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Jesse Jackson GEORGE was born FEB 1855 in Texas, and died 1931 in Nolan Co., Texas. He was buried in Decker Cemetery, Nolan Co., Texas.

He married ? DENNIS, daughter of Osro DENNIS and Mary Amanda "Mandy" MCCURRY. She was born JUL 1861 in Bosque Co., Tx, and died 1932 in Nolan Co., Texas. She was buried in Decker Cemetery, Nolan Co., Texas.


Children of Jesse Jackson "Jess" GEORGE and Martha Or Sarah Alice DENNIS are:
  2   i. MARY E. GEORGE was born APR 1877.
  3   ii. WILLIAM COLE GEORGE was born JUL 1880, and died 1941.
  4   iii. ESTELL GEORGE was born AUG 1886.
  5   iv. J. STEWART GEORGE was born 18 MAR 1891, and died 19 DEC 1958.
  6   v. VERGIL GEORGE was born APR 1892.
  7   vi. EDKER GEORGE was born APR 1894.


  Lemuel H. Hargrave,  was born 31 DEC 1845 in North Carolina, and died 22 SEP 1893. He married Abbie Binum 1875. She was born 11 MAY 1844 in  North Carolina, and died 9 JUL 1918 in Texas.

Children of Lemuel H. Hargrave and Abbie Binum are:
+ 2   i. James Claude Hargrave was born May 4, 1878 in Texas, and died Nov. 29, 1946 TX.  He was buried in Fort Chadbourne, outside Blackwell, Nolan Co., Texas. He married Anna Porter.  She was born 4 APR 1880, and died 22 JUL 1968. She was buried in Fort Chadbourne, outside Blackwell, Nolan Co., Texas.  Child of James Claude Hargrave and Anna F. Porter:  Henry Calvert Hargrave born 1916 died 1979 Coke Co., TX.
  3   ii. Adam C. Hargrave was born 27 DEC 1876 in , , Texas, and died 15 FEB 1941. He married Buena V. ?, 1900. She was born 16 AUG 1880, and died 3 AUG 1970 in , Nueces Co., Texas.
  4   iii. Mollie Hargrave was born JAN 1882, and died Deceased.
  5   iv. Levi F. Hargrave was born NOV 1883, and died Deceased.
  6   v. Lillie Hargrave was born 29 JUL 1886, and died 27 NOV 1905.
  7   vi. Lethe Ann Hargrave was born ABT. 1880 in , , Texas, and died Deceased.


Snotha Dennis  was born 8-14-1857 in Bosque Co., Tx, and died 5-8-1938 in Nolan Co., Texas. He was buried in Nolan Cemetery, Nolan Co., Tx. He married  (1) Bettie Rhodes 12-31-1896 in Nolan Co., Texas. She was born 7-5-1881 in Tx, and died 8-9-1900. She was buried in Nolan Cemetery, Nolan Co., Tx. He married (2) Ivy Linn 6-28-1916, daughter of James Thomas Linn and Mary Elizabeth Davlin. She was born 11-1-1879 in Hamilton Co., TX, and died 6-14-1961.


Child of Syotha Dennis and Bettie Rhodes is:
  2   i. Jewel B. Denniswas born 1897 in Bosque Co., Tx.

Child of Syotha Dennis and Ivy Linn is:
  3   i. Syotha Dennis was born 11-24-1917, and died 6-24-1989.

William Strom Terry was born Dec 26, 1824 in Edgefield Dist., SC and died Nov. 19, 1888 in Hill Co., TX.  He is buried in Brandon Cemetery, Hill Co., TX.  He married Nancy? in AL.  She was born 1830 and died July 20, 1902 in Sweetwater, Nolan Co., TX.

Children of William S. Terry and Nancy are:

1. Mary Elizabeth Terry, born Oct. 8, 1848 in Pike Co., AL and died Mar. 12, 1900 in Sweetwater, Nolan Co., TX.

2. Stephen Clement Terry, born Feb. 3, 1859 in Pike Co., AL; died Feb. 12, 1957.  He married

(1) Martha Emilene Grant in Hill Co., TX.  She died in 1899.  He married (2) Francis Cranford.


Children of Stephen Clement Terry and Martha Emilene Grant:  Mattie Terry, Alice Terry, Luther Terry and Arthur Terry.


Child of Stephen Clement Terry and Francis Cranford:  Zelma Terry.


Lemuel Enoch Perkins

Lemuel Enoch Perkins was born in 3-23-1850 Pitt Co., NC and died 9-20-1927 in Merkel, Taylor Co., TX.  He married Julia Ann Neighbors 1878 Hamilton Co., TX.  She was born 1857 Washington Co., TX and died 1943 Taylor Co., TX

Children of Lemuel E. Perkins and Julia A. Neighbors were:

1.  John Emmett Perkins b. 5-15-1884 Hamilton Co., TX and died 1/30/1928 in Merkel, Texas- Taylor Co., TX


2.  Mary Louise Perkins b. 1-24-1880 Hamilton Co., TX., and died 8/30/1969 in Mansfield, Texas.


3.  Malcolm Asbury Perkins b. 2-28-1882 Hamilton Co., TX., and died 3/8/1953 in Merkel, Taylor Co., TX


4. Vida Wilson Perkins b. 5-2-1888 Mills Co., TX., and died 2/2/1970 in Sweetwater, Nolan Co., TX


5. Wiley Earl Perkins b. 6-10-1891 Mills Co., TX


6. Lida Pearl Perkins b. 6-10-1891 Mills Co., TXand died 11/2/1959 in Merkel,  Taylor Co., TX


7.  William Clark Perkins


8.  Lemuel Nall Perkins b. 8-9-1896 Runnel Co., TX




Samuel Newton Acton was born 12-11-1843 Al and died 9-18-1913 in Sweetwater, Nolan Co., TX.  He was the son of Aaron Acton b. KY and Louisa Bailey b. TN.

