Live Oak County, Texas

Live Oak County, Texas

Early Marriage Index Volume 1

Submitted by Beth Walker


These are listed in alphabetical order by both the bride and grooms surnames.  All marriage certificate images or transcriptions will be linked with the date.  Any notes about the person or marriage will be linked with the page number.   

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 Page #     Names                             Date if available.    Page #    Names                                Date if available



69 Acarnias, Faqueste - Salenas, Lucelio 11 Maddox, Mary Jane to Bartlett, William
54 Adams, Mary C. - James, Nathan N. 37 Maginnis, Mary to Preston, Lewis
73 Adams, Robert - McWerter, Lorena 12 Malloy, Ellen to Pugh, William
57 Adams, Sarah Jane - Beckman, Samuel 67 Marshall, Henry J. to Hinds, Martha A.
67 Adams, Wm. - Dodson, Sarah B. 78 Martinez, Rosalie to Polonio, Mr.
82 Alford, Mary E. - Pearce, Moses 58 Meadows, J. H. to Cavitt, Elvira J.
63 Anderson, Melinda - Thomas, James 36 Medders, Caroline to Hill, Samuel


71 Mills, W. H. to Evans, Sarah A.
47 Bartlett, Eliza - Pugh, Bartholomew 18 McClusky, John to McMurry, Margaret
56 Bartlett, Jane - Ricks, Wiley 55 McGee, Frank H. to Grant, Sarah
41 Bartlett, Melissio - Old, Hollwell 6 McGee, Jane O. to Hagit, H. R.
11 Bartlett, William - Maddox, Mary Jane 33 McNeill, Cyntha J. to Dix, John J.
70 Bartwell, Allice C. - Powell, Fligo 30 McNeill, M. E. to Wilborn, Permelia Elizabeth
62 Beall, Robert A. - Williams, Sarah 1 McNeill, Robert B. to Reid, Martha S.
80 Beall, Samuel - Winters, Mary 63 McNeill, T. P. to Pearce, Mollie
57 Beckman, Samuel - Adams, Sarah Jane 17 McMurry, Magaret to McClusky, John
15 Blair, E. C. - Fatheree, Sarah J. 73 McWerter, Lorena to Adams, Robert
9 Burell, Joseph - Rathall, Jane 52 Moore, J. M. to Winters, Ellen
43 Butler, Albert B. - Waller, Sarah 16 Moore, Nancy C. to Robertson, Wm R.


73 Murphy, Jas. W. to Odem, Eliza A.
51 Campbell, Edward - Tom, Mary Jane 39 Musgrave, Bennet to Walker, Prudence
51 Campbell, Hannah - Tom, Simpson H. 38 Musgrave, Thomas I. H. to Reed, Martha Isabel
32 Carson, John - Edwards, Sarah Ann


7 Carter, Michael - Hall, Elizabeth Ann 74 Nichols, Mrs. Mary to Gallagher, Thomas
58 Cavitt, Elvira J. - Meadows, J. H. 76 Nixon, Mary to Eads, Martin V.
80 Cavit, William A. - Powel, Elizabeth


59 Chalo, Ensibro - Salinas, Melohrsa 28 Odom, Eliza to Goodwin, Mathew
48 Chambless, Liddio - Jones, Calvin 73 Odem, Eliza A. to Murphy, Jas. W.
35 Chambles, Mary - Fox, Michael 25 Odem, Wade to Tullos, Catherine
82 Coker, Jas. M. - Ham, Alice 65 O'Hara, Cecelia to Dolan, M.
19 Cook, Emaline - Wright, Calvin 41 Old, Hollwell to Bartlett, Melissa
24 Cook, Louisa - Wright, Henry C. 45 O'Reiley, Charles to Dolan, Mary Ann
60 Cotten, William S. - Whealis, Ann E.


