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Mills County, Texas
1998 Obituary Listings for Mills County and Surrounding Area

I have volunteered to send the obituary Listings from our area papers to The Obituary Daily Times, which is a daily index of published obituaries. That is distributed FREELY and hosted by Rootsweb. This listing receives about 1500 to over 2000 entries a day. To learn more about this list, Click Here to go to "The Obituary Daily Times", Website

This is just the information that I have sent in (in their format) and this is an index and NOT THE ACTUAL OBITUARIES. You can request addtional information be sent to you via email by sending the Name, publication date of an obit and Paper to Sharon 

Obituaries from the
Goldthwaite Eagle, Goldthwaite, Mills County, Texas
Comanche Chief, Comanche, Comanche County, Texas

LAST, First (Maiden)[Other]; Age; Birth - Death place; Publication name; Publication date;


ANDERS, Jack Tomas;64;Temple, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-7-30;
ANDRESS, Garland,;82;DeLeon, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-9-10
ANDERSON, Alberta (Dubose);91;Brookeland, TX - Hamilton, TX; HHerald;1998-12-02;
ATKINSON, A. E. [Al];88;Mullin, TX - San Angelo, TX; GWEagle; 1998-12-03;
AVILA, Mary (Garcia);66;Matador-Gatesville, TX; Hherald;1998-11-11;


BAGLEY, Nevada Lee, (Rounsaville);73;Tuska, OK-Temple, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-26;
BAILEY, Wilma Larue,(Teague);76;Spur,TX-Abilene,TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-22;
BANKS, Gordon Weldon;74;Quitman TX - Goldthwaite TX; GWEagle; 1998-12-24
BARNETT, Euna V., (Carroll);87;Mills County, TX-Goldthwaite, TX; GWEagle; 1998-11-19;
BARROWS, George Sartwelle;77;Niagara Falls, NY-San Antonio, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-7-30;
BARTON, Zollie Charles ( )[Cotton];82;Greensboro NC - Goldthwaite TX; GWEagle; 1998-12-31
BAYS, Martha Pauldean (Gibson)[Dean];71;Carlton, TX>Austin, TX; HHerald; 1998-09-30;
BEATY, Opal, (Beaty);90;? - Ft. Worth TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-12-24
BELSHER, Ina Arma, (Fuqua);90;Hamilton County, TX-Hamilton, TX; HHerald; 1998-10-14;
BLAIR, Shirley Annette (Kline);68;Sweetwater, TX-Merced, CA;GWEagle; 1998 10-08;
BLUE, Bessie M., (Peterson);85;New Mexico-DeLeon, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-9-10;
BOWMAN, Charles Mervyn, Sr.;-;Comanche County TX - Cullman AL; Comanche Chief; 1998-12-24
BOX, Allene (Weaver);86;DeLeon, TX-DeLeon, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-12;
BOYD, Mabel E.;92;Ballinger, TX-Brownwood, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-7-30;
BRAEUTIGAM, Elise Francis,(Herbort);100;Gillespie County, TX-Fredericksburg, TX: Comanche Chief;1998-11-26;
BRATTON, Capitola, (Robertson);81;Lamkin TX - Comanche TX: Comanche Chief; 1998-12-24
BREUER, Henry Joseph;62;Belmore, L. I., NY-San Francisco, CA; GWEagle; 1998-9-03;
BRAUN, August Martin;81;Shive TX - Stephenville TX: HHerald;1998-12-23
BROWN, Leland G.;83;Yoakum, TX- Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-15;
BROWN, Nettis Maybell, (Strain);91;Sulpher OK - Comanche TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-12-24
BROWN, Nettie Maybell, (Strain);91;Sulpher OK - Comanche TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-12-31
BROWN, W. L. [Bill];73;Mullin, TX-Lampasas, TX; Goldthwaite Eagle; 1998-8-13;
BROWNLEE, Cecil;86;Comanche, TX- DeLeon, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-06;
BRUCE, Elwanda V. (McCoy);72;Amherst, TX-Brownwood,TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-22;
BRYANT, Maudie C. (Buckmaster);87;Comanche County, TX-Brownwood, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-26;
BYWATERS, Dorothy (Martin);?;Fort Worth, TX-Dallas, TX; HHerald; 1998-10-14;


