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Kishi Japanese Cemetery

Submitted by Elaine Stone
July 27, 2006

Go west on Interstate 10 and take the 1135 exit. Take 1135 south; go across the railroad and Jap Ln. will be the first road to the right. Cemetery is on the left back in a field.

The Kishi Cemetery was started primarily for the Japanese Colony. The first person buried there was T. Cobb, who died May 1, 1910, following a farm accident. Several of these were interpreted by Tozuko Hirasaki, one of the few Japanese in Orange who reads and writes the Japanese Language.The Japanese lettering on the headstones had been inscribed by Tokuzo Hirasaki and Kichimatsu Kishi. On some of the older headstones, the year of the Emperor’s rule written. This is Japanese custom. Additional information from the Hirasaki’s is in parenthesis.

Sataro Kondo        15 Jul1874-16 Aug 1966 
Fumi Kondo          17 Dec 1881 – 18 Jul1944 
Kiyo Kondo          11 Nov 1923- 4 Nov1934 
J.Turner            child of Joe Truner,Negro employee on farm ,unable to read headstones. 
T. Tob              died May 10, 1910 A.D. age 24 Farm accident    Emperor Meiji 43-1910 
K. Kakada           23 Jan. 1913 Emperor Taisho3  Age 30 - Japanese letters on headstone 
Kazuko Okuma        6 Mar 1922-4 Jan 1927  Japanese letters on headstone 
Etsuko Kishi       (Baby Girl of Tora Kishi, niece of K. Kishi) Japanese letters on headstone 
Ichiro Kishi       (Baby Boy of Tora Kishi, nephew of K. Kishi) Japanese letters on headstone 
Otsuki Harumi       2 Nov 1921 – Emperor Taisho 11 
Fuji Kishi          6 Oct 1877- 2 Mar 1951 
K. Kishi            7 Jan 1872-15 July 1956  f/o Mrs. Toki Hirasaki 
Dr. Hachitaro Kishi Killed in auto accident 1936 
Asako Kishi         died aft. 1923  Newborn daughter of Dr. Kishi  Japanese letters on headstone 
Samuel Kishi        age 3 years-14 Feb  Son of Dr. Kishi  Japanese letters on headstone 
Masakichi Abe       died 4 Feb 1916  He was a carpenter. Japanese letters on headstone 
Robert Christian Tanamachi died ca 1928  New born Unmarked grave by persimmon tree. Mexican employee on farm
Orange County, Texas Cemeteries Part 2 by Rusty Alexander

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