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  County Seat: City of Nacogdoches -- "The Oldest Town in Texas"
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Mountain Cemetery is east of Nacogdoches between Swift and Melrose. From Nacogdoches travel east on TX 7, turn south (right) on CR 341, cemetery on east but hard to locate (get a guide who knows the location).

This partial transcript was made August 2004 by Mr. Charles Brightwell. Every effort has been made to make an accurate transcription. If you have additional information or photos of any of these persons or if you believe there is an error in the transcript please email TXGenWeb Nacogdoches County Coordinator with the information but please DO NOT send images or attachments without an exchange of email first. Unexpected email with attachments will not be opened due to the threat of viruses and worms.


(Partial transcript)

Surnames observed:  Wall, Mora, Y’Barbo,  Pantalion, 

                    Pierre, Herrera, Falcon, Murry 

Burials transcribed:

Jose Emedeo Mora                   Henry Drew Wall

Co “B” 3rd Texas State Troops      b. August 02, 1903

CSA  1830- 1886                    d.  June 12, 1986

Marion Mora                        Phillip Loy Mora

b. May 20, 1867                    Feb. 22, 1935

d. July 13, 1928                   Texas Corp 85th Inf

                                   18th Div.

Lillie Mora                        Modie Love Mora

Feb. 8, 1901                       headstone partially buried

Apr. 23, 1955 

Emily Mitch Y’Barbo                Henry  Y’Barbo

May 18, 1856                       Jan, 10, 1858

Mar. 29, 1927                      Feb. 26, 1918

Pearl Mora                         Eusebia Mora

Sept. 20, 1888                     Dec. 19, 1862

Mar 24, 1895                       Mar 19, 1902

Bertha Y’Barbo Pantalion           Ellis M. Y’Barbo

Mar 29, 1904                       April 25, 1858

June 06, 1923                      Oct 19, 1926

Tina Y’Barbo              William Bill Mora            Margaret Mora

No dates                  Died 1909                    Died 1909

     Y’Barbo (double stone)        Pasifica Y’Barbo

Antonia       Juan                 b. Sept. 25, 1830

1830-1911     1827-1897            d. Jan. 23, 1907

MAMA                      Tom Pantalion           Joseph E. Pantalion, Sr.

Susie Pantalion           1891 – 1955             U.S. Army – Korea

Mar. 10, 1897                                     Mar 19, 1932

Apr. 17, 1982                                     Nov. 21, 2000

Field Stone               John Pantalion, Jr.     metal funeral marker

No dates                  1943 – 2001             John Pantalion

                                                  1923  -  1994

Headstone w/medallion on stone                    Infant son

Willie Mae Murry                                  J.A. & Winnie Pantalion

Nov. 30, 1922

Aug. 31, 1964

Daddy                     Bulah Falcon            Louise Herrera

Robert Herrera            Mar. 28, 1910           April   1922

Feb. 10, 1914             Jan. 02, 1959           Nov. 18, 1937

June 15, 1967

[Illegible] Herrera       Nancy Y’Barbo           Cora Y’Barbo

May 19, 1885              Oct. 05, 1941           Oct. 30, 1918

[??  ????]                no other dates          Oct. 11, 1944

Bully                              Bertie Edward Y’Barbo

Elmer Paul Falcon                  Oct. 21, 1916

Feb. 21, 1930                      June 18, 1939

Oct. 10, 1992                      “Our beloved Grandmother”

Leak Y’Barbo                       Clara Y’Barbo

Aug. 03, 1866                      Dec. 03, 1918

Nov. 03, 1932                      June, 28, 1920

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