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Nueces County Obituaries

Listed below are obituaries for Nueces County.  If you have an obituary to contribute to this site with Nueces County connections, please email me

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Description of File Submitter
ADAMS, Beatrice Mae Bowden Carlotta Carr
ALANIS, Cosmo Don Brownlee
ALLEN, Mary Ann Sims Lisa Thomas
ANDERSON, Marvin Carlotta Carr
ANDERSON, Theresa Odessa McCall Carlotta Carr
BARTON, A. Turner Don Brownlee
BATES, Lottie Mamie Jones Carlotta Carr
BELL, Robert Louis Sr. Carlotta Carr
BLUNTZER, Margaret Don Brownlee
BLUNTZER, Nicholas Don Brownlee
BORDEN, Arthur Don Brownlee
CAHILL, Cornelius Don Brownlee
CALDWELL, Mattie E. Don Brownlee
CAVAZOS, Estella Sandra Hernandez
CAVAZOS, Jose Guerra Sandra Hernandez
CLEARWATER, Frank Don Brownlee
CONSTANTINE, Mrs. N. Don Brownlee
COON, Bobbie Jean David R. Brumbelow
COX, William W. Don Brownlee
DOMINIQUE, Mary Don Brownlee
DORITY, Ellis Don Brownlee
DUNN, Nias Don Brownlee
GOULD, George Don Brownlee
GREGORY, Mrs. L.R. Don Brownlee
HARDWICKE, John Benjamin Don Brownlee
HATCH, John G. Don Brownlee
HOUSE, Henry Don Brownlee
HUTMAN, C.J. Don Brownlee
KING, Richard III Santos Canales
KINNEY, J.W. Don Brownlee
LINDEMAN, Addie M. David R. Brumbelow
LUDWIG, Bruno Don Brownlee
MARTIN, Fred H. David R. Brumbelow
MARTINEZ, Benito Don Brownlee
McCAMPBELL, Edwin Atlee Don Brownlee
MIMMS, Marvin H. Don Brownlee
MITCHELL, Mortimer Don Brownlee
MONCILLAS, Ramon Don Brownlee
PAEY, Adolph Don Brownlee
PIERSON, Debbie Sevart Lisa Thomas
PITTMAN, Carl T. Don Brownlee
RABB, G.A. Don Brownlee
REID, Dan Don Brownlee
ROARK, James Henderson Don Brownlee
ROBERSON, Douglas B. Paul Kannowski
ROBERSON, LaRue W. Paul Kannowski
ROPER, Harvey Monroe Gayle Newkirk
ROSSER, Mr. Don Brownlee
RUSSEL, J.C. Don Brownlee
SCOTT, Calvin J. David R. Brumbelow
SHIELDS, Thomas Don Brownlee
SHOEMAKER, Sam Don Brownlee
SPINELLI, H.B. Don Brownlee
SPOHN, A.E. Don Brownlee
STAYTON, R.W. Don Brownlee
STEPHENSON, Billy Joe Linda Hughes
STEVENS, Ruby Lisa Thomas
TINNEY, Sam C. Don Brownlee
TORRES, Rafael Lola Withrow
TREVINO, Leon Don Brownlee
WEBER, Mary Don Brownlee
WEEKS, Burton S. Don Brownlee
WELLS, James B. David R. Brumbelow
WESTERVELT, J.D. Don Brownlee
WOESSNER, Daniel R. Don Brownlee
WOLCOTT, A.G. Don Brownlee

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