1880 Mortality Schedule

Transcribed by Renee Smelley June 2002

The Mortality Schedule was transcribed from the 1880 Mortality Schedule Microfilm, and only contained one page.  The Mortality Schedule was transcribed to the best of my ability. 

The image of this microfilm record is located here.

Page No. 1

Supervisors Dist No. six

Enumeration Dist. No. 109

Schedule 5 --- Persons who DIED during the year ending May 31, 1880, enumerated by me in First (?) Election Precinct in the county of McMullen, State of Texas, N. W. Eckford.


Column Descriptions

1st Column = Number of the family as given in column numbered 2, Schedule 1 (note: this is referring to the family number on the 1880 McMullen County Census and the family number link will take you to the index page this family is located on.)

2nd Column = Name of the Person Deceased

3rd Column = Age at last birthday.  If under 1 year give months in fractions.  If under 1 month give days in fractions.

4th Column = Sex

5th Column = Color

6th Column = Single, Married, Widowed or Divorced D.

7th - 9th Column = Nativity; Place of birth, Father's place of birth, Mother's place of birth.

10th Column = Profession, Occupation or Trade (Not to be asked in respect to persons under 10 years of age)

11th Column = The month in which the person died.

12th Column = Disease or Cause of Death

13th Column = How long a resident of the County?  If less than 1 year, state months in fractions.

14th Column = If this disease was not contracted of place of death state the place

15th Column = Name of attending Physician.


Family  Name Age Sex Color Marital Status Birth F-Birth M-Birth Profession Month Cause of Death Resident Years Place Physician
Page 1                          
12 McCoy, Susan 20 F W Married TX US US Housewife Oct. convulsions 2   M. W. C. Frazier
23 Armstrong, Julia Note 1 S B  F B Single TX TX TX   Sept. At Birth 5 minutes   No Physician
38 Bala, Juan Note 2 60  M W Widow MX MX MX Shepherd Dec. Smallpox 5/30 Sauntiago No Physician
43 Morgan, (not signed) 8/30 M W Single TX TX TX Blank Nov. (can't read) ?/30   No Physician
45 LeGrande, S. M. 33 F W Married TX US Tenn. House Keeper May Measles 4   No Physician
Page 2                          
71 Martin, A. J. 36 M W Single Sa La La Stockraiser July Murdered 6/12   No Physician
PR Note 3 Steel ---- 3/30 F W Single TX TX TX   Nov. Asphyxia     M. W. C. Frazier
PR Note 4 McDevitt ----- 40 M W Married Illegible US US   Oct. Murdered     M. W. C. Frazier

Addition to McMullen Co Texas from Supplemental Schedule

Supervisors Dist. 6, Enumeration Dist. 129, line 20, San Patricio Texas

  Paschal, John 56 M W Married Tenn US US   Jan. Paralized     Knott


Note 1 - Julia Armstrong, in the age column S B maybe referring to Single Birth.

Note 2 - Juan Bala, Surname may actually be spelled Vala

Note: 3 - There is a Steel family located here on the index, but this person's family could be located on the part of the census that was smudged in the name section.

Note: 4 - I did not locate a McDevitt Family or person on the census index.  It is possible that the family is located in the pages where the names were smudged.


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