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R. Morris Minnie Morris 15   X
  Joseph Morris 10 X  
  George Morris 9 X  
G. Bahnard Freda Bahnard 10   X
  George Bahnard 8 X  
Harmon Kriger Albert Kriger 10 X  
Cyrus James Charles James 15 X  
  Kate James 13   X
Gustave Phillips Gustave Phillips, Jr, 15 X  
  Carleng Phillips 12   X
  Gustie 10   X
T. Wadley James Wadley 12 X  
  Ethel 9   X
W. N. Warren Abbie Warren 8   X
Alex Johson Louis Johnson 14 X  
J. T. Wellingham Lulie Wellingham 14   X
  Joseph Wellingham. 11 X  
  Thomas Wellingham 10 X  
  Maggie Wellingham 8   X
  William Wellingham 15 X  
  Oseo Wellingham 16 X  
M. V. Nash Minnie Nash 9   X
  Allie Nash 8   X
G. W, Butler Francis M. Butler 13   X
  Lizzie E. Butler 10   X
  Henry G. Hayes 9 X  
B, M. Hughes Hem S. Hughes 8 X  
L. G. Morris L. E. Morris 16 X  
  A. R, Morris 14 X  
  Jessie Morris 12   X
  Laura Morris 10   X
  Louis Morris 8 X  
N. C. Stone Thomas Stone 8 X  
J. D. Reddech John M. Reddech 13 X  
  Charles Reddech 10 X  
  Lula E. 9   X
J. J. McCullough Walter McCullough 8 X  
  Nettie McCullough 13   X
J, N. Lawrence Mary Lawrence 15   X
  Vianna Lawrence 13   X
Theo. Ray Virgil Ray 9 X  
A. B. Rountree Paul Rountree 10 X  
  Ula 13   X
J. S. Edwards James Edwards 16 X  
  Samuel Edwards 13 X  
  Bessie Edwards 11 X  
J. M. Hartzog Hannah Hartzog 8   X
M. J. Weller Cora Weller 8   X
J. C. Carr Rosa Carr 10   X
  Laura Carr 16   X
R. H. Ward William Ward 9 X  
William Crow Henry Crow 15 X  
Eli Newsom Allen J. Newsom 16 X  
  Gilbert P. Newsom 10 X  
William Crow Tabitha Crow 13   X
Edward Thomas David Thomas 13 X  
Thomas Powell Joseph Powell 10 X  
  Thomas Powell 8 X  
Sam Steadman, Guardian Willie Fertin 14 X  
  Ada Fertin 12   X
M. J. Baker Willie Baker 12 X  
  Violet Baker 10   X
R. H. Ward, Guardian Joseph Thomas 14 X  
John Champs John Champs, Jr. 15 X  



Personally appeared before me me, E.B. Lancaster, County Judge of Midland County, Texas, makes oath and says, that the foregoing is a correct abstract of the scholastic census of Midland County as returned by the Trustees of School District, composed of the County of Midland.

(Signed) E.B. Lancaster

Subscribed and sworn to this 18 day of July A.D. 1885.

(Signed) A.B. Rountree, Clerk County Court, Midland County, Texas


From a copy of "The Staked Plain" published January 28, 1886, Midland, Texas. "As soon as the assessments roll is completed and the amount of tax property in this school district is ascertained; steps will be taken to vote a tax for school purpose.

There can be no valid objection to voting the largest tax possible under the law (20 cents on the $100.) and we think will be generally acquiesced in. A building sufficient for two teachers will be required by next fall."

Thanks to Mrs. Ada Phillips.