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Dempsey Nash born 1790, in Norfolk, Virginia,  to John and Mary Odlan Nash married Lucy Garrett, the daughter of John Garrett (1750-1806) and Jane Taylor (1750-1818) on September 17, 1805, in Williamson County, Tennessee.

They had the following children all born in Williamson County:  

1809 1.     William Nash   (1809-1865)  
1810 2.     Lucretia Nash  (1810-1844)  

3.     John D. Nash was born December 28, 1815, in Williamson County, Tennessee.   

According to the 1820 census Dempsey Nash, was a slave owner and single father. Where Lucy Garrett was living at this time is unknown.
1820 Williamson County Tennessee Census
John D. Nash was 2 years old at the time.
1826 William Nash married Louisa A Temple on Sept 21, 1826, in Williamson County, Tennessee.
1827 Lucretia Nash married Charles W. Crouch on June 6, 1827, in Williamson County, Tennessee.   

1830 Williamson County Tennessee Census
Dempsey Nash 40 yrs old
William Nash 21 years old
Lucretia 15 years old
John D 12 years old.


Dempsey Nash divorced Lucy Garrett.  VIEW DIVORCE RECORD 

1834 In the summer of 1834, William and Lucretia Nash both married with children, along with their sibling 20-year-old John D. Nash, left for Texas and settled in San Augustine County.
1835 John D. and William both participated in the Siege of Bexar and received land grants.  John D. received his on July 25, 1835 2,050,000 in Polk county p.46 of the Abstracts of valid land claims by Judge Burlage, John Brian Hollingsworth TX Gen. Land Office Texas Court office.  On September 12, 1835 William received 1 league in Polk p646 from the same source.
1836 On April 21, 1836, John D. participated in the battle of San Jacinto.  When General Houston was presented with Santa Anna’s horse after the victory,  John Nash rode the horse off the battlefield at Houston's request for safekeeping. San Jacinto
John D. Nash married Ellen Addison Hemphill on August 30, 1837. Ellen Hemphill was born August 18, 1820, in Twiggs County, Georgia, and died January 25, 1883, in Bastrop County, Texas. Her parents were William A and Lucretia Coleman Hemphill.  John D. and  Ellen Nash had the following known children:
            - Oscar F. Nash  (1839-1897)
            - Lucretia "Lou" Nash  (Jan 19, 1844-Jan 28, 1929)
            - Francis Elizabeth "Fannie" - (1847-1890)
            - John Dempsey, Jr. (March 26, 1850-April 9, 1855)
            - Charles (twin) - (Mar 28, 1858-Aug 23, 1871)
            - Dempsey (twin) - (Mar 23, 1852-Mar 9, 1871)
            - Horace C - (1856- died before 1900)
            - Eugene M - born 25 Feb 1860, died 19 Aug 1868 Bastrop Co
John D. served as Captain of a company "raised" for the express purpose of putting down Indian raids.  
Jacob Garrett vs. John D. Nash and wife appear from San Augustine County. Jacob Garrett appellant in court.  Ellen’s ex husband probate was read, her husband Claiborne Garrett died May 1837 leaving her “destitute of any estate or property.  She married John D Nash a month later.  The appeal was dismissed at the cost of the appellant. Source: A Digest of the Laws of Texas containing a full and complete compilation of ___, by James Wilmer Dallas Texas Supreme Court. P.497.
1841 Nash and Houston were trusted friends, and in 1841 they signed an agreement promising Nash would "keep and feed” the stallion. Nash kept the horse until Houston came to retrieve it, and it was then that Nash presented Houston with a wooden cane.  (See photo on Kaufman Hall of Honor)  Sam Houston
John D Nash is elected Sheriff of San Augustine and served for two years.
1850 San Augustine County Census
NASH, John D. age 34(m)Sheriff TN
Ellen age 25 (f) AL
Oscar age 10 (m) TX
Lucretia age  7 (f) TX
Frances age  5 (f) TX
John D .age 8/12 (m) TX
Heffington, D.C. age 40 (m) Farmer KY
Jones, John age 27 (m) farmer KY 
1852 John D Nash moved his family to Bastrop, Texas,   where his cousin, F. "Michael" Nash, had resided.  F. M. "Michael" Nash had been killed by Indians in 1840, leaving a wife and several children who were struggling to survive. 
John D Nash successfully operated Nash’s ferry at a point on the Colorado River about six miles from Bastrop.  Nash's Ferry

