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Get started with a free genealogy program   Legacy

MGS WebPage             (Find by searching for - mgs, midland tx genealogy)


  • Mocavo.Com                        Try this - It is a one stop searching site that is just launched.
  • WorldConnect                        My favorite starting place (mimimum information will give broadest results).
  • Search RW Mailing Lists               Wonderful site, read advanced tips
  • GenForum                           Does not use Boolian Search Terms
  • Family Search               See Advanced Search     List max information.
  •               Offers Many types of search and databases.
  • USGenWeb Project
  • Google                         Use Advanced Search - You will be amazed at what it will find.
    Also try pasting the following in the search box - Ged OR GedCom OR Ged2HTML OR Ged4Web OR GedPage OR Ged2www OR GedhTree OR GedhTree OR Webb edGed OR WebGed OR Ged2WWW OR GeDStrip +"your search terms"

  • LDS Digitized Books               Use multiple names in one search.
  • TexShare    - Heritage Quest - Search Books           Call Genealogy Librarian for password
  • Genealogy Book Links      I just happened to go to MD/Archives of MD Online/Land Records and look at what I found!
  • Internet Archive


  • LDS 1880 Census              
  • TexShare    - Heritage Quest - Search Census           Try Advanced Search
  • Census Online               


  • County Maps            See Changes in Time
  • Linpendium USA       Finds Genealogy Sites by County or Surname


  • Find A Grave   Post your family line
  •   Cemetery Records & many other records online


    1. Webpages by Stephens P. Morse      A One-Step Portal for On-Line Genealogy
    2. Cindi's List      Use her search engine to stay focused!
    3. FamilySearch Labs      See what is coming down the Pike at FamilySearch
    4. Land Patent Search
    5.    Lots of Free Genealogy Sites, including over 200 Free databases.
    6. Family Tree Magazine     101 Best Web Sites
    7. Treasure Maps Genealogy     (Many Good Links)