CALHOUN, Don Carlos;85;Izoro - Gatesville TX; HHerald;1998-12-16;
CALK, Velma (Willeford);91;Hamilton, TX-Hamilton, TX; HHerald;1998-11-25;
CARAWAY, Prentis Alvin, Dr. (P.A.);82;Mills County,TX-Brownwood, TX; Goldthwaite Eagle; 1998-8-6;
CARROLL, Travis Douglas;86;Izoro, TX-Temple, TX; HHerald; 1998-09-23;
CARRELL, Gladys Vera (Livingston);89;Hamilton TX - Hamilton TX; HHerald;1998-12-16;
CASEY, Thelma; 92;Guyman, OK-Austin, TX; GWEagle; 1998-9-24;
CHAPMAN, David Claud;86;Golden, TX - Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-12-03;
CHAPMAN, David Claud;86;Golden, TX - Comanche, TX; HHerald;1998-12-02;
CHESSER, Michael Stanley;30;Fort Worth, TX-Louisanna; GWEagle; 1998-9-17;
CHESTNUT, Jimmie Reasoner;75;Gordan, TX-Stephenville, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-26;
CHILTON, Mickey Blake;79;Chickashaw, OK-DeLeon, TX;Comanche Chief;1998-11-12;
CLARY, Ozella (Soules);88;Mills County, TX-Goldthwaite, TX; GWEagle; 1998-11-19;
CLARY, Ozella (Soules);88;Mills County, TX-Goldthwaite, TX; HHerald;1998-11-18;
CLEMONS, Harriet (Tipps);95;Comanche, TX-Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-19;
COLE, Albert Leonard;92;Morgan, TX-Clifton, TX; Goldthwaite Eagle; 1998-8-13;
CONKLIN, Ronald Dale [Ron];57;Borger TX - Dallas TX; Comanche Chief;1998-12-17;
COOPER, W.C. ( ) [Dub];77;Granbury, TX-Fort Worth, TX; GWEagle; 1998-8-20;
CORONA, Simona;81;Mills County, TX-Goldthwaite, TX; GWEagle; 1998-9-24;
CORREA, Conception;83;San Particio, TX-Brownwood, TX; GWEagle; 1998-9-17;
COUCH, Ernest Wayne;67;Gustine, TX-Waco,TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-7-30;
COX, Kenneth Ray;52;Comanche, TX-Brownwood, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-06;
COX, Lena, (Wilson);89;Comanche County, TX-Dublin, TX; HHerald; 1998-10-21;
COX, Lena Otella, (Wilson);89;Comanche County, TX-Dublin, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-22;
COX, Roy Temas;81;Dublin, TX-Odessa, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-05;
COZBY, Reba Lorena;81;Las Vegas, N.M.-Hamilton, TX; HHerald; 1998-10-21;
CRAIG, Chandler Ed;17;Temple, TX; GWEagle; 1998 10-15;
CRAIG, Chandler Ed,;17; Brownwood, TX-Temple, TX; HHerald; 1998-10-14;
CRAIG, Chandler Ed,;17; Brownwood, TX-Temple, TX; HHerald; 1998-10-21;
CULBERTSON, Edwin H.;84;Childress, TX-Abilene, TX; Goldthwaite Eagle; 1998-8-13;
CULP, Mitchell;40;Fort Worth, TX-Fort Worth, TX; Hherald;1998-11-11;


DAVIS, Deen;77;Comanche County, TX-Lubbock,TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-22;
DAVIS, Lula Belle, (Sanders);77;Mullin, TX-Temple, TX;GWEagle; 1998-11-05;
DeWOLFE, Homer Clyde;68;Goldthwaite, TX-Arlington, TX; GWEagle; 1998-11-05;
DICKSON, Angus, Jr.[Pa Paw];75;Terrell, TX-Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-9-10;
DONALDSON, Editha Loleita (Frankllin);84;McCullough County, TX-Iowa Park, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-9-10;
DUDLEY, Jackson Albert;19;Dallas, TX-Austin, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-26;
DUREN, Otis [Ray};84;Mullin, TX-Goldthwaite, TX; GWEagle; 1998-9-03;
DURHAM, Nannie Clara (Blankenship);85;Coryell County, TX- Gatesville, TX; HHerald; 1998-10-14;