“Anyone traveling from Huntsville to Austin would cross the Colorado on Nash’s ferry."  -Mike Cox 1994


Sam Houston, by this time, was serving in the U.S. Senate and while on his visits from Washington with his constituents he would take advantage of
the chance to visit with Jack Nash and family.  Visits at the Nash home were considered pleasant.  Ellen Nash was a good cook, Jack could play the fiddle quite well and was known as an exuberant story teller, as was Houston. Houston stated later in his life that he always enjoyed his visits with Jack
Nash.( )


In 2011, a Ferry Dedication took place where Nash's Ferry Stop was located off of Hwy 969, along the Colorado River.
1855 In 1855 Jack and Ellen lost their son, John D. Nash Jr., who died of unknown causes and was buried in the Hemphill Cemetery in Bastrop County.
1860 Bastrop County TX Census  SEE CENSUS RECORD
Nash, John D.45 m Farmer TN
Nash, Ellen 45 f AL
Nash, Oscar 20 m TX
Nash, Lucretia 16 f TX
Nash, Francis 15 f TX
Nash, Charles 8 m TX
Nash, Dempsey 8 m TX
Nash, Horace 5 m TX
Nash, Eugene 6.5 m  TX
During this time John D Nash was a farmer, operated a freight business and went into the Stagecoach business with Junius Fletcher “Punch” Nash. Watch Nash's Stagecoach Stop Video (OFFSITE): 
The Civil War
Captain Cicero Nash 17th TX Infantry Co. B (died during the war)
John O Nash 17th TX Infantry Co. B
Oscar F Nash 17th TX Infantry Co. F (named his a son after his cousin Cicero)
John Dempsey Nash Civil War.
John D. Nash Civil War Records
1862 John D’s son Oscar F Nash, married Marcia/Marsha G. McKinney on August 10, 1862, in Bastrop County, Texas. They had 4 children.
1867 On December 12, 1867, John D. Nash was indicted for assault with intent to kill and murder a man named Wofford. Bastrop County Courthouse Record.
John D Nash appears on the 1870 census as Nasch.
1870 Bastrop Co TX Census
John D Nasch [sic] Nash 58 Farmer TN; value: 10,000 - 4,000
Ellen 50 AL
Lucretia 25 TX
Fanny 22 TX
Charles 18 TX
Dempsey 18 TX
Horris [sic] Horace 14 TX
John D Nash’s twins died 5 months apart.
Dempsey died March 25, 1871

Colorado Reveille, March 25, 1871

Bastrop, Texas, DIED -- Dempsey NASH, son of Capt. John D. NASH of this county.  He died at his father's residence on Thurs. night of last week.


On August 23, 1871, Charley Nash died from injuries he sustained in a horse accident. John D Nash left Bastrop and went to “Tie City” terminus of the Houston Texas Central Railroad that later became McDade.
1872 John D purchased two wooden buildings #9 and #10 on block 9 across from the Railroad tracks. The two wooden buildings burned to the ground and John D built another building with a limestone rock front that became known as Nash Bros. Rockfront Saloon.  It also served a stagecoach stop. Oscar was in the freight business with his father John D. 
On May 3, 1873, Tie City was called McDade and became incorporated.
On December 28, 1873, John D Nash’s daughter married John Wilson Kennedy also from McDade.
His son Oscar married for a second time to Marie Antonio Ploeger, born 1854, daughter of Dr. Carl Ludwig Henrich and Marie Langhammer, emigrants from Prussia. Marie Antonio Ploeger Nash is buried at Fairview Cemetery in Bastrop
Bastrop Advertiser-MARRIED -- At the residence of the bride's father at McDade on Sunday, 8 1/2 o' clock a.m., Dec. 28th, 1873 by Esq. W. L. Lawhorn:  Miss Fannie Nash to Mr. J. W. Kennedy, all of Bastrop County.
In January 1874, Oscar Nash ran for the elected position of Alderman and won.  There is a plaque across from the McDade Museum in honor of the town’s incorporation listing OF Nash as the Alderman, HA Highsmith the Mayor, M Cliett as the city Marshal.

