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Lemuel Parker, Jr. and Nancy Jane Godwin Family


This is a photo of Lemuel Parker, Jr., & his wife, Nancy Jane Godwin Parker. It was taken circa 1890, in Sweetwater, Nolan, TX.

Submitter:  Kathy Jo Bryant
Kathy Jo Bryant is researching this PARKER Family Line.  She requests other researchers contact her at the following email address:

Mary Ann Nichols' information on this Parker Family Line:

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Submitted by: Gay Ousley

Submitted by: Gay Ousley

Submitted by: Glen Allen, III

Parker sisters: top-left is Louella Parker

Written on back: Aunt Lena Cox, Uncle Le___ Parker & wife, Lou Parker (Bam)

Joanna Parker Seaton

Dressed for a

United Daughters

Of the Confederacy



She was very active in her community and church.

Ellsworth Lisle "Buddy" Parker

Submitted by:  Gay Ousley

Louella A. Parker-Dulaney

Submitted by:  Gay Ousley

Louella A. Parker-Dulaney

Submitted by:  Gay Ousley


Back row:  Stu Shultz, Mary Jane Shultz, Jimmy Dulaney, Tom Flack, E P Reece John Perry

Second row down:  J D Dulaney, Jr., Jim Dulaney, Fay Flack, Louise Flack, Ione Perry.  I cannot identify the women in between row 1 and two for sure, but I think the woman behind Jim Dulaney is his wife Lucille and the other woman "should" be J D, Jr's wife

Centerpiece:  JD and Louella Dulaney

Front:  Janice Reece, Jeff Dulaney III, Bob Dulaney, and Jack Perry

Note by Gay Ousley:  Jack Perry took the photo, so my grandmother cut out a photo of him and glued him in!    This was taken on the steps of JD and Louella's home in Sweetwater.  It was quite a house!

Children of Lemuel Parker & Nancy Jane Godwin and their spouses

Lemuel Parker was b. Sept. 25, 1835, in Henry or Butts Co., GA, and d. July 19, 1908 in Sweetwater, Nolan Co., TX. He is buried in Sweetwater Cemetery, Nolan Co., TX. He served in Co. E, 53rd Alabama Partisan Rangers, C.S.A. He moved with his parents Lemuel and Elizabeth Carpenter Parker and siblings, to Russell (now Lee Co.), AL in 1839, and then Dale Co., AL, in 1851. Lemuel and his family moved to Sweetwater, TX, in the 1870's, and he became a prosperous farmer in that area.

Lemuel Jr. PARKER and Nancy Jane GODWIN had the following children:
     i. Beulah Belle PARKER.
     ii. Lena PARKER.
     iii. Louella A. PARKER;  married Jefferson Davis Dulaney

     iv. Elsworth Lisle "Buddy" PARKER; moved to New York; married a lady named Mae.  He is found on a WWI Draft Reg. Card & WWII Draft
               Reg. Card; on the 1920 Manhattan, New York census - information by:  Gay Ousley
     v. Joanna PARKER married Kinzey R. Seaton
     vi. Callie PARKER.
     vii. Charles PARKER.
     viii. Lemuel Jackson PARKER.
     ix. Cadmus "Cad" PARKER.

The following humorous account was penned by a local historian, W.L. Andrews, having to do with two of the sons of Lemuel and Elizabeth Carpenter Parker:

"Lemuel Parker, Jr. is a whole souled fellow and loves his fun to this day. In growing up he learned to play the violin and used to play for parties all over this section. His good nature made him a favorite and many a time have the young people tripped the light fantastic toe to his "Soapsuds over the Fence", "Leather Breeches", and "Devil's Dream". He used to say that John (speaking of his older brother, John William) was the smartest boy his father raised and if there was anything extra that needed to be done John was sure to be there. "  In that way John got to be preacher", he said. "One morning me and John was lying in the bed and the Lord called, "Lemuel, Lemuel, go preach my gospel', but before I could answer, John jumped up, ran out, and answered, 'Here I am send me'. Lem declared he had fiddled all his life, but never could get half as much good chicken to eat as John nor half as much good liquor to drink.

I was living in Eastland, Texas, in 1882, when I was surprised by a call from my old friend. That was the terminus of the T&P railroad then and all the people west of there "teamed it" to this point instead of to other towns along back of the line of the railroad to Fort Worth and Dallas, as heretofore, and Lem had come on a "bull" train.

I used to hear him play and immediately I wanted to hear him once more for old times sake. We found a fiddle at Burnett Brothers Furniture, and he changed the strings, for he plays left handed, and soon began to play. It was too much for Burnett, who was a short, fat fellow, and he began to shake his foot in approved style. The crowd gathered, which was too much for me in the other direction and I left, losing a portion of the pleasant memories I had hoped to bring up by his playing."

Credit for gathering this data, goes to my cousin Alan T. Parker of Montgomery: AL:  Kathy Jo Bryant

The following narrative on Lemuel Parker was compiled by family historians:
Lois Yelverton and Henry Shorter Cain

"Lemuel Parker moved to west Texas soon after the late war, where he raised a large family and accumulated a competency. He was living in Dale County, Alabama, Beat One, in 1870. His home farm in Dale County was later occupied by Mr.Henry Deloney.

Soon after that time he moved, together with his family to Sweetwater, Texas, where he was the first white man to plant corn in that section. Lemuel Parker, Jr., and his wife were the parents of the following children: Calley, Cadamus, Lemuel, Joanna, Layfayette, David, James and Belle.

James, the youngest son of the above named, moved to New York and was a prominent citizen there. He is an honorary president of a college in North Carolina. His wife was an outstanding member of the D.A.R., and U.D.C., organizations in New York. She died in 1948.

One of Lemuel's sons, Lafayette, is mine inspector on a handsome salary, for a large gold mining company in New Mexico.

Miss Belle, one of his daughters, holds a lucrative position as music teach in one of the female colleges of Texas. She at one time visited Dale County (AL) after her parents had moved to Texas, and she later resided in New York City.

Bud, another son, is a graduate from one of the schools of the west and is perfecting himself in music. "