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Indian Creek Cemetery, Palo Pinto County, TX
Submitted by John Christian Banner as part of his Eagle Scout Project,
Sept. 16 & Sept 23, 2000

See notes for more information

ABERNATHY Ethel L. b-26 Mar 1880 d-18 Oct 1964

ADAMS James E. Jr. b-3 Dec 1914 d-9 Feb 1987 In Loving Memory

ADAMS Syble (Garrett) b-30 Aug 1895 d-26 Oct 1976 married 1924

ADAMS William H. b-12 Jan 1884 d-4 Jul 1946 married 1924

AGUES Sarah Katie b-1906 d-1987

ANGRESS Arpa Lur (Bittie) b-11 Feb 1910 d-26 Sep 1946 at rest

ANGRESS Bessie M. b-1882 d-1954 at rest

ANDRESS Bonnie b-1923 d-1984

ANDRESS Carl E. b-9 May 1915 d-29 Apr 1984 PFC US Army WWII

ANDRESS Dora Beth The L...Daughter...Limm...and...Bid Andress Born Died

ANDRESS Henry Lummuel Limmie b-3 Nov 1903 d-6 Jan 1982 at rest

ANGRESS Joel L. b-1871 d-1943 at rest

ANDRESS Rodney Joe b-24 Apr 1950 d-4 Jul 1993 We love you daddy

ARMSTRONG Newman b-7 Jul 1903 d-7 Nov 1928

AYDELOTT Jerry Kern b-14 Jul 1944 d-25 Mar 1997 TSgt US Air Force Vietnam

BALLENGER Ella G. b-27 Jul 1872 d-5 Mar 1962

BALLENGER Lee R. b-8 Feb 1864 d-14 May 1946

BALLENGER Melton b-1862 d-1945 At rest

BALLENGER Mina b-1872 d-1951 At rest

BARCKLAY Jack Warren Sr. b-12 Dec 1935 d-25 Aug 1989 John 14:6

BARCKLAY Rosemary Martha b-18 Jun 1937 d-20 Oct 1956 John 14:6

BAXTER Clara b-6 Sep 1873 d-5 May 1957

BAXTER J. N. d-16 Aug 1928 PVT 22 Ark Inf C.S.A.