Bastrop Advertiser -  July 4, 1874
John D Nash - Merchant  /  Receiving and Forwarding  -  McDade, Texas

Will receive merchandise at 10 Cents per package.  Receiving and forwarding of Cotton - 25 Cents per Bale.  Liberal advances made on cotton shipped through my house.  All business entrusted to me will receive my personal attention, and having employed Mr. A. Dumarse, a thorough and exceptional clerk and bookkeeper, I can guarantee satisfaction in every particular.  I respectfully solicit patronage of my friends and the public generally.
Jno. D. Nash
Bastrop County


1880 Bastrop County Census  VIEW CENSUS RECORD

John D. NASH68TNLaborerTNVA
Ellen A. NASH60ALKeeping House------
Lucretia NASH32TXAt Home
Hordy C. NASH24TXNothing
E. INGERSOL30ILWorks In Broom Factory
E. N. KENNEDY35MSWorks In Broom Factory
George M. KENNEDY27TXWorks In Broom FactoryMS


1881 Killing Near McDade From Bastrop Advertiser

On Saturday last, 12 Feb 1881, between 2 and 3 o'clock p.m., a young man, T.
J. Davis, was killed by Dave Cartwright and John Nash.  Took place about 4
miles south of McDade on the McDade and Bastrop road.  Davis was about 20
years of age, son of Mr. B. F. Davis who has, under contract the bulding of
four bridges in Bastrop County.  Evidence shows possibly Davis was in
possession of a pistol and a gun that he alledgedly swindled someone out of.
Nash obtained from Esq. W. H. Coulson a writ of sequestration to get
possession of the gun and pistol.  This writ was placed in the hands of Dave
Cartwright, who had been summoned by Constable Bishop to execute it, he then summoning John Nash, son of Mr. Oscar Nash, to assist him.
   They overtook Davis on the road, who refused to surrender, and fired on
the posse.  Nash and Cartwright fired back, killing Davis.  The deceased's
father took his son's body to Corsicana for interment.  Inquest held at the
residence of James Townsend of Bastrop before W. Coulson, Sr. and the
following empanneled as jury:  W.M. Scarbrough, W. N. Scruggs, James
Townsend, E. K. Smith, W. Parks, and J. W. Keel.  Witnesses testifying:  Wm.
Paris, L. F. Fields, Aleck White, J. H. Tanner, W. R. Kelton, Thomas
Bishop - constable of the Precinct who said in part "The writ of
sequestration was sued out by Horace Nash.  Horace is the uncle of John
Nash, the defendant.  I don't know what right Horace Nash claimed to the
gun.  He said it was on account of some money he had loaned the deceased on
the gun."
   Cartwright and Nash, who came in and surrendered during the
investigation, under a $1,000 bond each, were released from custody."

Three days later retaliation was made.

The Bastrop Advertiser, February 16, 1881

"A fire in McDade last night destroyed the saloon of Tom Bishop, the store
of Cohen Bros., the house of H. K. Barbee, and the saloon of O. F. Nash.
Fire started, it is supposed by an incendiary, at 2 o'clock a.m. in the back
of Bishop's saloon."

Oscar's wife died a few week later.

The Bastrop Advertiser, March 5, 1881
DIED - Mrs. Oscar Nash at McDade Sunday night.  Buried in the Bastrop City
Cemetery on Monday evening.  Mrs. Nash was the daughter of Mrs. Ploeger of
Bastrop. John Nash and his friend were acquitted in the death of Davis.

On October 14, 1881, John D. Nash’s brother’s wife Louisa Temple Nash died.



