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PAF 5.2 - LDS Genealogy Software - Free Download

Legacy- This is a high feature genealogy program.

Vesion 4.0 rated #1 by PC Magazine.
See comparisons of leading genealogy programs at this site. Standard program is a free download.
If you order the Deluxe Legacy version from this site ($29.95), The Midland Genealogical Society will earn a 15% commission which will help buy more books for the Midland County Library. The price is the same as if you bought it from the company. This is the program I use.

Yahoo Consider the advantages of having a permanent Email address regardless of your ISP. Outlook Express can automatically retrieve and download your mail to your computer, although this feature is no longer free.
RootsWeb GedCom UtilitiesFree programs to help you manipulate GedComs.
RootsWeb - User Setup/Edit Free Upload of your genealogy data to RootsWeb WorldConnect. Remember, if you surf for genealogy information (and you do or you wouldn't be here), you must share to be a good person. Data posted here will not be sold - it remains your data and you can remove it at any time.
Download Google ToolbarThis will allow you to highlight your search terms and block pop-ups. It will be attached to your browser.
RoboForm Password manager - (a great program for automatically filling in TexShare login and password)
Mailwasher Email cleaner - keep the junk mail and viruses from getting on your computer.
Ancestry Family Tree A genealogy program that automatically searches Ancestry World Tree for matches to your pedigree chart. You must be subscribed to Ancestry for the program to work!
RootsWeb Freepages A free website for your genealogy information.
All Free ISP Locate a Free ISP in your area.
Deed Plotter Plot out your deeds online - No downloading!

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