EISEN, Eugene C. [Gene];62;Hamilton, TX-Fort Worth, TX; HHerald;1998-11-11;
EOFF, Martha; 74; Beebe, ARK-Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-13;
EARNEY, Gladys;54;Knox City TX - Wichita Falls TX; GWEagle; 1998-12-10;
ESCAMILLA,Sr., Madaleno;60;Williamson County TX - Comanche TX: Comanche Chief;1998-12-17;
EVANS, Thomas W.;62;Hamilton, TX-Austin, TX; HHerald;1998-11-11;


FEATHERSON, Nora (Smith);85;Bertram, TX-Andrews, TX; GWEagle; 1998-11-19;
FEATHERSTON, Alfred Reid;69;Goldthwaite, TX-Corpus Christi, TX; Goldthwaite Eagle; 1998-8-13;
FEATHERSTON, Grace (?);81;Swenson TX - Wichita Falls TX; Comanche Chief;1998-12-17;
FELLERS, Vera Estell (Hannah);77;Granbury, TX-Hamilton, TX; HHerald;1998-11-18;
FELLERS, Vera Estell, (Hannah);77;Granbury, TX-Hamilton,TX;HHerald;1998-11-11;
FERGUSSON, Ima Cleo, (Riley);95;Pottsville TX - Hamilton TX; HHerald;1998-12-16;
FIVEASH, Mildred (Dean)[Mickey];73;Luther, TX-Pasadena; Comanche Chief; 1998-11-05;
FOLEY, John Hnery; 82;Proctor, TX>Killeen, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-9-10;
FORREST,Bobby Ray;35;Gorman, TX - DeLeon, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-12-03;
FREDERICK,Robert Lee [Bob];78;Venus,TX-Granbury, TX; Hherald;1998-11-11;


GAINES, Dean;65;Comanche, TX-Temple, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-12;
GARREN, Mallie Lou;(Sanders);80;Mullin, TX-San Antonio, TX; GWEagle; 1998 10-01;
GRAY, Mack Gibson,;745;Rising Star, TX- Dallas, TX; GWEagle; 1998 10-08;
GRISHAM, Jewel Eunice (Skaggs);80;Rock Bluff Community, TX-DeLeon, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-08;
GRBA, Nick;67;Thorton, ILL-Goldthwaite, TX; GWEagle; 1998-9-17;
GREENWOOD, Jackie J.;68;Wilson, OK-Brownwood, TX; ; Goldthwaite Eagle; 1998-8-13;
GRIBBLE, Johnny;79;Gatesville TX - Hamilton TX; HHerald;1998-12-30
GUTIERREZ, Gloria (Lopez);50;Moore, TX-Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-27


