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  County Seat: City of Nacogdoches -- "The Oldest Town in Texas"
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Thomas Albert HBoTX  
John T. Allan HBoTX  
Bailey Anderson, Jr. HBoTX  
Spruce McCoy Baird HBoTX  
Lyne Taliaferro Barret HBoTX  
Dick McCulloch, alias Dick Bates  Houston Newspaper Article, 1894, Sheriff Spradley catches Bates 
William Bartholomew Bates HBoTX  
John May Becton HBoTX  
Blake Bennett HBoTX  
Robert Bruce Blake HBoTX  
Bledsoe HBoTX  
Samuel Hampson Boren HBoTX  
James Bowie HBoTX  
John (Red) Brown HBoTX  
James Whitis Bullock HBoTX  
Isaac Watts Burton HBoTX  
Andrew Caddell HBoTX  
Elisha Clapp HBoTX  
William Clark, Jr. (1828-1884) HBoTX  
William Clark, Jr. (1798-1871) HBoTX  
Michael Costley HBoTX  
Joel Burditt Crain HBoTX  
Peter Samuel Davenport HBoTX  
James Dill HBoTX  
John M. Dorr HBoTX  
Kelsey Harris Douglass HBoTX  
John Marie Durst HBoTX  
Benjamin W. Edwards HBoTX  
Haden Edwards HBoTX  
Peyton Edwards HBoTX  
Stephen Hendrickson Everitt HBoTX  
Charles Drake Ferris HBoTX  
Warren Angus Ferris HBoTX  
Vital Flores HBoTX  
Samuel Martin Flournoy HBoTX  
John Forbes HBoTX  
Littleton Fowler HBoTX  
James Gaines HBoTX Obituary 
William Goyens HBoTX  
John Coffee Hays HBoTX  
John J. Hayter HBoTX  
Joseph Lewis Hogg HBoTX  
Archibald Hotchkiss HBoTX  
Samuel Houston HBoTX  
Antonio Gil Ibarvo (Y'Barbo) HBoTX  
Robert Anderson Irion HBoTX  
Thomas Jefferson Jennings HBoTX  
David Spangler Kaufman HBoTX  
David E. Lawhon HBoTX  
John Morgan Little HBoTX  
Jose Maria HBoTX  
John Thomas Mason HBoTX  
James S. Mayfield HBoTX  
Thomas Freeman McKinney HBoTX  
Pierre J. Menard HBoTX  
Charles D. Mims HBoTX  
Ann Miller, Famous dancer and actress
Born as Johnnie Lucille Collier, Chireno, Texas, about 1923
Died 22 January 2004 at age 81, Los Angeles, California
  Obituary, Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel, 23 January 2004, page 5A, columns 3 - 6 
John H. Moffitt HBoTX  
George Flemming Moore HBoTX  
Kindred H. Muse HBoTX  
Albert Aldrich Nelson HBoTX  
John Claude Neraz HBoTX  
George Antonio Nixon HBoTX  
Philip Nolan HBoTX  
Samuel Norris HBoTX  
William Beck Ochiltree HBoTX  
Richard David Orten HBoTX  
Daniel Parker HBoTX  
Isaac Parker HBoTX  
Moses Leak Patton HBoTX  
George Pollitt HBoTX  
Jonathon Cochran Pool HBoTX  
Henry Raguet HBoTX  
James Reily HBoTX  
Richard Allison (Booger Red) Richardson HBoTX  
Harriett Fenley Roberts HBoTX  
Richard P. Robinson HBoTX  
Louis (Moses) Rose HBoTX  
Joseph Rowe HBoTX  
Henry Rueg HBoTX  
David Rusk HBoTX  
Thomas Jefferson Rusk HBoTX Collection at SFASU 
Luis Sanchez HBoTX  
William N. Sigler HBoTX  
Charles H. Sims HBoTX  
Henry Madison Smith HBoTX  
James Smith HBoTX  
John Marion Sparks HBoTX  
William F. Sparks HBoTX  
Andrew Jackson Spradley HBoTX  
Amory Reily Starr HBoTX  
James Harper Starr HBoTX  
Ralph Wright Steen HBoTX  
Nicholas Adolphus Sterne HBoTX  
Henry B. Stout HBoTX  
Philip Allen Sublett HBoTX  
Charles Stanfield Taylor HBoTX  
William Thomas (1757-1835) HBoTX  
Nicholas Trammell HBoTX  
Francisco Viana HBoTX  
Nathan Wade HBoTX  
Richard Sheckle Walker HBoTX  
Jesse Walling HBoTX  
Thomas Jefferson Walling HBoTX  
Madison G. Whitaker HBoTX  
Simon Wiess HBoTX  
Francis A. Wilson HBoTX  
Y'Barbo See Ibarvo  

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