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Southwest / South Central Region
County Coordinator Representative Nominee Page - Clarissa Loyd

Hello, my name is Clarissa Loyd and I am running for the Southwest / South Central Region (SWSC) County Coordinator Representative.  I am a graduate of Texas A&M University - Central Texas with a B.A. in history and minor in political science.  History is very dear to me and it goes hand in hand with genealogy since I believe the past should be preserved for future generations.  The websites that I maintain as a County Coordinator not only include information for researchers with genealogy, but I try to incorporate as much local, county, state and international history as possible so that researchers may have a general idea of the events their ancestors may have witnessed.


Other than genealogy and history, I am an avid craft person who likes to crochet gifts for family and friends and love to read historical biographies and historical books in general and of military history.  I am 32 years old and the mother of a beautiful 7 year old daughter who means the world to me and she is not only interested in history, but genealogy as well since she accompanies me when I go to the cemeteries to survey.  As said earlier, I have a B.A. in history and a minor in political science from Texas A&M University - Central Texas and plan to enter graduate school in the Fall of 2013 for my M.A. in history.  I reside in Central Texas but do not let that stop me when researching information for county websites that I maintain out of state.  I believe the Internet is a great tool for education and to provide free research information for those that may not live in the area or state and the USGenWeb Project is providing an invaluable tool for those researchers.  I started my personal genealogy in 2000 to find out more about my family and it is in 2000 that I found the USGenWeb Project and volunteered by submitting information for vital records in 2002 to the TXGenWeb Project.

USGenWeb Project Qualifications:

I have been with the USGenWeb Project since 2005 and am the County Coordinator of eight websites:
Committees I am and have been involved in:
  • USGenWeb Grievance Committee
    • Currently Serving
  • TXGenWeb Surfing Committee (Surfer for County of the Month Award Committee)
    • Currently Serving
  • USGenWeb Election Committee 
    • Served in the past
  • USGenWeb Tombstone Transcription Project
    • Served in the past as a File Manager
Mission Statement:

I believe that I am a good candidate for the SWSC County Coordinator Representative because I have been involved with the project for seven years and am knowledgeable about the bylaws and guidelines for the USGenWeb Project.  I have also met many volunteers in the USGenWeb Project as well as mentors who have helped me through my journey in such a successful project.  I believe that a County Coordinator Representative needs to be fair and balanced and I know that I am because I weigh all options from all sides before I make a decision.  I believe that the SWSC County Coordinator Representative should be one that supports all County Coordinators, no matter which region one is located and by electing me, I know that every voice will be heard in the USGenWeb Project.

Any questions or comments can be emailed to me.

Elect Clarissa Loyd for SWSC County Coordinator Representative!