44 Crowder, Emma - Templeton, William 63 Pearce, Mollie to McNeil, T. P.
10 Crowson, Hulda E. - Fudge, Almond 82 Pearce, Moses to Alford, Mary E.
66 Cude, R. D. - Williams, Delia 61 Pelham, Sarah E. to Goodman, Willis W.
83 Cude, Timothy J. - Tullous, Mary C. 21 Pelham, William A. to Dod, Sarah Ann Elizabeth


5 Perez, Asaletea to Vela, Furnando
81 Davis, Mary Jane - Walker, Wilson Perry 78 Polonio, Mr. to Yartinez, Rosalie
85 Dillard, John - Walker, Mrs. Mary Jane 8 Powell, Ann J. to Hinton, Joshua
33 Dix, John J. - McNeill, Cyntha J. 80 Powel, Elizabeth to Cavit, William A.
21 Dod, Sarah Ann Elizabeth - Pelham, William A. 70 Powell, Fligo to Bartwell, Allice C.
67 Dodson, Sarah B. - Adams, William 27 Powell, Lucretia to Pugh, Patrick
65 Dolan, M. - O'Hara, Cecelia 37 Preston, Lewis to Maginnis, Mary
45 Dolan, Mary Ann - O'Reilly, Charles 47 Pugh, Bartholomew to Bartlett, Eliza
46 Dolan, Thos. - Harrison, Ann 27 Pugh, Patrick to Powell, Lucretia
3 Dollan, Margaret - Lewis, Simeon W. 12 Pugh, William to Malloy, Ellen



76 Eads, Martin V. - Nixon, Mary 9 Rathall, Jane to Burell, Joseph
81 Edwards, Bohdeaner - Tullous, Andrew M. 22 Reaves, William to Talk, Syntha
32 Edwards, Sarah Ann - Carson, John 59 Reid, E. M. to Ferrell, Cora
54 Evans, Margaret - Gussett, N. 1 Reid, Martha S. to McNeill, Robert B.
71 Evans, Sarah A. - Mills, W. H. 64 Reed, Laura D. to LeLande, Doct. E. R.


38 Reed, Martha Isabel to Musgrove, Thos. I. H.
13 Fadden, Ellen - Grover, Charles D. C. 42 Ricks Henry L. to Tillous, Ann
49 Falquenes, Ann Elza - Lathram, R. 22 Ricks, Nancy Jane to Little, James G.
15 Fatherie, Sarah J. - Blair, E. C. 56 Ricks, Wiley to Bartlett, Jane
59 Ferrell, Cora - Reid, E. M. 23 Ricks, Wiley to Whelis, Ann Eliza
77 Flores, Antonia - Sandoval, Theodor 16 Robertson, Wm R. to Moore, Nancy C.
53 Foster, Mrs. Everline - Williams, J. M. 14 Robinson, Alfred to Latham, Sarah Ann Lavina
70 Foster, J. W. - Hinds, Maria J.


2 Foster, Jasper - Gillen, Eveline D. 69 Salinas, Lucelio to Acarnias, Gugusto
45 Fountain, Caroline - Hinds, George F. 59 Salinas, Melohrsa to Chalo, Ensibro
50 Fountain, F. H. - Sane, A. E. 72 Sanders, Jas. M. to Weaver, Nancy Caroline
35 Fox, Michael - Chambles, Mary 77 Sandoval, Theodore to Flores, Antonio
84 Franklin, Nancy Jane - Johnson, John W. 50 Sane, A. E. to Fountain, F. H.
10 Fudge, Almond D. - Crowson, Hulda E. 26 Shipp, Emily C. to Wilson, George Z
79 Futch, Cornelius - Taylor, Tabitha 95 Shipp, Ephraim S. to Johnson, Mary