BAXTER J. N. Jr. b-1900 d-1939 In memory of

BE** Elsie E. b-25 May 1913 married 15 May 1929

BE** J. C. b-31 Dec 1912 d-13 Oct 1991 married 15 May 1929

BEATY Ronald Gene 1939

BEATY Rimer Dale 1944 Baby

BEVERS J. S. Spence b-24 Dec 1909 d-17 Jun 1985

BEVERS John Wesley b-10 Jun 1871 d-12 Oct 1943

BEVERS Joseph Ime b-10 Jun 1880 d-11 Aug 1974 married 12 Oct 1896 to John Wesley

BEVERS Lee Row b-1899 d-1946

BEVERS Loney b-1899 d-1973

BEZIE Jimmie Faye b- 20 Apr 1939 d- 15 Feb 1997 MeMaw

BEVERS Rosanne b-1952 d-1952 veteran

BLAND Dan O. b-15 Nov 1893 d-14 Jun 1967 at rest

BLAND Binnie Lee b-19 Apr 1878 d-9 Deb 1961 Mother MLB At rest

BLAND H. A. b-14 Jun 1858 d-22 Apr 1914 Age 54 Gone but not forgotten

BLOODWORTH Lola b-186 d-1941

BOARMAN William E. b-1 Dec 1936 d-27 Dec 1936 Baby

BOHLIN Betty Jean b-20 Dec 1921 d-22 Oct 1989 BOHLIN

BOHLIN John Raymond b-25 Feb 1921 d-4 Oct 1962 BOHLIN

BOHLIN Jon Raymond b-25 Feb 1921 d-4 Oct 1962 Texas tank Co. C 750 BN WWII

BOLTON Charlie F. b-17 Mar 1907 d-3 Mar 1983

BOLTON Hattie L. b-22 Dec 1912

BOONE F. M. "Ug" b-13 Jan 1902 d-26 Aug 1996 married 29 Aug 1928

BOONE Marie Whatley b-10 Mar 1910 d-28 Feb 1997 married 29 Aug 1928

BOSTICK Mrs. Anne b-1865 d-1922

BOSTICK John F. b-1903 d-1938

BOSTICK W. H. b-1858 d-1933

BOSTICK Wilson b-1906 d-1907

BOURMAN Florence F. b-6 Dec 1988 d-1 May 1984 Sweetie

BOURMAN J. R. 13 May 1907

BORUMAN Joseph M. b-17 Nov 1872 d-26 Jan 1946

BOURMAN Maggie L. b-20 Sep 1874 d-6 Jan 1958

BOYD John Richard b-13 May 1924 d-16 Mar 1995 Pvt US Army WWII

BOZZELL Emarine b-1Sep 1826 d-31 Jul 1925 Mother

BOZZELL Hattie K. b-1895 d-1968

BOZZELL Martha Reana d-12 Jun ---2 Age 86 0 18

BOZZELL William Fred b-23 Oct 1880 d-26 Jan 1965

BROOKS Carrie Oletha b-25 Jun 1908 d-15 Jun 1997 married 15 Jan 1933

BROOKS John H. Dock b-20 Mar 1915 d-17 Jul 2000 married 15 Jan 1933

BROWN Billye Jo b-1929

BROWN Blenda F. b-25 Jul 1939 d-1 Aug 1939

BROWN Ellen V. b-27 Nov 1882 d-24 May 1959 Mama

BROWN Lawrence b-2 Jul 1910 d-3 Mar 1980

BROWN Retha b-22 Oct 1914 d-11 Dec 1978

BROWN Sellars B. b-28 Jul 1873 d-17 Sep 1958 Papa

BROWN Vernon Gene b-1928 d-1986

BRYANT Thomas R. b-3 May 1896 d-21 May 1962 Arkansas, pvt CO1 116 Engineers WWI

BUNCH Baby Boy b-1935 d-1935

BURNS James Rayford b-3 Feb 1920 d-18 Dec 1989 veteran US Navy WWII

BURNSIDE Branon C. b-21 Sep 1914 d-26 Dec 1983 Tec5 US Army WWII vet

BURSON Florence A. b-5 Oct 1896 d-19 Nov 1980 Mother

BUSBY Eltha b-5 Feb 1904 d-13 Nov 1949

BUTLER James b-12 Nov 1888 d-Nov 1964

CABANISS Robert Douglas b-31 Oct 1958 d-1 Feb 1971 Beloved son of Robert and Mary Cabaniss

CABANISS Mary B. b-24 Jul 1934 d-29 Apr 1990

CAIN Donald M. b-19 Aug 1908 d-20 Mar 1978 Daddy

CAIN Elsie J. b-22 Aug 1908 d-14 Jun 1993 Mother

CAMPBELL Iola b-1919 d-2000

CARTER C. L. b-11 May 1832 d-7 Dec 1910 In memory of

CALDWELL Beatrice Davis b-6 Apr 1925 Private Pilot

CALDWELL George Harding b-10 Feb 1921 d-6 Nov 1999 Sgt US Army Ret

CALHOUN Jessee Sr. b-18 Nov 1902 d-29 Mar 1997

CHAPMAN Uncle Dutch b-1 Jul 1889 d-20 Oct 1957

CHAPMAN Aunt Lue b-2 Aug 1888 d-1 Mar 1954

CHASTAIN Flora L. b-12 Mar 1917 d-7 Mar 1978

CHASTAIN Noble b-15 Mar 1907

CHICK C.A. b-27 Jul 1872 d-30 Sep 1899 Beloved one farewell Weep not he is at rest

CHICK Charles Anson b-1896 d-1930

CHICK Emma E. b-10 Apr 1889 d-29 Apr 1973

CHICK Mary Jane, his wife b-12 Mar 1866 d-14 Mar 1933 Mother Our loved Ones CHICK

