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The Moore Cemetery is off the Press Road in a pasture just as the road crosses the railroad. From Loop 224 travel about 6 miles south on Press Road (CR 525 - there is a Bearing and Belt Co. on the corner in 2003); after crossing a railroad track take the first left turn on a dirt road; about one mile down on the left is a flag pole and cemetery inside a chain link fence.

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This list was made in July 2003 by Billie and Dick Wingate. The information was electronically produced in September 2003 by TXGenWeb Nacogdoches County Coordinator.

All the Faires brothers and brother-in-laws were World War II veterans and served their country well.

Fritz, this was done for you and the friends we found were buried here.
Billie and Dick Wingate
This list is in the order the headstones are seen when walking the cemetery - it is not alphabetical. Use your browser find or search feature to locate the names in the page.

Every effort has been made to make an accurate transcription. If you have additional information or photos of any of these persons or if you believe there is an error in the transcript please email TXGenWeb Nacogdoches County Coordinator with the information but please DO NOT send images or attachments without an exchange of email first. Unexpected email with attachments will not be opened due to the threat of viruses and worms.

A text version of this list is available in the Nacogdoches County, Texas section of the USGenWeb Project Archives. Use your browser find or search feature to locate the names in the text file after clicking on the link and loading the file into your browser.
Name Born Died Additional Information
Baldridge, Infant No dates    
Johnson, Leo W. July 18, 1913 Dec 15, 1991 married Dollie M. Johnson
Johnson, Dollie M. Nov 9, 1922 Jan 7, 2000 married Leo W. Johnson
Faires, Jim July 17, 1924 Dec 10, 1983 married Marie J. Faires; son of Baxter and Glennie Moore Faires; World War II Veteran [per his son Jim, October 7, 2003]
Faires, Marie J. Sept 12, 1934   married Jim Faires; [Annie Marie (Jones) Faires per her son Jim, October 7, 2003]
Faires, Johnny G. Aug 3, 1984 Feb 21, 2000  
Faires, Jerry Eugene July 30, 1955 July 23, 1994  
Faires, Edward July 10, 1926 April 9, 1993 World War II veteran; married Martha D. Faires; son of Baxter and Glennie Moore Faires
Faires, Martha D. Dec 18, 1937   married Edward Faires
Faires, Eugene G. Dec 3, 1927 Oct 20, 1969 World War II veteran; married Mable I. Faires; son of Baxter and Glennie Moore Faires
Faires, Mable I. May 27, 1925   married Eugene G. Faires
Kirkland, Thomas F. Jan 31, 1928 June 24, 1997 World War II veteran; married Alice E. Faires Kirkland
Kirkland, Alice E. Faires Sept 20, 1930 March 31, 1995 married Thomas F. Kirkland; dau of Baxter and Glennie Moore Faires
Faires, Baxter W. Oct 10, 1889 March 18, 1956 married Glennie Moore Faires
Faires, Glennie Moore Dec 19, 1897 Nov 30, 1971 married Baxter W. Faires
Faires, Lloyd Asa July 16, 1918 Dec 16, 1981 World War II veteran; son of Baxter and Glennie Moore Faires
Faires, Carl H. Nov 2, 1916 Nov 8, 1986 World War II veteran; son of Baxter and Glennie Moore Faires
Faires, Lee Roy March 26, 1929 Feb 25, 1986 World War II veteran; son of Baxter and Glennie Moore Faires
Webb, Dollie Moore March 5, 1903 April 1, 1982  
Faires, Daniel V. July 11, 1920 Oct 6, 1980 son of Baxter and Glennie Moore Faires
Faires, Ruth M. Feb 15, 1926    
Duncan, William H. Nov 9, 1925 Jan 9, 1947  
Faulkner, Roger M. Dec 1, 1888 July 8, 1976 married Vesta M. Faulkner
Faulkner, Vesta M. Jan 20, 1910 June 27, 1993 married Roger M. Faulkner
Moore, Bessie No dates    
Moore, John Jones about 1854 [no death date] married Minerva E. King Oct 22, 1874; son of Asa and Elizabeth White Moore
Moore, Minerva Eleanor King Oct 11, 1855 April 10, 1919 married John Jones Moore; dau of Madison Thompson and Sarah Jane Haynes King
Moore, Lizzie "Twit" Dorman June 28, 1881 June 6, 1939 married Madison Asa Moore; dau of Wylie Dorman, Sr.
Moore, Madison Asa "Blind Asa" Aug 7, 1875 Nov 8, 1937 married Lizzie Dorman; son of John Jones and Minerva King Moore
Moore, Mary No dates    
Moore, Richard T. April 24, 18?? Feb 17, 1948 son of John Jones and Minerva King Moore
Moore, Sally No dates    
Moore, Woodrow Aug 13, 1916 July 24, 1917  
Richards, Lillie J. Jan 19, 1879 May 29, 1958 married Tom Richards; [NOTE: buried with Baby W. L. Richards (May 6, 1896 to June 18, 1898) son of Lillie and Tom Richards]
Richards, Tom Oct 20, 1873 Jan 28, 1962 married Lillie J. Richards

These names were originally transcribed in the 1970s; this electronic list was made in July 2003 by Leandra Denmark who entered the names of buried persons from Nacogdoches County Cemetery Records, Volume V (collected by Joel Barham Burk in the 1970s) compiled and edited by Carolyn Reeves Ericson. Permission was received to provide the names on this list. The dates and additional information in the book are not posted on this page. See the bibliography for information on locating or ordering a copy of the book.

Baldridge, infant

Duncan, William H.

Faires, Baxter

Faires, Eugene C.

Faires, Glennie Moore

Faulkner, Roger M.

Moore, Bessie

Moore, John Jones

Moore, Lizzie "Twit" Dorman

Moore, Madison Asa "Blind Asa"

Moore, Minerva Eleanor King

Moore, Mary

Moore, Richard T.

Moore, Sally

Moore, Woodrow

Richards, Lillie J.

Richards, Tom

Richards, Baby W. L.

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