Moore County CSA Pension Applications
Moore County Texas Moore County Texas

Etter, Cactus, Sunray, Dumas, Four  Way, Exell, Quarton
Masterson  also Middlewell, Bautista, Machovec, Bryden and Sheerin
plus the shore line of Lake Meredith

Thursday December 14, 2017

CSA Pension Applications


To submit an electronic request for a photocopy of the pension 
information, send an e-mail message to 
and state the person's name and pension number.  Please be sure 
to include your complete mailing address in the message.  A copy 
of the pension file will be mailed to you, along with an invoice.  
The cost is $.10 per page, plus shipping and handling.  There is 
a $1.00 minimum for this service. 

If you prefer to submit your request using the form available 
through the Texas State Electronic Library, select the following 
choices, starting with the opening screen at

   Facts at Your Fingertips
   Ask a Reference Question

   THEN follow the instructions to submit your request

Requests for the pension application file may also be mailed to the
Texas State Archives at P.O. Box 12927, Austin, TX  78711-2927.

If you have additional questions about accessing the Confederate 
Pension Index via the Internet, please do not hesitate to contact the 
Archives at either or 512 463-5480.

Anthony, Annie E. rej

Claimant: Anthony, Annie E.
Pension Number: Application Rejected
County: Moore

Husband: Samuel Wesley
Pension Number: 

Green, Mary Ann Halinda 30102

Claimant: Green, Mary Ann Halinda
Pension Number: 30102
County: Moore

Husband: David
Pension Number: 

Mcdade, Joseph L. 41242

Claimant: Mcdade, Joseph L.
Pension Number: 41242
County: Moore

"Thank You" to the Texas State Electronic Library

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