On January 25, 1883, John D Nash’s wife Ellen died.  Oscar, Horace and Lou his children resided with him.
On Christmas Eve 1883 Oscar Nash escaped a lynching as he hid behind the bar.  Around 7pm 40-80 armed and masked men surrounded the Rockfront Saloon in McDade.  Vigilantes took Henry Pfeiffer, Thad and Wright McLemore, accused them of being thieves and hanged them.

Oscar F. Nash married a 3rd time to Theresa Brettner.  They had two children. He also sold the Rockfront Saloon to George Milton.


The McDade Christmas Eve hanging and Christmas Day Shootout trials began.  Oscar and Horace Nash testified at the hearing.

Oscar had a butcher shop (meat market) in a two-story building in the back of the Nash building.  The meat market was on the bottom the Dance hall on the top.  Alec Hirshfield was a bartender in the Saloon who was married to Carrie Stewart a Westbrook family relation. Source: Retta Preston interview 1985

1889 Between 1885-1889 John D. Nash along with his daughter Lucretia, moved to Kaufman county.  John D’s sister Lucretia married to Charles W Crouch lived in Kaufman. It’s alleged John D. was living on his brother William’s old ranch.

On 28 Aug 1890, Jack's daughter Fannie died in Bastrop County. 

“Although feeble he managed to travel there from Kaufman for the funeral.”



John D Nash’s son Oscar’s son Ernest aka “Kid Nash” got into some trouble in Shreveport Louisiana.  KKHunt sent some of the newspaper articles in THE KID NASH NEWSPAPER INDEX.

1897 In 1897 Oscar Nash died and was buried next to his second wife Marie at Fairview Cemetery, per his request.

"Jack Nash died at his home one mile south of Kaufman Wednesday.  Buried in the city cemetery yesterday.  He was born in Williamson County Tennessee on December 28, 1815.  Came to Texas between 1832 - 1834 locating in San
Augustine County; moved to Bastrop County and lived there twelve years {sic} until he moved to Kaufman.  He was a veteran of the Texas revolution and one of the heroes of the Battle at San Jacinto." Click here to see another obituary found in the Dallas Morning News, July 1, 1898

Bastrop Advertiser
  "A telegram was received by Mrs George Miller Monday, from Kaufman, to the effect that her grand-father, Captain Jack Nash, was severly ill and thought
to be rapidly sinking.  On Thursday another telegram was received conveying
the sad intelligence that he died at 2 o'clock Wednesday afternoon and would
be buried at Kaufman Thursday.
   Capt. Nash had just returned from Louisiana where he had been to make
another effort to obtain the release of his grandson, Kid Nash, and was
taken sick while in Louisiana and brought home.  He was about 81 years of
age at the time of death.  Deceased was a resident of Bastrop County for
many years, living on the farm owned by Mr. T J Smith, at Nash's Ferry, 6
miles above Bastrop, and going from there to McDade, which was his home til
a few years ago.  He was well known in the State and many friends will react
to his death with sympathy.  Died June 29th, 1898."



Dallas Morning News
30 January 1929 pg 7

A Dark Side to Jack Nash's Family
Jack's grandson, Cicero Ernest Nash - son of Oscar - was an outlaw known as
'Kid Nash'.  On 20 Dec 1892 in Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana, Kid Nash
and his partner, Elmo Barnett, robbed and killed a man named John McCarty -
a man they had known in Bastrop County.  The two were on the run for many
months but were finally caught and taken to Shreveport to stand trial.  On
15 Sep 1894, Kid Nash was found guilty for the crime he committed.
  After Kid Nash's verdict, Jack Nash was taken to Shreveport by Lucretia to
plead for his grandson's life on several occasions for nearly four years.
He was hoping his reputation could spare his grandson's life.  The trips
were hard on Jack - part by train and part by overland stage - and it left
him weak and ill and despondent.  Ironically, the trips proved to have been
made in vain as Kid Nash was hung for his crime not long after Jack's death.
Jack's daughter, Lou, never married and cared for her father before his
death.  She was the last of Jack's children to pass on.
"Miss Lou Nash, 85, of Kaufman Buried"

From KKHunt, unsure if this article was verbatim