HALL, Charlie H.;89;Pleasant Grove, TX - Brown County, TX; GWEagle; 1998-12-24
HAMILTON, Ola (Bynum);89;Bee House - Hamilton TX; HHerald;1998-12-16;
HAMMOND, Loys Pershing [L.P.];79;Stephenville, TX-Brownwood, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-15;
HAMRICK, Darwin Glenn ( ) [ ]; 61;Flydada, TX-Dallas, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-7-30;
HANKS, Ora Mae, (Griffin);90;Mills Co., TX-Comanche, TX; GWEagle; 1998-8-27;
HANKS, Ora Mae (Griffin);90;Mills County, TX-Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-27
HARRIS, Ethel; 91; Engery, TX - Idalou, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-13;
HARRIS, Jossie May;88;Hill County, TX-Dublin, TX; GWEagle; 1998 10-08;
HAWKINS, Madele D. (Dutton);84;Comanche County TX - Carrolton TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-12-24
HILL, Pauline E., (Martindale);81;Leary TX - Decatur TX; GWEagle; 1998-12-31
HILLER, Odessa Lynn, (Shutter);85;Comanche County, TX-Hamilton, TX; HHerald;1998-11-11;
HINDS, Gail (Bryson);57;?-Stephenville, TX; HHerald;1998-11-25;
HINES, Alton Franklin;73;Stamford TX - Comanche County TX; GWEagle; 1998-12-10;
HINES, Alton Franklin;72;Stamford TX - Comanche County TX: Comanche Chief;1998-12-10;
HITT, Alvin D.;74;Indian Gap, TX-Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-11-05;
HITT, Alvin D.;74;Indian Gap, TX-Comanche, TX; HHerald;1998-11-11;
HOLLAND, Earlen (Geeslin);69;Goldthwaite TX - Brownwood TX; GWEagle; 1998-12-24
HOHERTZ, Walton Albert;69;Hamilton County, TX-Priddy, TX: Comanche Chief; 1998-10-01;
HOHERTZ, Walton Albert;69;Hamilton County, TX-Priddy, TX: HHerald; 1998-09-30;
HONERTZ(sic), Walton Albert;69; Hamilton County, TX-Priddy, TX: GWEagle; 1998 10-01;
HOLCOMB, Gary Don;49;San Saba, TX-Goldthwaite, TX; Goldthwaite Eagle; 1998-8-6;
HOOVER, Catherine June (Hollis);67;Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-11-05;
HORNSBY, Norman Ward;76;Waldrip, TX-Temple,TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-11-05;
HORNSBY, Lillian (Garris);75;Charlotte, NC>Weatherford, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-01;
HUBBELL, Dorothy (Morris);75;Cisco, TX-Alburquerque, NM; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-22;
HUFFMAN, William Francis (Frank);73;Brenham, TX-Clifton,TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-06;
HURT, Lydia Margaret(Payne);93;Sidney, TX-Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-12;


IRVINE, Jr., Donald P.;63;Georgetown, TX-Georgetown, TX; GWEagle; 1998-9-03;
IVEY, James Ernest;84;Waco TX - Hamilton County TX; HHerald;1998-12-30


JAMES, Gary Wayne;47;? - DeLeon TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-12-31
JOHNSON, Zelda (Kelso);82;Mullin, TX-Temple, TX; GWEagle; 1998-9-17;
JONES, Clement P, Jr.;75;Erath Co,, TX-Temple, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-06;
JONES,Raymond Marrs;88;Lake Victor, TX Burnet, TX; HHerald;1998-11-25;
JOWERS, Steve;47;Bertram TX - Brownwood TX; GWEagle; 1998-12-10;


KAUITZSCH, Raymond Adam;78;Pottsville, TX-Hamilton, TX; HHerald;1998-11-25;
KELLEY, LeRuth (Johnston);84;Comanche County, TX-Comanche, TX: Comanche Chief;1998-11-12;
KEESEE, Joy (Vinson);60;Hamby, TX- Abilene, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-9-10;
KELLEY, Henry O'Neil [H.O.];95;Mt. Pleasant, TX-Comanche,TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-15;
KENNEDY, Herbert Wayne;69;Dublin, TX-Tyler, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-01;
KERBY, D.R. , Dr., [Doc];78;Mills Co., TX- Gatesville, TX; GWEagle; 1998-8-27;
KIGHT,Ruth E., (Shattuck);80;Rochester, MN - McKinney TX; HHerald;1998-12-30
KINCHELOE, Isa (Flatt);98;FairView, TX-Moline, TX; GWEagle; 1998-8-27;
KINCHELOE, James V.;63;Hamilton County TX - Longview TX; GWEagle; 1998-12-10;
KLESCHNICK, Velma Hildegard, (Schrank);94;Aleman TX - Hamilton TX; Hherald;1998-12-23
KOPP, Herman Killian, Sr.;93;Pottsville, TX-Hamilton, TX; Goldthwaite Eagle; 1998-8-13;
KOPP, Milton Edwin;69;Hamilton,TX-?; Hherald;1998-11-11;


