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Orange County History in Photos

If you a have an article about Orange County or its history, or a photo of an event in Orange County's past and would like to share it with us we will gladly post it on these pages. Please contact me and we will figure out the how-to's. Thanks. Lindsay


Cafe in Orangefield (ca 1922)
Frenzel cafe in Orangefield during boom
Notice mud street 

This is the homestead of Mr. Chesson. 
He owned all of the land where the enitial oil strike was made. 
He became rich, but said that he would not sell his holdings,
because of the goats that he had.

Day care World War ll (ca 1944)
Shipyard worker taking child to day care
so she could work in shipyard

Dryden Ferry
Ferry over Neches River between Orange and Port Arthur.
Was discontinued when Rain Bow bridge completed in 1937

Ferry Landing (ca 1920)
This was the Dryden Ferry that crossed the Neches River
about a half mile south of the present bridges. 
This was the only way that you could get to Port Arthur
without traveling through Beaumont. 

Filling in Orange (ca 1912)
Sand is being pumped into Orange from the Sabine River,
this process elevated Orange approximately three feet

Farmers Mercantile (ca 1980's)
Gus Harris standing in center

These photos are from the website of Dr. Howard C. Williams and are used with permission.

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