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     The Shady Grove Cemetery is by the church on Hwy? 2112 approximately 7 miles east and north of Nacogdoches.

     These names were originally transcribed in the 1970s; this electronic list was made in July 2003 by Leandra Denmark who entered the names of buried persons from Nacogdoches County Cemetery Records, Volume V (collected by Joel Barham Burk) compiled and edited by Carolyn Reeves Ericson. Permission was received to provide the names on this list. The dates and additional information in the book are not posted on this page. See the bibliography for information on locating or ordering a copy of the book.

     Every effort has been made to make an accurate transcription. If you have additional information or photos of any of these persons or if you believe there is an error in the transcript please email TXGenWeb Nacogdoches County Coordinator with the information but please DO NOT send images or attachments without an exchange of email first. Unexpected email with attachments will not be opened due to the threat of viruses and worms.

     A text version of this list is available in the Nacogdoches County, Texas section of the USGenWeb Project Archives . Use your browser find or search feature to locate the names in the text file after clicking on the link and loading the file into your browser.

Arthur, A. A. (Gus)
Arthur, Borden
Arthur, C. C.
Arthur, C. P.
Arthur, Eliza V.
Arthur, H. H.
Arthur, Joe
Arthur, John J.
Arthur, L. Lee
Arthur, Luther A.
Arthur, Matilda Neely
Arthur, Melissa A.
Arthur, R. R.
Arthur, S. S.
Arthur, Serena F.
Arthur, Willie L.
Austin, infant babies
Austin, Floyd J.
Avery, Delia Ann
Avery, Flossie Dale
Avery, J. W.
Avery, John Marion
Avery, Mollie S.
Bates, Claude
Bates, Maybell
Bates, W. T.
Bates, Willis
Blacksher, Emily C.
Blacksher, infant son
Blacksher, Joe M.
Blacksher, Lo Ella
Blacksher, Mahala
Blacksher, Thomas J.
Blacksher, Warren Oliver
Bostick, Eli W.
Bostick, Loy
Bostick, Sarah E.
Briley, Annie A.
Burnaman, Buel
Burnaman, Harriett S.
Burnaman, Joseph Henry
Burnaman, Mansfield Amos
Byars, Daniel
Byars, Minnie Catherine Burnaman
Byars, Nannie Fay
Byars, Raymond
Byars, Walter
Carey, Sarah C.
Chalker, Ben F.
Chalker, E. L.
Chalker, Emma
Chalker, Eugene
Chalker, Joel B.
Chalker, John W.
Chalker, Lonzo Eugene
Chalker, Mary A.
Chalker, S. W.
Christopher, William T.
Collins, A. J.
Collins, Arthur W.
Collins, Lucy Mae
Collins, Ona Lee
Colston, Jessie
Cook, H. S.
Cooper, Henry Allen
Cox, Fannie Holland
Cox, George S.
Cox, James C.
Cox, Rev. John Randolph
Cox, John R.
Cox, Laura Maria "Tootsie"
Cox, Louisa Lavinia Chapman
Cox, Mary Jane Shirley
Cox, Zeno H.
Curry, Charles P.
Daniels, James
Day, Bertie
Day, Emma Garner
Day, James Absolem
Day, J. Ollie
Day, Joe R.
Day, Louvenia C. "Elsie"
Day, Margaret Cox
Day, Marvin
Dean, J. A.
Dennis, Francis V.
Dennis, George W.
Dennis, Louvenia
Dennis, Michael B.
Dennis, Pearl
Diamond, Glarca
Dillard, Minnie
Elliott, Dora Little
Elliott, James C.
Foote, A. J.
Foote, Ida Pearl
Foote, Joseph Jesse
Fulmer, Alice E.
Fulmer, John W.
Goss, W. J.
Grace, James B.
Grace, Jewel
Grace, Theodocia
Grant, Hattie B.
Grant, Homer Wayne
Grant, Jessie Lee
Grant, R. D.
Grant, Vernon Lee
Green, L. Mae Strahan
Haltom, infant son
Hamilton, John B.
Hamilton, Stella H.
Hand, Henry Glover
Hand, Josephine Simpson
Hand, W. G.
Hardy, Glenn
Hill, Hattie F. Dean
Humphreys, Brant Lemuel
Humphreys, Josie
Jackson, Connie Lee
Jackson, Duncan Thomas
Jackson, Merline
Jenkins, Bobby Lynn
Jenkins, Malica Ann
Jinkins, Mabell
Jones, Robert M.
Kerr, Maude L. Reid
Koonce, Lillie
Kornegay, William S.
Kornegay, Ella Axley
Lanier, Elmo Earl
Layton, Delia
Layton, Ida L.
Layton, Jesse
Layton, Thomas Wesley
Layton, Wilmer
Layton, Zealy Marie
Layton, Zelie Morton
Lee, Dave A.
Lee, Dave Tucker
Lee, David Harris
Lee, Kathleen
Lee, Mattie J. Gray