LANE, Pauline (Kent);79;Bayfield MA - Goldthwaite TX; GWEagle; 1998-12-17;
LESTER, W.H.;75;Comanche, TX-Brownwood, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-22;
LISS, Walter, Emil, Rev.;79;Vesper, KS-Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-19;
LITTLE, Iva (Woodrow);80;Wilmer, TX-Fort Worth, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-12;
LITTLE, Ophelia, (Havins);77;Spur, TX-Temple, TX; GWEagle; 1998 10-15;
LOACH, Gerald Eugene;75;Findley, OH>DeLeon, TX;Comanche Chief; 1998-10-08;
LOEFFLER, Florine (Woody);79;Goldthwaite TX - San Antonio TX: GWEagle; 1998-12-17;
LOFTIS, Ruby Lee (Cummingham);96;Payne Springs, TX-Brownwood, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-15;
LONER, Russell L.;70;Mexia, TX-Waco, TX; HHerald;1998-11-11;
LOVELL, Juanita (Collins);93;Evant, TX>Groves, TX; ; HHerald; 1998-10-08
LOYD, Cecil Frederick;76;Meridian TX.Hico TX; HHerald;1998-12-09;


MAHAN, Charlie Elmer;84;Rowden, TX-Hasse, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-12;
MASSINGILL, Clayton Nathan;Rock House TX - Hamilton TX; HHerald;1998-12-30
MARKS, James. H.; 65; Rogers TX - Jackson TN; GWEagle; 1998-12-17;
MARTIN, Hattie, A. (Bolton);89;Celeste, TX - Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-12-03;
MARTINEZ, Erma (Huron);65;Pleasanton, TX-Lubbock, TX: GWEagle; 1998 10-08;
MARWITZ, Neith (Robinson)[Price];101;Hamilton.TX-San Angelo, TX; HHerald; 1998-10-07;
MAY, Mary Adelle (Barnett);83;Hamilton County, TX-Hamilton, TX; HHerald;1998-11-11;
McGLOTHLIN, Leota, (Trimble);90;Energy TX - Hamilton, TX; HHerald;1998-12-02;
McMINN, Joseph S.;82;Ft. Worth, TX-Hamilton, TX: HHerald;1998-11-18;
MILES, Sam ()[Sammy];57;? - Hamilton TX; HHerald;1998-12-30
MILLER, Joe Burnett;88;Johnson County OK - Comanche TX; Comanche Chief;1998-12-17;
MILLER, Robert L. [Red];65;Goldthwaite, TX-Rosenberg, TX; GWEagle; 1998-10-29;
MOORE, Bernice Marie;79;Hamilton, TX-Hamilton,TX;GWEagle; 1998-11-12;
MOORE, Cecil;76;Snyder, TX-Midland, TX; HHerald; 1998-09-30;
MORENO, Frances (Proa);57;San Marcos, TX-Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-12;
MORGAN, Floyd B. [Salty];79;Ada, OK-Temple, TX; Goldthwaite Eagle; 1998-8-13;
MORRISON, A.M. ( ) [Sonny];Comanche, TX-Helmet Valley, CA; Comanche Chief; 1998-7-30;
MULL, W.L. ( )[Bill];91;Comanche County TX - Comanche TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-12-24


NABORS, Opal(Laurence);86;Iredell, TX-DeLeon, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-01;
NEAL, Paul Leon;66;Goldthwaite, TX-Bella Vista, AR; GWEagle; 1998-11-26;
NEELY, Stanley E.;80;Comanche, TX - Dallas, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-12-03;
NICHOLS, Floy Mae; 94; Brownwood, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-13;
NICHTER, Lawrence C.;88;Hamilton County, TX-Arlington, TX; HHerald; 1998-09-30;


OLTROGGE, Frank Phillip;83;San Saba, TX-Brownwood, TX; GWEagle; 1998-11-26;
ORRELL,W.T., Jr.;68;Rochelle,TX-Austin, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-11-05;


