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Each spring, the Mills County Historical Commission invites applications for scholarships from graduating seniors. The commission has placed a great deal of importance to recording “oral history” — thus, the basics of the scholarship application.


Deadline: April 1, 2017
Scholarship Opportunity:
One sum of money will be sent to college or university of student’s choice upon proof of 2017 or 2018 enrollment. Money will not be handed directly to student.

MCHC Judging Committee will convene by April 15, 2017.
Certificates of Award will be presented at School Awards Assemblies in May.

In order to be considered for Scholarship, please submit ALL of the following documents to the MCHC Committee:

1. Scholarship Application Form and high school transcript
2. Proof of interview with Mills County resident of 50 years or more (signatures, contact information, date, and photo of interviewer & interviewee together)
3. Essay of 500 to 700 words relating life of interviewee to the history of Mills County. Use internal documentation if necessary to support statements. Essay should be free of error and ready for publication.
4. Signed Statement of Originality
5. Signed Statement of Single Submission.
6. Signed Publication Releases

Packet of Forms and Statements to sign may be obtained from Mills County School Counselors, MCHC members, or may be printed from MCHC website.

Forms may be returned to MCHC, PO Box 446, Goldthwaite, TX. Date of postmark will verify deadline.

Recent Scholarship Winners

(Click the recipient's name to read the essay.)

Year Recipient Interviewee
2017 Dakota Busby
Bailey Stiff
Kaley Dowell
Coleton Watson
Kendel Hopper
Charles Tommy Head
Tracy Tucker
Ramona Schwartz
Wynona Winters
Glynn Collier
2016 John Duus
Gwendolyn Johnson
Liberty Watson
John Oglesby
Olene Johnson
Steve Jones
2015 Zack Baird
Gatlin Peters
Brynne McCasland
Shelby Wigley
Marilyn Treadaway
Peggy Sanders
June Roberts
Judy Wigley
2014 Jaycie Del Bosque
Alexis Gaspar
Mildred Peters
Billy Hale
2013 Kendall Bumpas Hubert L. Berry
2012 Chelsi Karnes
Kyle Moreland
Mallory Pearson
Patty Johnson
Bill Lindsey
Arnold and June Roberts
2011 William Knight
Joshua K. Wilson
Billie Mozelle Herring
Ruby D. Miles
2010 Jonna Dodd
William Massey
Garret Schwartz
Lee Roy Schwartz
James "Potty" Carter
Lewis Watson

Honorable Mention Essays

2017 Paige Nowell
Zac Gaspar
Robert Womack
C. D. Lindsay