Mesquite Historical & Genealogical Society

P. O. Box 850165

Mesquite, TX 75185-0165

Over 40 Years of History and Heritage

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THE MESQUITE HISTORICAL & GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and publication of historical and genealogical information concerning eastern Dallas County, Texas. It is an organization which will hold two genealogical seminars each year, publishes a monthly newsletter (The Twig) and a biannual publication (The Mesquite Tree) each June and December.  If you have an interest in genealogy and would like to do your research from this area, check out the following information! We'd love to have you join the Mesquite Historical & Genealogical Society!


2014 Spring Workshop

Mesquite Main Library
300 W. Grubb Dr.
Mesquite, Texas

2014 Fall Workshop

Mesquite Main Library
300 W. Grubb Dr.
Mesquite, Texas

Contact person: Workshop Chairman, Linda Rogers


 MEDICAL FORM for Research Trip

Contact Person Pat Stone

2012 OFFICERS, MH&G SOCIETY (with E-Mail addresses, where available)
President Gene Burris
Vice President, Membership Dava Ladymon
Secretary   Denise Snow
Treasurer Pat Stone
Program Chairman David Ladymon
Workshop Chairman Linda Rogers
Publication Editor Jimmy Stone
Genealogical Chairman Daniel Laney
Publicity Chairman Sandra Eckstein
Local Historian Sherri_Creagh
MHGS Librarian Alma Miller
Newsletter Chairman Linda Attaway
Board of Directors Charles Beason
Shirlynn Beason

Regular meetings of the Society are held on the second Thursday of each month except July, August and September at the Mesquite Public Library, 300 W. Grubb, Mesquite, Texas.  Meetings are 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

No meetings in July, August or September

All books and periodicals received by the Society are placed in the Mesquite Public Library and become the property of the library.

GENEALOGICAL MATERIAL is needed for publication in the Society publication. Records that can be used include wills, cemetery records, marriage and bible records, probate and court records as well as ancestor charts and family histories. DO NOT send your originals -- make Xerox copies! If you need information concerning these, please write to the Editor in care of the Society. Queries and text material may be transmitted by E-Mail to the editor, Jimmy Stone. or sent to P.O. Box 850165, Mesquite, Texas 75185-0165. All material published in the MH&GS publications is contributed by members and the Society claims no responsibility for the accuracy of the printed material. A change of address should be sent to the Society immediately when you move to avoid delay in receiving the Publications.

QUERIES are welcomed for publication in the Society Publication and are FREE! Just email your query to the editor,


CHANGE OF ADDRESS NOTICES are found under Membership

MH&GS POLICY ON THE REPLACEMENT OF PERIODICALS: The Mesquite Historical & Genealogical Society strives to publish a maximum of genealogical information at minimum costs, in order that the Society's publications may be widely available to all who are interested. Consistent with this objective, certain restraints are necessary in regard to replacement of periodicals which were not received by the intended recipients. Hence, if a member, institution, or other organization fails to receive a copy of The Mesquite Tree, the Society Publication, MH&GS must be notified within six months of the publication date of that issue. Otherwise, the intended recipient will be supplied a replacement copy only if copies are still available and only at the published price. The MH&GS Newsletter primarily carries news of short-term interest and back issues will not normally be available. If there is a special need for back issues, the recipient will be quoted a price for which they may be ordered.

THE MESQUITE HISTORICAL & GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY is under the sponsorship of the Mesquite Public Library, Jeanne Johnson, Director of Library.

BOOK REVIEWING: We accept genealogical or historical books for review; after the review has been published in The Mesquite Tree publication, the book will be placed in the Mesquite Public Library.


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