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Early photo of 1912 Courthouse on old Letterhead of W.B. Summy County Clerk
Mills county was formed from Brown, Comanche, Hamilton, and Lampasas Counties in 1887. The county was named in honor of John T. Mills, a early Judge, who successively held the judgeship of the Third, Seventh, and Eighth Judicial districts. Mills county Court house is located in Goldthwaite, Mills County, Texas. According to the Mills County Historical The town was named for Joe G. Goldthwaite, the railroad official who conducted the auction of town lots. In a 1950 issue of the Goldthwaite Eagle, there is a short biography of Grandma Goldthwaite, the Mother of George Goldthwaite who the town was named after.

John Cormack won the bid to build the court house in 1889 for the sum of $27,000. The courthouse burned on May 5, 1912 and was rebuilt the following year. Luckily, no county records were lost in the fire.

Shirley Runnels sent in this newspaper photo of the First and Second Term Officials of Mills County

Courthouse/Official Records
You can contact the Mills County Clerk at the following address or phone number:

Mills County Clerk's Office
P.O. Box 646
Goldthwaite, TX 76844-0646
Telephone: (325) 648-2711

Jennie Trent Dew Library   -  Goldthwaite, Tx. 76844 is now on line, Please note that they are not staffed to do genealogical research, but can help if you know the book, page, etc. or they may be able to refer you to some books to research.
However, our neighbor county has "The Comanche County Public Library" which is also on-line, and they have one of the best Genealogy Libraries in the area

is a must see place to visit or write for the serious researcher and the family Historian, whether researching Texas, Tennessee or other Southern States, This is the place to go to first.

They have Census, Microfilms, Newspapers, Books, Margaret Waring has an Indexing of Obituaries from the "Comanche Chief" from 1975- 2005 that is being beta tested for Library Patrons. Margaret wrote: "Even just on my machine, it lets us find things on the library's microfilm and make the desired copies for folks"

Click here to visit the virtual Star Historical Museum and get information and directions to visit the museum in person, or you can e-mail Star Historial Museum or you can write to them at

P.O. Box 356
Star, Texas 76880
325-948-3454, Sundays from 3pm - 5pm.
The Texas Historical Commission has recorded this house as a Texas Historic Landmark. You can read the marker inscription here.
Mills County Misc. and Loose Records

Mills County Affidavit for Marriage License Records 1893 - 1906
    March 3, 1999 with photocopies of selected records

Year 2000 Obituary Listing from Local Area Papers  Mills, Comanche and Hamilton County Papers

1999 Obituary Listing from Local Area Papers  Mills, Comanche and Hamilton County Papers

1998 Obituary Listing from Local Area Papers  Mills, Comanche and Hamilton County Papers, Beginning July 29, 1998

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I want to Thank all the Volunteers that are listed on the Mills County Researchers and Surnames page.These Volunteers are willing to look up the resources listed by their names, which include the Mills County Courthouse records for Birth, Death and Marriages, Hamilton County records that pertain to Mills County (Mills County was formed from part of Hamilton County in 1887) Hamilton County Newspaper Coverage. Be sure to stop by and Check out the Hamilton County Genealogy Society Resources. They are a very active Society and have numerous items published and available for purchase.

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The Mills County Mailing list is dedicated to the discussion and exchange of information regarding the county history, genealogy and family history research in Mills County, Texas and surrounding counties. (Brown, Comanche, Hamilton, Lampasas and San Saba Counties) Surname queries, information about County records, Towns/Communities (existing or forgotten ), historic sites, places in and around Mills County and Central Texas are all welcome.

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Optima philosophia et sapientia est meditatio mortis Main page. Lots of interesting information about Death, Cultures, Cemeteries for this country and others: 1996-99 by Klaus Medeke, Germany.
Don't forget to visit the Mills County Historical Commission

The Mills County Historical Commission cordially invites anyone to attend the regular monthly meetings that are held
on the first Tuesday of each month in the Mills County courthouse at 9:30 a.m.

Texas Historical Commission use the Atlas search engine to Search for historic sites in a particular county.

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