Lewis E. Adrian


Lewis E. Adrian was born 6-16-1875 in Somervell Co., TX and died 4-12-1956 Trent, Nolan Co., TX.  He was the son of William Fowler Adrian and Julia Frances Tate.  He married Ada Elizabeth Copeland 1899 in Erath Co., TX.


Children were:

May Adrian b. 1903 Taylor Co., TX

Era Thelma Adrian b. 1904 Trent, Taylor Co., TX

Alta Rita Adrian b. Taylor Co., TX

Emma Lucille Adrian b. 1910 Taylor Co., TX

Marjorie Lewis Adrian b. 1917



Henry Clay Aldridge was born 25 Mar 1848 in  Hickman Co, KY, and died 12 Apr 1899 in  Limestone Co, TX. He was buried in Tehuacane Cemetery, Limestone Co, TX.  He is buried in Tehuacane Cemetery, Limestone Co., TX.  He married Tabitha Caroline Wallace 1867 in Gibson Co., TN.  She was the daughter of Charles Wallace.  She was born 1850 TN and died 1939 in Tom Green Co., TX.  She is buried in Grape Creek Cemetery, Grape Creek, Tom Green Co., TX.



1.  William Henry Aldridge b. 10-24-1868 in KY, d. 4-7-1935 OK.  He married Mary Foster and Mary E. Michaels.


2.  Mary L. Aldridge b. 1-23-1870 KY, d. 7-27-1897 in Tehuacane, Limestone Co., TX.  She married James Hawthorne McLaughlin.


3.  Emma Aldridge b. 9-11-1871 KY, d. 12-3-1903 in Hylton, Nolan Co., TX.  She married Prior B. Shamblin.


4.  Robert Isaac Aldridge b. 3-16-1873 KY, d. 9-23-1948 CA.  He married Ida Mae Hance.


5.  Sarah Eveline Aldridge b. 1-14-1875 KY, d. 1-9-1963 CA.  She married (1) Edward Logan, (2) William Marion Burgess.


6.  Mable Aldridge b. 10-11-1876 KY, d. 10-20-1876 KY.


7.  Leona Aldridge b. 5-14-1878 Limestone Co., TX; d. 10-11-1931 NM.  She married Joe Doughtery.


8.  Samuel Hill Aldridge b. 2-14-1880 Limestone Co., TX; d. 1-18-1911 OK.


9.  Annie Pearl Aldridge b. 3-23-1882 Limestone Co., TX; d. 5-3-1930 AR.  She married Mack Stanifer.


10. Henry Cleveland Aldridge b. 1-8-1884 Limestone Co., TX; d. 3-1-1959 CA.  He married Azzie Savannah Loudamy.


11. Julia Margaret Aldridge b. 9-21-1886 Limestone Co., TX; d. 10-6-1907 Hylton, Nolan Co., TX.  She married Cal Sawyer.


12. Rebecca Caroline Aldridge b. 2-12-1888 Limestone Co., TX; d. 10-31-1973 OK.  She married Franklin Earl Price.


13. James Martin Aldridge b. 3-19-1891 Limestone Co., TX; d. 7-3-1910 Hylton, Nolan Co., TX


14. Allie Wheat Aldridge b. 10-31-1892 Limestone Co., TX; d. 9-7-1989 Bosque Co., TX.  She married Robert Herman Huddleston.


15. John Ernest Aldridge b. 2-8-1895 Limestone Co., TX; d. 3-12-1933 Tom Green Co., TX.  He married Fern Odetta Hughes.


Edward Ezrith Nichols


Generation No. 1


1. EDWARD EZRITH1 NICHOLS was born 1899 in TX. He married LOTTIE M. BLANKENSHIP 1919. She was born 1899 in TX.



-- FACT #1 -:

1930 Nolan Co TXpct1, Apr 7;

NICHOLS, Edward E., 31, m@20, TX KY KY, farm;

Lottie, wife, 31, TX TX Iowa;

Freddy M, dau, 9, TX;

Eddie F., dau, 8;

Burtman, son, 5;

Jack, son, 2;

Wanda L, dau, 5/12;

Winda R., dau, 5/12.

All children born TX


i. FREDDY M.2 NICHOLS, b. 1921.

ii. EDDIE F. NICHOLS, b. 1922.

iii. BURTMAN NICHOLS, b. 1925.

iv. JACK RANDELL NICHOLS, b. September 23, 1927, Nolan Co., TX.

v. WANDA LOU NICHOLS, b. November 24, 1929.

vi. WINDA R. NICHOLS, b. December 1929.

vii. JOHN FRANK NICHOLS, b. August 12, 1934.

viii. MELBA SUE NICHOLS, b. July 02, 1937, Scurry Co., TX.


A ranch manager, Jones was born in 1888 in Nolan County, Texas.

He joined Isaac Ellwood's Renderbrook Ranch in 1907 and managed the Renderbrook Ranch from 1912-1966.

 Jones married Mrytle "Honey" Annie Bartlett in 1914.  Their daughter was Pauline Jones. 

He was active with the Texas Cowboy Reunion and served as its president in 1954. Jones was a master Mason and member of the Sweetwater Chuck Wagon, Knights Templar, Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, Southwestern Ranchers Association, Texas Hereford Association, and was a charter member of the Ranch Headquarters Association of Texas Tech University. Jones died in 1975.