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Robert Manuel Dunlap & Vonie Brazzill

Robert Manuel Dunlap, was a Baptist preacher in Sweetwater. He died there in 1927 and is buried in Nolan Cemetery along with his wife Vonie who died in 1929.

Robert M. Dunlap was born July 13, 1847, the son of Robert and Harriett Dunlap of Franklin, Georgia. He volunteered and served in Company K-56 Georgia Regiment during the Civil War. He came home after the war and moved to Texas.

He married Vonie Brazzill in Texas, July 8, 1877. His name appears on the Masonic Lodge records at Hylton, Texas, as early as 1903. He and his wife and their sons, Pleas and James, moved to the farm just northeast of Slater's Chapel Cemetery. His farm is still owned by Effie Dunlap Haley and farmed by R.T. Dunlap.

Robert Dunlap was a farmer and Baptist preacher. He preached at the old Nolan Baptist Church and married many of the couples in the Nolan Community. He died Jun 25, 1927, and his wife died September 13, 1929.

Pleas Dunlap married Effie Collins, July 18, 1912. He was a farmer and carpenter. He built the house on the Dunlaps farm in 1912. It was partially destroyed by fire in 1933 and rebuilt. He also built the old Finch house and the houses on the Clayton and Philips farms.

Pleas and Effie Dunlap had seven children: Marie, H.A., R.T., J.P., Lela, C.C. and Ruth. They all survive except J.P.. H.A., and R.T. still reside in the Nolan Community. There are eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Pleas died August 17, 1926. He and his parents are buried at the old Nolan Cemetery.

Effie Dunlap married J.L. Haley in 1937. The moved from the Dunlap farm to Fort Worth, in 1978 and he died in 1981. She had lived on the home place for sixty-five years at the time she moved to Fort Worth.

H.A. Dunlap married Genevieve Holland in 1934. They had a double wedding with Olan Ensminger and Maurine Finch. The Ensmingers later moved to New Mexico but have returned to Nolan County and are now the H.A. Dunlap's nearest neighbors. Both couples will celebrate together their golden wedding anniversary in December. H.A. and Olan started their school days together at the old Dora School. Olan reminds H.A. the he would not let him ride to school in the buggy with the Dunlap kids, and H.A. responds that he had to walk farther to catch his horse than Olan had to walk to school. H.A's grandfather and Olan's father were also good friends.


SOURCE:  Written by: Janie Light

SUBMITTED BY: Betty Faver & Janie Davis