Lee, Sarah Elizabeth
Lee, Willie Marion
Lilly, Bruce Edwin
Lilly, Henry Grady
Lilly, James Truitt
Lilly, Olevia M.
Lovelady, Henry G.
Lovelady, Lola May
Lovelady, Mrs. M. E.
Lovelady, Oliver
Lovelady, Wiley Ralph
McGilvra, Mary Lou Kerr
Manning, George M.
Manning, James A.
Mills, Oena
Mosley, W. W.
Neely, Addie A. Pruitt
Neely, Emily Ann
Neely, Jesse Burton
Neely, Jim Shirley
Neely, Lorene
Neely, Oran Justice
Nix, Arcie D. (Sudie)
Nix, Sarah Jane Elizabeth
Nix, Son (I. M.)
Noble, Eunice
Noble, Evelyn Louise
Pilkenton, Joseph
Pleasant, Annie Lila Olds (Eliza)
Pleasant, Emma Knox
Pleasant, Hollis R.
Pleasant, infant
Pleasant, Joseph Emory
Pleasant, Minnie Euna Mills
Pleasant, William Henry
Pleasant, William Thomas
Pruitt, Albert Wilkerson
Pruitt, Elizabeth Arthur
Pruitt, Guy
Pruitt, Peter Benjamin
Rambin, Emory, Jr.
Rambin, Mary Jane Pleasant
Rambin, Susan S.
Rambin, Zeno
Reese, Joseph Lee
Reese, William Joseph
Reeves, Annie Loring
Reid, Alexander
Reid, Earl
Reid, Ella Arthur
Reid, Ellen E. Ross
Reid, Gertrude Falline Cox
Reid, Helen E. King
Reid, James
Reid, John G.
Reid, Otis W.
Reid, Matilda
Reid, Mattie Propes
Reid, Mollie Thrash
Reid, Samuel W.
Reid, Telithie M.
Reid, Wilbur
Reid, William P.
Rusk, Annie Liza Powers
Rusk, Bernice White
Rusk, C. M.
Rusk, Ethel
Rusk, F. M.
Rusk, infant son
Rusk, Josephine Strahan
Rusk, O. D.
Rusk, Otis
Rusk, Oren
Rusk, Otis thomas
Rusk, Travis
Rusk, William Thomas
Scogin, Fannie Simpson
Seale, Elizabeth L. Shirley
Seale, Robert Peyton
Sellers, Arta Missa
Sellers, Eliza Reid
Sellers, Mary E.
Shirley, Felix Cebron
Shirley, Felix Charles
Shirley, Ira (Irwin)
Shirley, James Johnson
Shirley, Joseph Robert
Shirley, Lavonia Yaden
Shirley, M. Almeda Shofner
Shirley, Nannie Barnett
shirley, Sarah Ann Sheddan
Shirley, William Wiley
Simpson, Claudie B.
Simpson, John R.
Simpson, Mary E.
Sisson, Robert Dale
Snelson, Will Allen
Springer, Florence
Springer, M. G. (C?)
Springer, Tom B.
Stack, Addie Lee Strahan
Stack, Elizabeth
Stack, Felix C.
Stack, Frances
Stack, Henry C.
Stack, Ira
Stack, Rev. John Elbert
Stack, Mary Ellen
Stack, Nannie
Stack, Robert
Stack, Robert P.
Stack, Sarah E. Stewart
Stanley, Elizzie E.
Strahan, ____bert
Strahan, Aaron G.
Strahan, Angelie Azlee Strahan
Strahan, Annie B. Webb
Strahan, Annie Gray
Strahan, Claud
Strahan, Clifford
Strahan, David L.
Strahan, David S.
Strahan, Edward J.
Strahan, Eliza Hignite
Strahan, Eliza Jane
Strahan, Ellis
Strahan, George Washington
Strahan, Harvey B.
Strahan, Henry
Strahan, Ida May
Strahan, John G.
Strahan, Lantie
Strahan, Mary Melcenia
Strahan, Mathew
Strahan, Missourie E. Warr
Strahan, Nancy Jane Springer
Strahan, Nancy
Strahan, Nannie E.
Strahan, Nelly R.
Strahan, Oscar Eugene
Strahan, Pearl Lee
Strahan, Sarah Newman
Strahan, Thomas
Strahan, Willie H.
Stripling, Ellis Edward
Stripling, Louisa Dee Barnett
Stripling, Fred
Stripling, George N.
Stripling, Hollis V.
Stripling, Horace
Stripling, J. L.
Stripling, Jennie
Stripling, Josephine V. Carpenter
Stripling, Lonnie Lloy
Stripling, M. A.
Stripling, M. J.
Stripling, Milton R.
Stripling, Minnie A.
Stripling, Taylor Ford
Thornton, Debbs
Thornton, James M.
Thornton, Omie M. Richards
Tillery, B. F.
Tillery, Clara
Tillery, David Clinton
Tillery, Irene
Tillery, Leon
Tillery, Lucy R. Strahan
Tillerty, Macy Eva
Turner, infant
Tynes, Samuel
Wall, Derusia
Weaver, Claiborn
Weaver, Derusia Wall
Weaver, Ella Humphreys
Weaver, James Thomas
Weaver, Samuel Claiborne
Weaver, William Thomas
Webb, W. W.
Wells, J. F.
Wells, Judy Elane
White, Clarence
White, Emma
White Lera S.
White, Vernice
Williams, Billie M. Neil
Williams, Martha Jane
Williams, Tom
Wilson, Billy Wayne
Wilson, infant twin
Wilson, Rosene

Additional names provided by Mark Goss in July 2005 of those buried in this cemetery:
Curtis Dan Goss (died 1978)
Winnifred Ezzell Goss (died 1997)



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