PAINTER, Clinton Elmo;85;DeLeon, TX.DeLeon, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-26;
PATTY, O. C.; 82;Jones Co., TX-DeLeon,TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-06;
PENNINGTON, Earl E.; 76;Decatur, TX-Temple, TX; HHerald;1998-11-18;
PERKINS, Gavin Aaron;3;Ft Worth, TX-Ft. Worth, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-19;
PERKINS, James;68;Brownwood TX - Abilene TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-12-31
PETERS, J.L.;83;Comanche TX - Bonham TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-12-31
PETTIT, Mary F., (Ash);79;Athens TX - Dublin TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-12-31
PHILLEY, D.R., [Rev.];87;Hamby, TX-Brownwood, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-08;
PIEL, Lillie (Henkes);80;Taylor TX; GWEagle; 1998-12-10;
PIERSON, Thomas F.;67;Junction, TX-Temple, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-19;
PORTER, Sam E.;93;Gorman, TX-Lometa, TX; GWEagle; 1998 10-08;
POSOISIL, M. W. Jessie;82;Walburg, TX-Temple, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-26;
POYNER, Maxine (Edinburgh) [Johnson];81;Leon County, TX-DeLeon, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-08;
PRESTON, Ewell, Alford;89;Sidney, TX-Fort Worth, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-12;



RALL, Donna Jean ( ); 70;Dodge City, KS-Dodge City, KS; Comanche Chief; 1998-7-30;
RANDALL, Jimmie Don;54;Comanche, TX-Dallas, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-01;
RAMIREZ, Robert;25;Sanmiguel, Mexico-Hamilton, TX; HHerald; 1998-09-30;
RASBURY, Elzie Hester, Jr.;81;Beaverton,AL; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-22;
RATLIFF, Lois Helen (Reed);77;Mullin, TX-Brownwood, TX; GWEagle; 1998 10-08;
RICE, Mary Alma (Miller);94;Proctor, TX-Bellevue, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-12;
RIPLEY, Curtis Delton;53;Goldthwaite, TX-Gatesville, TX; Goldthwaite Eagle; 1998-8-6;
ROE, Wayne E.;76;Hamilton TX - Odessa TX; HHerald;1998-12-09;
ROSS, Mauda Lee (Farris); 97;NewBurg, TX - Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-13;
ROUNDTREE, Lucille Alice (Cadenhead);92;Comanche County TX - DeLeon TX; Comanche Chief;1998-12-10;


SANDERS, Lloyd E., Sr.;73;Somerton AZ - Waco TX: Comanche Chief;1998-12-17;
SAVOY, Matt Stephenson [Essie];88;Mullin, TX-Stephenville, TX;GWEagle; 1998-10-29;
SCHULZ, Melvin Otto;74;Pottsville,TX-Hamilton, TX; HHerald;1998-11-18;
SCHUNKE, Margaret (Park);59;Tulsa, OK-Temple, TX; GWEagle; 1998-11-26;
SELLERS, Dewey Mayhon;85;Coryell County TX - Hamilton TX; HHerald;1998-12-09;
SHAFER, Dorothy (Cole);71;Dublin TX - Stephenville TX; Comanche Chief;1998-12-10;
SHARP, Terril, Dr.;76;Deleon, TX-DeLeon, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-06;
SHELTON, Amos K.;91;Mills County, TX-Goldthwaite, TX;GWEagle; 1998-11-05;
SHORT, Rita Aline (Isham);79;? - DeLeon TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-12-24
SMITH, Arlice;78;Hamilton County, TX-Gatesville, TX;HHerald;1998-10-21;
SMITH,Elizabeth (Zedar);90;Washington County PA - Cresson TX; HHerald;1998-12-09;
SMILEY, Norma Jean(Pedro);69;Honolulu, HI-Monterrey, CA; Goldthwaite Eagle; 1998-8-13;
SMITH, Estelle, 95; Comanche, TX- Garland, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-13;
SMITH, Arlice;78;Hamilton County, TX-Gatesville, TX; HHerald; 1998-10-21;
SPINKS, Virgie Estalene, (Swindle);81;Priddy, TX-Mullin, TX; GWEagle; 1998 10-22;
SPRUILL, Lottie Fay, (Chupp);77;DeLeon, TX-DeLeon, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-08;
STAPP, Delmar E.;69;Comanche, TX-Goldthwaite, TX; GWEagle; 1998-11-12;
STANFORD, Berry Loyd;92;Stanford Valley, TX-Azle, TX; HHerald; 1998-09-30;
STEELE,Edna, (Crews);74;Comanche County, TX-Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-19;
STEPHENS, Dalohone O'Dell (Elliott);69;Brownwood, TX-Stephenville, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-12;
STEPHENS, Jeremy Brandon;Dublin, TX-Dallas,TX; HHerald;1998-11-11;
STEWART, Beulah Roberta, (Anderson);77;Ada, OK-Kileen, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-12;
STRICKLIN, Lola Elizabeth (Word)[Peggy];79;Clarendon,TX-Beeville, TX; HHerald;1998-11-11;
STEWART, Macy P. (Parrot);95;Waco TX - Comanche TX: Comanche Chief;1998-12-10;
STEWART, Thomas Willliam;79;Purves, TX-Temple, TX; HHerald; 1998-10-21;
STEWART, Thomas Willliam;79;Purvis, TX-Temple, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-22;
STRALEY, Virginia Frances,(Dennard);80;Mills County, TX-Goldthwaite, TX; GWEagle; 1998-11-12;
SUMMERS, Dean; 75;Bib, TX>Abilene, TX- Comanche Chief; 1998-8-27
SUTTON, Shannon Dale;28;Hamilton, TX-Temple, TX; HHerald;1998-11-25;