74 Gallagher, Thomas - Nichols, Mrs. Mary 22 Talk, Syntha to Reaves, William
20 Garcia, Jesus - Taylor, Mary Ann 20 Taylor, Mary Ann to Garcia, Jesus
68 Garthredge, Mary A. - Wright, Thos. E.  79 Taylor, Tabitha to Futch, Cornelius
2 Gillen, Eveline D. - Foster, Jasper 44 Templeton, Wm. to Crowaer, Emma
28 Goodwin, Mathew - Odom, Eliza 63 Thomas, James to Anderson, Melinda
27A Goodwin, William - Haag, M. 51 Tom, Mary Jane to Campbell, Edward
61 Goodman, Willis W. - Pelham, Sarah E. 51 Tom, Simpson H. to Campbell, Hannah
55 Grant, Sarah - McGee, Frank H. 79 Tope, J. H. to Winters, D. S.
4 Green, James J. - Huthins, C. A. 81 Tullous, Andrew M. to Edwards, Bohdeaner
13 Grover, Charles D. C. - Fadden, Ellen 42 Tullous, Ann to Ricks, Henry W.
54 Gussett, N. - Evans, Margaret 25 Tullos, Catharine to Odem, Wade


83 Tullous, Mary C. to Cude, Timothy J.
27A Haag, N. - Goodwin, William


6 Hagit, H. R. - McGee, Jane O. 17 Vanmeter, Wm.Cunningham to Wright, Elfrida Victoria
31 Hagy, Pleasant S. - Wright, Dorthulia B. 95 Vasques, Padro to Hurtia, Demnette
29 Haley, Mary Ann O. - Kinelin, Mathew 5 Vela, Furnando to Pearz, Asaletea
7 Hall, Elizabeth Ann - Carter, Michael


82 Ham, Alice - Coker, Jas. M. 85 Walker, Mrs. Mary Jane to Dillard, John
65 Harris, Wm. T. - Young, Amanda M. 39 Walker Prudence to Musgrave, Bennett
46 Harrison, Ann - Dolan, Thos. 81 Walker Wilson Perry to Davis, Mary Jane
75 Harrison, Mary - Lewis, William 43 Waller, Sarah to Butler, Albert B.
34 Hickman, Mary E. - Winters, J. H. 72 Weaver, Nancy Caroline to Sanders, Jas. M.
36 Hill, Samuel - Medders, Caroline 60 Whealis, Ann E. to Cotten, Wm. S.
45 Hinds, Geo F. - Fountain, Caroline 23 Whelis, Ann Eliza to Ricks, Wiley
70 Hinds, Maria J. - Foster, J. W. 40 White, Nancy, to Yarborough, Lorenzo Dow  30 November 1863
67 Hinds, Martha A. - Marshall, Henry J. 66 Williams, Delia to Cude, R. D .
8 Hinton, Joshua - Powell, Ann J. 53 Williams John to Foster, Mrs. Everline
95 Hurtia, Demnette - Vasques, Padro 62 Williams Sarah to Beall, Robert A.
4 Hutchins, C. A. - Green, James J. 30 Willborn, Parmelia Elizabeth to McNeill, M. E.


26 Wilson, George Z. to Shipp, Emily C.
54 James, Nathan N. - Adams, Mary C. 79 Winters, D. S. to Tope, J. H.
95 Johnson, Mary - Shipp, Ephraim S. 52 Winters, Ellen to Moore, J. M.
84 Johnson, John W. - Franklin, Nancy Jane 34 Winters, J. H. to Hickman, Mary E.
48 Jones, Calvin - Chambless, Liddia 80 Winters, Mary to Beall, Samuel


19 Wright, Calvin to Cook, Emaline
29 Kinelin, Mathew - Haley, Mary Ann O. 31 Wright, Dorthulia B. to Hagy, Pleasant S.


17 Wright, Elfrida Victoria To Vanmeter, Wm.Cunningham
49 Latham, R. - Falguenes Ann Elza 24 Wright, Henry C. to Cook, Louisa
14 Latham, Sarah Ann Lavina - Robinson, Alfred 68 Wright, Thos E. to Garthredge, Mary A.
64 Leland, Doct. E.R. - Reed, Laura O.