CHICK R.G. b-10 Mar 1858 d-17 Nov 1937 Father Our loved ones CHICK

CHICK Robert Powell b-1906 d-1985

CHICK Virgil C. b-16 Feb 1892 d-29 Oct 1972

CHOATE Clara Johnston b-25 Aug 1932 d-17 Apr 1997 You gave us life, you taught us love Bill, Cindy, John, Doris, Sam, Renita, Curt, Clarence

CHOATE Clara Mae b-1932 d-1997

CHOATE Curtis Ray b-12 Oct 1945 d-12 Mar 1997

CHOATE D. M. Ragsdale b-2000 d-2000

CHOATE John David b-1852 d-1937

CHOATE John David b-1939 d-1980

CHOATE John M. b-1885 d-1957

CHOATE Other Clay b-1908 d-1924

COOK Albert Benjamin b-18 May 1887 d-2 Jul 1945 Texas Wagoner 111 SN TN 36 Div

COOK C. B. Our grandfather Precious memories

CORCORAN Lou Ella b-18 Jun 1870 d-23 Jan 1901 Lord she was thine and not mine own thou has. . .LEC

CORNEBISE Nanny b-8 Feb 1874 d-30 Apr 1962

CORTER Nancy S. b-1949 d-1987

COX Carla Gay b-16 Aug 1966 d-25 Sep 1983 An angel on earth

COX Christopher D. d-1964

COX Ethel B. b-30 Aug 1905 d-11 May 1993 married 26 Dec 1921

COX J. C. b-2 Mar 1911 d-11 Aug 1997 married 4 Nov 1933

COX J. Colba b-10 Dec 1897 d-24 Mar 1953

COX Naomi b-16 Apr 1914 d-17 Oct 1994 married 4 Nov 1933

COX Nola M. b-17 Jan 1906 d-2 Mar 1993

COX Virgil E. b-24 Jan 1900 d-2 Jan 1973 married 26 Dec 1921

COXWELL Hazel H. b-1923

COXWELL James M. b-1919

CURTIS Adelle b-23 Apr 1907 d-30 Nov 1990 loving memories

DANNER Aaron A. b-3 May 1977 d-1 Nov 1996 my angel

DAVIS Carolton H. b-15 Jul 1928 d-9 Jul 1994 married 11 Jun 1944 to Mildred L. 8 Apr 1930

DAVIS Henrietta b-26 Feb 1895 d-23 Nov 1958 The Davis's, Henrietta is another

DAVIS James Monroe b-29 Aug 1906 d-6 Aug 1984 US Army

DAVIS Jesse Myrle b-13 Jun 1925

DAVIS Terry Lee 24 Mar 1971 Sons of Ray and Sissy Davis

DAVIS Tony Lynn 24 Mar 1971 Sons of Ray and Sissy Davis

DAVIS Wilie Lee b-1 Nov 1924 d-4 Aug 1986 PFCUS Army WWII

DAVIS Willie Lee (Sonny) b-1 Nov 1924 d-4 Aug 1986 Married Jesse Myrle 28 Feb 1944

DAVIS Willis b-8 Mar 1894 d-11 Feb 1936 Pvt US Army WWI

DEBERRY Bert b-2 May 1919 d-1 May 1981 Sgt US Army WWII

DENDY George Jr. b-19 Jul 1929 d-19 Jul 1929 Baby

DENDY George T. b-13 Sep 1903 d-21 Nov 1975

DENDY Mary Inez b-27 Jun 1904 d-29 Mar 1999

DILLARD Floyd Lee b-26 Apr 1929

DILLARD Patsy Halford b-12 Dec 1937

DINWIDDIE Effie Elizabeth b-9 Dec 1902 d-25 Feb 1962

DINWIDDIE James W. b-12 Apr 1925 d-14 Jan 1966 Texas PFC 21 Infantry

DINWIDDIE James Wesley b-18 Mar 1858 d-8 Dec 1924

DINWIDDIE James Marshall(Pete) b-26 Jun 1891 d-3 May 1952

ELLIS Marion b-8 Jul 1921 d-28 May 1950

ESTILL Richard C, b-1941 d-1942

EUBANK Bernard Tom b-18 Aug 1912 d-14 Feb 1982

EUBANK Clyde Allen b-23 May 1926 d-5 Jul 1928 Son of T. E. and Susie Eubank Asleep in Jesus

