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Duncan Cemetery

As this Cemetery is still active I only have a partial list. I will update as I can.
If you have a name to add please email the information to me.
And I will get it on asap. If you have any questions also email me .
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Amirault, Alan E.

b. Jan. 6, 1936

d. Jan. 9, 1998



Arkins, Aurora C.

b. Nov. 26, 1928

d. Jul. 13, 2009

Brendel, Stanley Roy

b. Apr. 11, 1954

d. May 23, 1997

Brown, Paul Edward

b. Oct. 17, 1920

d. Oct. 24, 2005

Cowart, Ella M.

b.Aug. 17, 1897

d. Nov. 24, 1984

Duncan  "Aunt Ella"

Duncan, David F.

b.Mar. 2, 1912

d. Sept. 26, 1966


Duncan, David F.

b. Mar. 2, 1912

d. Sept. 26, 1966

Texas MoMM1  USN World War II

Duncan, Edward Sidney

b. Mar. 1, 1868

d. Dec.29, 1940

Father - at top-"Earth has no sorrows that Heaven cannot heal."-at bottom

Duncan, Jessie Mae

b. Dec. 29, 1917

d. Jan. 6, 2005

Duncan, Joe B.

b. July 28, 1919

d. June 15, 1989

Duncan, Joe Ray

b. Sept.28, 1928

d. Oct. 19, 1967

 Duncan, Lester V.

b. Jan. 01, 1923

d. Oct. 25, 2006

Duncan, Minerva Ellen

b. Feb. 02, 1877

d. June 09, 1921

Duncan, Ruth E.

b. Feb. 20, 1901

d. Mar. 28, 1989

Duncan, Ruth Ellen

b. Mar. 29, 1920

d. Mar. 27, 2004

Lassiter, Grubbs and Strickland

Duncan, Sidney E.

b. Mar. 09, 1896

d. Jan. 24, 1988

Duncan, Walter L.

b. Sept. 17, 1913

d. Nov. 03, 1997

Married May 11, 1935

Edwards, Mary Josephine

b. Nov 02, 1941

d. June 26, 2009

Fertitta, Douglas L.

b. Aug. 01, 1957

d. Apr. 15, 2006

Graham, Lana J.

b. 1955

d. 1955

Graham, Mamie Grace

b.June 27, 1900

d. Feb. 01, 1939

Duncan   In Loving Memory  She was the sunshine of our Home

Graham, Martha Lenora

b. Feb. 08, 1911

d. May 22, 1993

In Loving Memory   The Lord is my Shepherd Psalm 23:1

Graham Sr., Thomas A.

b. Oct. 01, 1899

d. Mar. 17, 1986

In Loving Memory   He was the light of our lives: Our Inspiration

Griffin, Eryn Paige

b. Unknown

d. June 04, 2009

Hahn, Charles J.

b. Feb. 12, 1903

d. Nov. 04, 1997

Hahn, Viola E.

b. Sept. 08, 1911

d. Feb. 09, 1996

Hernandez, Catherine Mary

b. Apr. 15,1957

d. Oct. 11, 1996


Mattes, norma Lee

b. Oct. 25, 1920

d. Nov. 20, 1968

McGinley, Ernest

b. Jan. 13, 1922

d. Dec. 30, 1972

Patton, Cynthia

b. Dec. 01, 1952

d. Feb. 17, 1991

Grubbs and Spencer     Beloved Mother of Frank, Kristine and Cary

Rinard, Marian Sara

b. May 24, 1971

d. May 09, 1980

Smith, Leilani Bucsit

b. Jul. 14, 2006

d. Jul. 27, 2006

Vela Jr., Joe T.

b. 1955

d. 2006

Visosky, John Thomas

b. Jul. 12, 1952

d. Jan. 03, 2003

West, John Samuel

b. Apr. 12, 1915

d. June 05, 1992

Wilkey, David Wayne

b. Jul. 14, 1954

d. Nov. 06, 2008                                                                                                                                                          

  • Welcome to Duncan Cemetery.  Flour Bluff and Corpus Christi's affordable and beautiful  community cemetery with outstanding views of the Laguna Madre. 
  • Conveniently located at the southeast corner of Hustlin Hornet Drive and Debra Lane behind the Flour Bluff Junior High Campus.
  • This old Historic Texas Cemetery is the final resting place for members of many of Flour Bluff's pioneer families.  Colorful characters and hardworking souls who helped shape the area into today's thriving community.  Veterans from World War I, II, Korea and the Vietnam conflicts are interred here as well.
  • Under new management and ownership, the cemetery has been expanded by over 1,850 sites.  Stop by our office to reserve your family plots.
  • We also provide all types of high quality granite monuments at competitive prices from a local supplier.

   Duncan Cemetery is a private cemetery located in Flour Bluff, Corpus Christi, Texas at 2701 Debra Lane, across the street from the new Flour Bluff Junior High School.  It sits atop the bluff from which Flour Bluff gets its name, and overlooks the Laguna Madre.  The fenced .33 acre was deeded to Ed S. Duncan by the Flour Bluff Common School District # 22 in 1916, from Lot 19 section 54 of the Flour Bluff and Encinal Farm and Garden Tracts.  It is well maintained by the Duncan family, and is still active.

Approximately 95 persons were determined as buried in this cemetery, with the earliest birth date on a tombstone being 1877 and the earliest death date being 1921. Some victims of the 1919 hurricane were buried here, however, their tombstones were not found.  In addition to the Duncan family, other older families buried here include the Lewises, Moulters, Vannoys, Arnolds, Halloways, Grahams, Barkers, Joneses, Indhals, Rousseaus, and Tuckers.

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