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Orange County History in Photos

If you a have an article about Orange County or its history, or a photo of an event in Orange County's past and would like to share it with us we will gladly post it on these pages. Please contact me and we will figure out the how-to's. Thanks.Lindsay


400 East Park Avenue Riverside
Riverside under construction 9/21/1943

Air Dome (ca. 1920)
Theater located Main at sixth.
Silent movies and traveling shows were the norm.

Anderson School (ca. 1920's)
 Anderson School - Park at Eighth

Buggie Crossing Adams Bayou
Adams Bayou bridge at country club.
There was another bridge 200 yards south at Sunset Drive

Fred Bailey's Band
Left to right: Isaac Fontenot, Joe Cormier,
Fred Bailey played the radio, Parry Lapoint. KOGT 1953

Car Hop Willie Howard at the Capistrano Cafe (ca 1940's)
Owned by Lillie and Henry Bland Sr.

These photos are from the website of Dr. Howard C. Williams and are used with permission.

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