 M Texas
Hollin, Jefferson 6 M Texas
Hollin, Albert 2 M Texas
14 West, James 33 M Texas
West, Roseanna 31 F Texas
West, Wade 9 M Texas
West, Sarah J. 3 F Texas
West, Francis 2 M Texas
Williams, Joseph 59 M Tennessee
Walker, William 60 M Tennessee
Williams, Joseph 21 M Texas
Note: Check the 1870 mortality schedule for Jane West that died in May 1870.
15 Dickens, Thomas 33 M Illinois
Dickens, Harlet 27 F Texas
Dickens, Joseph 11 M Texas
Dickens, Nancy 6 F Texas
Dickens, Catherine 5 F Texas
Dickens, Thomas E. 1 M Texas
16 Winn, Calvin 40 M Mississippi
Winn, Catherine 30 F Texas
Winn, Virginia 13 F Texas
Winn, Josaphine 11 F Texas
Winn, Peter 8 M Texas
Winn, Calvin 5 M Texas
Winn, William 8/12 M Texas
Flemings, Peter 25 M Native ?
Martines, Harmans 22 M Mexico
Margarisha, H. 23 M Mexico
17 Wheeten, Leanidus 30 M Mississippi
Wheeten, Sarah 30 F Texas
Wheeten, Josaphine 13 F Texas
Wheeten, Bud 10 M Texas
Wheeten, Leanidus 8 M Texas
Wheeten, Warren 3 M Texas
18 Onail, James 29 M Ireland
Onail, Rebeka 35 F Texas
McCay, Thomas 16 M Texas
McCay, Gincy 10 F Texas
Martin, James 20 M Texas
19 Lowe, James 47 M North Carolina
Lowe, Mellissa J. 44 F North Carolina
Lowe, Marcelus 15 M Texas
Lowe, Edalphus 13 M Texas
Lowe, James 11 M Texas
Lowe, Cora 5 F Texas
Harrison, William 30 M Alabama
McClain, Moses 27 M Louisiana
Sentoes, Manuell 60 M Mexico
Gonzalas, Marcellus 25 M Mexico
Garcia, Jura 28 M Mexico
Garcia, Manuell 23 M Mexico
Aley, Fancia 60 M Mexico
Aley, Arnalita 50 F Mexico
20 West, David 28 M Texas
West, Nancy 21 F Arkansas
West, Mary 1 F Texas
21 Crain, Waraner 44 M Virginia
Crain, Mary 22 F Alabama
Crain, John 4 M Texas
Crain, Charles 10/12 M Texas
22 Alford, Green 61 M Virginia
Alford, Adila 40 F Mississippi
Alford, Adia 14 F Texas
Alford, Calvin 7 M Texas
Alford, Len 4 M Texas
23 Martin, James 46 M Louisiana
Martin, Lucy 33 F Louisiana
Martin, William 15 M Texas
Martin, Mary 13 F Texas
Martin, Elizabeth 9/12 F Texas
Martin, Ceburn 21 M Texas
24 Beall, Gerome 27 M Texas
Beall, Francis 25 F Texas
Beall, John 10 M Texas
Beall, Ophila 5 M Texas
Beall, Benjamin 2 M Texas
Martin, Zachrih 79 M Louisiana
25 Franklin, Jackson 35 M Tennessee
Franklin, Canzaday 32 F Tennessee
Franklin, Lewize 9 F Texas
Franklin, David 5 M Texas
Franklin, Allen 2 M Texas
Pratt, Joseph 22 M Texas
26 Pierce, Sanders 60 M North Carolina
Pierce, Mary 48 F Mississippi
Pierce, Moses 26 M Mississippi
Pierce, Julious 20 M Mississippi
Pierce, William 19 M Mississippi
Pierce, Phebe 14 F Texas
27 Crain, Eliza 33 F Tennessee
Crain, Phelo 9 M Texas
Crain, Virginia 7 F Texas
Crain, Bettie 5 F Texas
Crain, William 3 M Texas
Crain, Lelichia 12 F Texas
Pirce, Toney 11 M Texas
Price, John B. 24 Texas
28 Franklin, Alexander 40 M Mississippi
Franklin, Mary 23 F Texas
Franklin, Nancy 18 F Texas
Franklin, James 15 F Texas
Franklin, Benjamin 12 M Texas
Franklin, Jefferson 8 M Texas
Franklin, Siles 5 M Texas
Franklin, Wiley 1 M Texas
Martines, Usavioe 9 M Texas
Martines, Andrew 12 M Texas
Note: There is a Eliza Lewis that died August 1869 listed on the 1870 mortality schedule that shows she was living in this family # 28.
29 Herritage, Junious 47 M North Carolina
Herritage, Adeline 25 F Texas
Herritage, Samuel 16 M Texas
Herritage, John 9 M Texas
Herritage, Mary 8 F Texas
Herritage, Virginia 6 F Texas
Herritage, Sally 4 F Texas
Herritage, Adeline 2 F Texas
Herritage, William 1 M Texas
30 Drake, Frank 32 M Texas
Drake, Margret 30 F Texas
Drake, Elizabeth 6 F Texas
Drake, Hugh 4 M Texas
Drake, Clara J. 2 F Texas
31 Franklin, Wm. 35 M Mississippi
Franklin, Eveline 28 F Texas
Franklin, Francis 11 M Texas
Franklin, Alexander 10 M Texas
Franklin, Stevin 8 M Texas
Franklin, William 6 M Texas
Franklin, Sarah 4 F Texas
Franklin, Marah 10/12 F Texas
Beldon, Warren 23 M Indiana
32 Talbert, William 40 M Alabama
33 Walker, Alexander 30 M Arkansas
Walker, Mary 16 F Texas
Walker, Stevan 38 M Arkansas
34 McCerley, John 48 M Texas
McCerley, John P. 20 M Texas
McCerley, Lucinda 16 F Texas
McCerley, Cardelia 10 F Texas
35 Barahaes, Barestio 22 M Mexico
Edwards, Levi 38 M Virginia
36 Pierce, Mary 18 F Texas
Pierce, Phebe 6/12 F Texas
37 Stingfield, Thomas 30 M Texas
Stingfield, Sarah 25 F Texas
Stingfield, Zelia 10 F Texas
Stingfield, Adolphus 8 M Texas
Stingfield, Thomas 6 M Texas
38 Weavar, Nancy 45 F Kentucky
Weavar, Serine 21 F Texas
Weavar, Martha 16 F Texas
Weavar, Calafarney 9 F Texas
Weavar, John 19 M Texas
Weavar, Danial 10 M Texas
39 Sandars, James 30 M Texas
Sandars, Caroline 25 F Texas
Sandars, Wiley 1 M Texas




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