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Nacogdoches County Clerk Records - Digitization
Presented by Belva Currier, May 2005

The following notes are from a presentation made to the Nacogdoches Genealogical Society on 10 May 2005 by a representative of the County Clerk's office.

The Nacogdoches County Clerk's office handles many requests from genealogists and family historians. They use the information mailed to them by the requester, check the indexes and records then send back a letter listing what they found and what the copy costs will be. When a request is more than can be handled by the clerk's office the request is passed on to one local genealogical researcher.

At one point documents were mailed to an off-site processing center where the documents were scanned, microfilmed and indexed. The County Clerk's office started scanning documents for current transactions in 1999 so documents no longer have to be mailed but are transmitted electronically. The images are immediately indexed and the index is available to the public two days after a transaction. Some computerized records started as early as 1992 and deed records back to at least 1975 are computerized. Hard copies of the computerized records are printed as needed instead of being stored on paper.

Many original marriage certificates are held by the County Clerk's office and these can be returned to family members upon request.

Although Texas law now restricts access to birth records for 75 years and to death records for 25 years some persons may be able to obtain a birth or death verification that includes a person's name, date of birth or death, file number, and the clerk's seal. This document is proof of birth or death but does not contain all of the data that would be on an official birth or death certificate.

The county web site allows access to the computerized records and indexes using a link for the county clerk from the county home page at

The Nacogdoches County TXGenWeb Project site also has a link to the county courthouse from

The older records will only be digitized as funds become available due to collection of the archival processing fees now being charged. The indexes to the old records will probably be digitized first, then the actual records themselves. The County Clerk probably has a priority list for digitizing the older records but the order was not known by the speaker.

Microfilm and digitized images on CD are stored in archival storage facilities outside of Nacogdoches. The storage facility specifications are defined by the Texas State Library.

The County Clerk and District Clerk offices are being moved to the ground floor in the courthouse remodel being done now so the weight of all of the records will be better supported than they would be on higher floors.

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