1870 Mortality Schedule

Transcribed by Renee Smelley in July 2002

The mortality schedule was transcribed from the 1870 mortality schedule microfilm and only contains one page.  I have transcribed this to the best of my ability.


You can view the 1870 Mortality Schedule Image here.


Schedule 2 ------Persons who died during the Year ending 1st June, 1870 in ________________ in the county of McMullen, State of Texas, enumerated by me, R. Dempsey, Ass't Marshal.


Column Descriptions

Column 1 = Number of the family as given in the 2nd column of Schedule 1.

Column 2 = Name of every person who died during the year ending June 1, 1870, whose place of abode at the time of death was in this family.

Column 3 = Age last birth-day.  If under on year, give months in fractions.

Column 4 = Sex--Males (M.) Females (F.)

Column 5 = Color---White (W.), Black (B.), Mulato (M.), Chinese (Ch.), Indian (I.)

Column 6 = Married (M.) or Widowed (W.)

Column 7 = Place of Birth, naming the State or Territory of the U.S., or the country, if of foreign birth.

Column 8 = Father of Foreign birth.

Column 9 = Mother of Foreign birth.

Column 10 = The Month in which the person died.

Column 11 = Profession, Occupation, or Trade

Column 12 = Disease or Cause of Death.


Note Section

* The link in the Family Column will take you to the 1870 McMullen County Census Index page that the family is located on.


Family Name Age Sex Color Marriage Status Birth F-F B M-F B Month Profession Death
11 Taylor, Martin 27 M W M Texas     Nov. Stock Raising Note 1
11 Morris, William 47 or 49 " " " Mississippi     " " " Note 2
14 West, Jane 7 F "   Texas     May   Note 3
28 Lewis, Eliza 24 F " W Louisiana     August Keeping House not known


Note Section

Note 1 = Assassanated written on line and gun shot wound written above.


Note 2 = a quotation mark " is written on the line indicating that it is the same as above.  Across the entry in big letters is the word Murdered.


Note 3 = Dropsy of Bowels is written on the line, but the word Dropsy has been crossed out.  Acs. has been written above the word dropsy.


Dropsy - A contraction for hydropsy.  Edema, the presence of abnormally large amounts of fluid in intercellular tissue spaces or body cavities.  Abdominal dropsy is ascites; brain dropsy is hydrocephalus; and chest dropsy is hydrothorax.  Cardiac dropsy is a symptom of  disease of the heart and arises from obstruction to the current of  blood through the heart, lungs, or liver.  Anasarca is general fluid accumulation throughout the body.

Ascites - See dropsy.

The definitions come from the Austin County TXGenWeb Project.


Martin Luther Taylor and William Morris

On November 3, 1869, Captain Jack Helm led a party of the Sutton faction (The Sutton and Taylor's were feuding in DeWitt County, Texas) to the McMullen County ranch of William B. Morris on San Miguel Creek. The ranch was located about four miles upstream from the confluence of the San Miguel and the Frio River. Morris and his son-in-law, Martin Luther Taylor, were taken at gunpoint with the alleged intention of placing Taylor in the Oakville jail. Taylor was a cousin of William P. “Buck” Taylor, whose 1868 Christmas Eve killing was considered by many to be the beginning of the feud. Taylor submitted voluntarily, while Morris went along to help his son-in-law make bond. Near Calliham, in Live Oak County, Taylor and Morris were murdered and buried where they fell. On May 30, 1873, at the height of the feud, Lon’s Uncle Bud (James Hemphill Walker) married Martin Taylor’s widow, Sophronia, aligning Oden’s Walker relatives with the Taylor faction.  Source: Lon Oden The Rhymin' Ranger by Karen Holliday Tanner and John D. Tanner, Jr. Published in Old West Magazine Vol. 34 (Summer 1998)




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