Orange County, Texas! 
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Doctors and Dentist

The first physicians records are found in Book A, Dentist and Embalmer's Records in the Orange County Clerk's office. Before 1930, all physicians, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists, and embalmers were registered in the same book. Registration was not required before May 16,1873.

This information from "Gateway to Texas", p. 243, compiled by Dr. Howard Williams of Orange, Texas.
Used with permission.


Date Registered

David C. Hewson 
S. B. Hartman 
Samuel E. Brown 
J. D. Goben 
J. Dorman 
C. H. Stanburg 
James Saunders 
Bryan D. Pettitt 
Edwin A Bonneau 
Weden Thomas Smith 
Samuel W Sholoars
John A. Lovett 
W. W. Collins
13 Dec 1873 
4 Feb 1888 
16 Jan 1874 
1 Dec 1893
17 Mar 1877 
12 Sep 1889 
21 Oct 1878 
27 May 1890 
11 Oct 1879 
?, 1886 
22 May 1880 
3 Nov 1893 
28 Aug 1885


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