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World War II Casualties

Jay Bassett PFC Killed in Action
Willie P. Carpenter SGT Died  - Non-Battle
Marion C. Clark PFC Killed in Action
Joe E. Cole, Jr. SGT Killed in Action
Augusta Everett PVT Killed in Action
Durward R. Flood S SG Finding of Death
James B. Freeman CAPT Died - Non-Battle
Roby J. Gibbs TEC5 Died - Non-Battle
Louie H. Giles PFC Killed in Action
David S. Granberry PFC Killed in Action
Clayton L. Harte 2 LT Died - Non-Battle
Howard B. Higgins PFC Died - Non-Battle
Marion W. Hutson S SG Killed in Action
James R. Irvin PVT Killed in Action
Edgar W. Jolly S SG Killed in Action
Jessie L. Maxey PVT Killed in Action
Jeff D. Montgomery, Jr. 1 LT Killed in Action
William D. Parrish 1 LT Killed in Action
Charles N. Province SGT Died - Non-Battle
Thadas C. Searcy PVT Died - Non-Battle
Loyd Thomas PVT Died of Wounds
John D. Wilkerson PVT Died - Non-Battle

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