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My name is Margaret Simpson and I'm the owner of this list. I'm responsible for keeping it running as smoothly as possible and setting some rules and guidelines.  RootsWeb is the host for the mailing list. If you need help, contact me.


This list is for the discussion of Genealogy, History, and Culture, primarily regarding Medina County families. Discussion of migration patterns, immigration, heraldry, historical sketches, settlements, census data, wills, family Bibles, vital records, web sites, etc. as relates to Medina County is encouraged as well as discussion of collateral families. Public announcements of information of interest to Genealogists in general though it may not be Medina County-specific is permitted but please use discretion.

Do not post virus warnings, test messages, chain letters, political announcements, current events, items for sale, personal messages, etc.
Please do not send file attachments (messages with files appended) to the list. If you have a file you would like to share with the members, announce what you have to offer, then send the file only to those who request it, via private email.

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Margaret Meyer Simpson

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