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Cities and Towns

Orange County, Texas


Name Latitude Longitude Notes Links
Adrian     (later called Doty)  
Bancroft 300640N 0934756W    
Bessie Heights 300242N 0935510W    
Baer     (later called Stanford, Adrian & finally Doty)  
Bland 300529N 0934526W    
Bridge City 300114N 0935044W  
Brownwood 300651N 0934406W    
Bruner 300519N 0934514W    
Bunn's Bluff        
Connell 300605N 0935940W    
Coughlin 301112N 0935128W    
Cove City 300412N 0934424W    
Diana     Changed to Connell  
Doc Brown 300504N 0934558W    
Doty 300936N 0935645W First known as Baer, then Stanford, Adrian and finally Doty.  
Duncan's Woods        
Echo 300909N 0934356W    
Echo Forest 301121N 0940311W    
Forest Heights 301417N 0934531W    
Francis 300522N 0934635W    
Gratis 300856N 0934947W    
Grien's Bluff     (later called Madison, then Orange)  
Jefferson /
East Jefferson /
Lower Town
Kinard Estates 301027N 0934725W    
Kishi Colony        
Lakeview 301312N 0940630W    
Lakeview Estates 301207N 0940426W    
Lakewood 300742N 0935840W    
Lawson Crossing 300751N 0940517W    
301251N 0935044W  Lemonville, Texas
Little Cypress 300952N 0934521W    
Madison     (later called Orange)  
Maple Crest Acres 300806N 0935852W    
301212N 0935158W    
Morgan Bluff 301232N 0934315W    
Mount Holland        
Oilla 300551N 0935327W    
300534N 0934411W The City of Orange was originally named Grien's Bluff in honor of a settler who arrived there before 1830. In 1840 the name was changed to Madison in honor of President James Madison. A post office was established in 1850, and Madison became county seat upon the organization of Orange County in 1852. Confusion with Madisonville caused the name to be changed to Orange when the city was incorporated in 1858. The pirate Jean Laffite is said to have used this site for a repair base. chckmark_a.gif (662 bytes)
Orangefield 300429N 0935120W    
Peveto 300808N 0934911W    
Pine Forest 301052N 0940203W    
Pine Grove 300631N 0934528W    
Pinehurst /
Pinehurst Heights
300625N 0934628W    
Prairie View     (later called Bridge City)  
Reese 301204N 0934505W    
Ridgecrest 300957N 0934453W    
Rose City 300609N 0940306W    
Stanford     (later called Adrian & later Doty)  
Stark 300753N 0935203W    
Terry 300558N 0935557W  Terry, Texas
Texla 301312N 0935251W    
Tulane 300544N 0935019W    
Vidor 300753N 0940055W   chckmark_a.gif (662 bytes)
West Bluff 301034N 0934224W    
West Orange 300455N 0934529W