3 Lewis, Simeon W. - Dollan, Margaret

40 Yarborough, Lorenzo Dow to White, Nancy 

30 November 1863

75 Lewis, William - Harrison, Mary 65 Young , Amanda M. to Harris, Wm. T.
22 Little, James G. - Ricks, Nancy Jane  


Notes - The number is the page number that the marriage record is listed on.


22. Little, James G. to Ricks, Nancy Jane

My notes show that they married on January 5, 1860, but I do not have a copy of the marriage license.  James G. Little, son of Jesse and Sarah Little, born 1806 in GA and died June 25, 1921 in Pearsall, Frio Co. TX.  Nancy born abt. 1842 in Miss and died November 13, 1892.  Submitted by Renee Smelley


39. Walker Prudence to Musgrove, Bennett

My notes show that they were married on November 16, 1863, but I do not have a copy of the marriage license.  Sarah Prudence Walker is the daughter of Joseph W. Walker and his first wife Mary Walker. 


40. Yarborough, Lorenzo Dow to White, Nancy

Lorenzo Dow Yarbrough (1840 TX - 1907 TX) was the son of John Swanson and Cynthia Unknown/Coker.  Nancy Parilee White (1841 TX - 1931 TX) was the daughter of Headley Coburn White and Lydia Wright.  Submitted by Renee Smelley    


52. Moore, J. M. to Winters, Ellen

My notes show that they married on October 24, 1865, but I don't have a copy of the marriage license.  John M. Moore is the son of Francis Unkown/Coker? Tope Moore and step son of John Swanson Yarbrough.  John was born 1842 in Little Rock, AR.  Rhoda Ellen Winters is the daughter of Benjamin Franklin Winters & Sylvania Adeline Cude.  She was born November 28, 1846 in TX and died April 10, 1930 in Runnels Co., TX.  Submitted by Renee Smelley


68. Wright, Thomas E. & Garthredge, Mary A. 

My notes show that they were married on 14 February 1867, but I do not have a copy of the license.  Mary Ann's (born about 1838 AR) surname was Tope and her nickname was Polly.  She was the daughter of Francis Unknown/Coker? Tope Moore and step daughter of John Swanson Yarbrough.  She was married to Albert Gathredge on April 26, 1851 in Gonzales County according to my notes.  Her marriage license contained the surname Yarbrough, which was crossed out and the surname Tope entered.  Thomas Elwood Wright (born about 1836/37 Iowa) is the son of Joshua Wright and Mary Ann Unkown.  Submitted by Renee Smelley.


79. Tope, J. H. to Winters, D. S.

My notes show that they married on May 07, 1868, but I don't have a copy of the license.  James Henry Tope is the son of Francis Unknown/Coker? Tope Moore and stepson of John Swanson Yarbrough.  He was born February 22, 1840 in AR and died February 19, 1924.  Dorcas Salina Winters is the daughter of Benjamin Franklin Winters & Sylvania Adeline Cude.  She was born Abt. 1849 in Walker Co. and died September 27, 1926.  Submitted by Renee Smelley


81. Walker, Wilson Perry to Mary Jane Davis

My notes show that they were married on 9 July 1868, but I do not have a copy of the license.  Mary Jane Davis was supposedly was the daughter of Caroline Ethyl Dodd and a previous marriage to a Unknown Davis.  Caroline Dodd married Alfred Yarbrough, but I have yet to find any kind of document to verify that information and think that this information maybe false since Caroline married Alfred under the Dodd surname.  Mary's brother Christopher Columbus Davis married his first wife Martha Turner in the home of Alfred Yarbrough on 22 Nov 1872, but on the 1870 census I can't find the Davis children and they are not listed in the home of Alfred & Caroline (Dodd) Yarbrough.  The McMullen County History Book also says that Mary married John Dillard.  Submitted by Renee Smelley


85. Dillard, John to Walker, Mrs. Mary Jane

My notes show that they were married on 3 March 1870, but I do not have a copy of the marriage record.  See also 81 Walker, Wilson Perry to Mary Jane Davis. Submitted by Renee Smelley.


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