McMullen County Muster Roll of Reserve Company


Commanded by N. H. Walker

The State of Texas

County of McMullen


    I, H. S. Ward, hereby enroll and report the following names of men in said county who are willing to serve as a reserve company or company of home guards -- August 5, 1861:


H. S. Ward T. W. Uzell Wyatt Parham
John Hill J. Walker John Gerse
J. M. Franklin A. E. Lewis Nathan Avant
William Franklin W. T. Ward Wilson Taylor
J. M. Sanders J. S. Franklin N. H. Walker, Capt.
A. Yarber (Yarbrough) L. D. Yarber (Yarbrough) James Tope
C. C. Lewis James Lancefort W. W. Lewis
A. L. Martin A. O. Hobbs L. T. Stringfield
W. H. White, Corporal E. E. Lane, Sergeant G. W. Pruitt, Sergeant
Jas. Lowe W. P. Crain E. M. Crain
Jessee Lott W. P. Fountain, Cpl. M. Dillard
L. J. W. Edwards Thos. J. West Thos. D. W. Carter
L. H. P. Parchman, Sgt. Wm. T. Morris George Prewit
F. Fountain Gregory Prewit Robert Brown
R. C. Holland, Cpl. W. I. Kyle F. G. White
W. C. Goodwin T. W. Stringfield T. H. Hobbs
D. C. West M. Fascal W. D. Parchman
F. M. West W. R. Parchman A. Yarbrough, Corporal
G. A. Dilworth, Lieutenant ~ D. L. Musgraves, Lieutenant


Rio Frio, McMullen County, Texas

August 22, 1861


Hon. Hew Bee, Brigadier General, 29th Brigade, Texas Militia


Sir: Attached hereto you will find the names of my company of home guards.  On the 17th Past I in person superintended the election of officers for said company.  Officers elected without balloting by ticket.  For Capt., Nathaniel H. Walker; 1st Lieut., G. A. Dilworth; 2nd Lieut., D. L. Musgraves, 1st Sergt., G. M. Pruett: 1st Corporal, A. Yarbrough; 2nd Corporal, W. H. White; 3rd, W. Fountain 4th, R. C. Holland.


Given under myhand, H. S. Ward, Capt. by Appointment

Submitted by Renee Smelley


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