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1830’S 1836—Independence from Mexico


Settlers began to drift into the area from  Alabama, Georgia,  Kentucky, Tennessee England, Germany, and Ireland

Texas became a state in 1845

1850’s 1857—Wolf Brothers settled at McDade



McDade became known as tie city

First business was a tent  saloon

Civil War 1862-65

Wolf Brothers served as soldiers in the Civil War.











1871--Houston  and Texas Central train to McDade.

1871--McDade  town was chartered

1871--Old Rock front Saloon/ John Nash Saloon building built

1871--First school was built

1871---First U.S. Post Office est. – Woodman of the World Building upper floor

Cotton Gin erected

Three Oaks Cemetery organized 1877

Lebrect Brown family settled in 1874

August Rother  to McDade area in 1872

Lawlessness began









Lawlessness continued

McDade Baptist Church organized 1880

McDade Church of christ organized 1880

Siloah Lutheran Church organized 1883

Siloah Cemetery organized  1883

Siloah  Lutheran School  (German & English) established 1883

1883 Christmas Eve  Hanging

1883     Shootout on Christmas Day on Main Street







1890—J.J.Carter est. a newspaper “Mentor”  with Garland Wilson as editor.

Milton Stoker sold his pottery to R.L. Williams

Lignite coal mining was a new business

1893-1895—Political weekly paper

Doctor Atkinson came to McDade

Doctor Southern came to McDade




1901—Newspaper—McDade Independent

1907—McDade U.S. Post Office moved into Rock Saloon Building







McDade High School, two story Brick building built

World War I

 2,000 people in McDade

1916—Siloah Lutheran church moved into McDade

Bank closed

1920’s Stock market  Crash






Alton Field operated cotton gin until it burned in 1940

1932—Bank closed during Roosevelts administration

1933—McDade U.S. Post Office moved into the Bank building

1936—McDade elected a representative to state legistature.-Mr. Bud Deglandon

1936—P.W.A. project –mattress manufacturing

1936—P.W.A. project—canning plant












Rural  electricity extended to  McDade area

Dec. 7, 1941 World War II  declared

1942 McDade Pottery closed

1942—McDade High School burned

1947—1974 train carloads and truck  loads of watermelons shipped out of McDade

1947—Willie Taylor and Sons  has pottery site in McDade

1947—present school building was built

1948—McDade Baptist Church  bought and moved  an  army  chapel from  Camp Swift

1948—First McDade Watermelon Festival

late 1940’s –Highway 290 opened coming through McDade






Korean War

 Peanuts take the place of cotton  in McDade area

1950’s—Herschel Carwel Sherrill elected representative to State legislature

1950’s –Gale Storm was a movie star in “My Little Margie”

1956—McDade Water System established








Coastal Bermude  was introduced to McDade                                            

 1962—Historical  Society organized & museum was planned

 1962—Historical Marker placed on Historical  Museum Building

1962—Siloah Lutheran Church reorganized

1962—Siloah Lutheran Church renamed Faith Lutheran Church

 1967—Faith Lutheran Brick Building built

1970’s 1971--McDade Centennial celebration








1981—Rick & Judy Jenkins assisted the members of Faith Lutheran Church to design and  make their own stain glass windows

1985-86 Texas Sesquicentennial celebrations at McDade

1986—McDade Founder’s Day

1987—three days of torchure for lady –site the Oscar Rother house.

 1987—McDade  School  in uproar –vote to abolish school

 1989—May- tornado ripped through McDade- much damage

Dr. Vermillion House left unable to be repaired









Miss Jewell Hudler is 100 years old

 Miss Jewell Hudler passed away

 McDade Watermelon Festival  celebrates  50 years

1999—McDade Post Office moves into new site, Waco & Audtin Streets

 Post master is Claudia Choat, carrier is Forrest McDavid

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