TANKERSLEY, Kenneth;72;Tahoka TX - Comanche TX; Comanche Chief;1998-12-10;
THOMPSON, Mrs. Clyde I. [Dickie];80;Comanche, TX-Waco, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-27
THOMPSON, Dalton Leroy;53;Hamilton, TX-Killeen, TX: HHerald; 1998-09-30;
THORTON, J. T.;79;Hamilton County TX - Abilene TX; Comanche Chief;1998-12-17;
TROTTER, Gloria Christina (Gunderland);68;Corpus Christi, TX-Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-22;
TURLEY, George N.;74;?-Proctor, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-19;



VANDERPOOL, Floyd Harland;89;Comanche County, TX-Dublin, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-08;


WATSON, Hermance E ( ).; 97;? - DeLeon, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-12-03;
WEEKS, John Calvin (Buddy);92Comyn, TX- San Antonio, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-06;
WELLER, Sue Helen, (Bradshaw);71;Abilene TX - Stephenville TX; GWEagle; 1998-12-31
WELLS, Elmer Floyd;79;Comanche, OK - Hamilton, TX; HHerald;1998-12-02;
WELLS, Gillie Lewis;78; Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-7-30;
WILKINS, Rachel (Johnson);87;San Saba, TX-Austin, TX; GWEagle; 1998-9-03;
WILLIAMS, Clyde; 72; Floydada, TX-Fort Worth, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-13;
WILLIAMS, Dora Ann [Doodle];82;Comanche, TX-DeLeon, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-13;
WILLIAMS, Herbert L.;87;Hamilton TX - McAlester OK; HHerald;1998-12-16;
WILLIAMS, Loreta Agnes, (Miller);93;San Saba County, TX-Goldthwaite, TX; GWEagle; 1998 10-22;
WILLIAMS, Margaret Elizabeth (Dinks);67;Mills County, TX-Brownwood, TX; GWEagle; 1998-9-17;
WESTFALL, Wilmer,Jr. ()[Dub];63; Comanche County TX - Waco TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-12-31
WITZCHE, Flora Bertha Louise, (Menzdorf);89;Hamilton County TX - Eustace TX; HHerald;1998-12-23
WETZEL, Mo; 88;Comanche, TX-Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-19;
WITTE,Bertha Hulda, (Seider);91;Indain Gap, TX-Hamilton, TX; HHerald;1998-11-25;
WITTE,Bertha Hulda, (Seider);91;Indain Gap, TX - Hamilton, TX; GWEagle; 1998-12-03;
WRIGHT, Russell Calvert;80;Providence, RI-Brownwood, TX; GWEagle; 1998-11-05;

X, Y, & Z

YAZELL, Richard [Tex];69;Lampasas, TX-Comanche, TX;Comanche Chief; 1998-11-05;
YBARRA, Filomena (Gauna);73;Yancey, TX-DeLeon, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-12;
ZEISS, Tillie, (Sohm);97;Evant TX - Hamilton TX: HHerald;1998-12-16;

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