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Orange County History in Photos

If you a have an article about Orange County or its history, or a photo of an event in Orange County's past and would like to share it with us we will gladly post it on these pages. Please contact me and we will figure out the how-to's. Thanks. Lindsay


Orange County Courthouse (ca 1910)
Orange County Courthouse 1910 located south and east of present courthouse,
demolished in 1940, notice the palm trees in front of the courthouse

Old Orange County Courthouse
Old Orange County Courthouse, notice horse grazing on front lawn

Old Jail (ca 1970)
Jail located on west side of court house square
(across from museum)
court house left rear

Orange Field (ca 1922)
Main st in Orange Field during Boom 

Orange Fire Dept (ca 1950) Orange Fire Dept in front of station Tenth at Burton
Occasion unknown 

These photos are from the website of Dr. Howard C. Williams and are used with permission.

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