EUBANK Fannie b-1851 d-1937 at rest mother

EUBANK William J. b-1843 d-1902 at rest father

EUBANK Winnie Mable b-17 Dec 1919 d-20 May 1997

EUBANKS M. J. b-25 Oct 1866 d-27 Feb 1926 Husband We'll join thee in that heavenly land no more to take the parting hand

EUBANKS Saltana b-1867 d-1937

EUBANKS Susie Dee b-6 Jul 1881 d-9 Oct 1970

EUBANKS Tom E. b-4 Sep 1876 d- 20 Jan 1948 In loving memory Father


EVANS Don b-1 Nov 1914 d-18 Apr 1989 S. Sgt US Army Air Cross WWII

EVANS Stella b-20 Feb 1895 d- 7 May 1890

EVANS Woodie W. b-8 May 1876 d-19 Sep 1954 7 May 1890

FARLEY Claudie b-24 Apr 1901 d-3 Apr 1902 Son of S.J. and J. Farley Safe on the evergreen shore

FARLEY Evie H. b-19 Mar 1898 d-8 May 1898 Dau of S. J. and M.J. Farley (further inscription illegible)

FISHER Fred Thomas b-29 Nov 1891 d-10 Jan 1981

FISHER Lyndia Lornene b-13 Apr 1905 d-3 Sep 1966

FLOWERS James A. b-15 Jun 1871 d-24 May 1931 At rest

FLOWERS Vada V. b-4 Aug 1881 d-12 Nov 1912 At rest

FRANCIS Edith E. (Johnson) b-21 Nov 1872 d-7 Jul 1943

FRANCIS Euclio G. b-1 Mar 1874 d-22 Sep 1955

FOGLE Nancy E. (Lizzie) b-1896 d-1936

FOLLY Elton L. b-23 Sep 1913 d-17 Jul 1982

FOLLY Elton Lloyd b-1913 d-1892

FOLLY Winnie b-4 Jul 1910 d-1 Jan 1991

FORD Della Andress b-20 Jan 1913 d-21 Jan 1977

FRONIAIDA Julius F. then son 9 Jul 1900 5 Dec 1925 Wife of James M. Way 12 Jan 1878 3 May 1906 In God we trust

GABRIEL Gladys Loraine b-6 Jan 1912 d-6 Jan 1992 Daughter of John F. and Little Mae Gabriel

GAGE Alice b-16 Sep 1866 d-28 Jun 1899 Wife of J.A. Gage age 33 yr




GANN Dorothy Louise b-27 May 1929 peaceful rest married 20 Dec 1946

GANN John Worth b-16 Nov 1894 d-24 Jul 1972 Pvt US Army WWI

GANN Sylvia Jo b-31 Dec 1952 d-31 Dec 1956 She is asleep in heaven

GANN Vernon Lee b-18 Jul 1921 d-23 Jun 1985 WT2 US Navy WWII married 20 Dec 1946 Peaceful rest

GARLAND Jessie E. b-24 Aug 1875 d-24 Oct 1959 GARLAND

GARLAND Kathryn V. b-21 Sep 1921 d-16 May 1996 GARLAND Mother

GARLAND Kirk Douglas b-4 Apr 1946 d-24 Jun 1950 Sons of Walter and Kathryn Garland

GARLAND Reece Taylor b-8 Feb 1903 d-19 Feb 1973 Here lies one giant of a man

GARLAND Ruby P. b-30 Jul 1878 d-17 Sep 1965 GARLAND

GARLAND Walter J. b-14 May 1918 d-13 Nov 1971 GARLAND

GARLAND Walter James b-4 Apr 1946 d-24 Jun 1950 Sons of Walter and Kathryn Garland

GARRETT Betty E. b-18 Sep 1863 d-7 Jan 1960

GARRETT Bobby Joe Baby boy of Mr. and Mrs. D. K. Garrett

GARRETT Charles David b-17 Jun 1858 d-5 Jan 1932

GARRETT Jackie Baby Boy of Mr. and Mrs. D. K. Garrett

GERMANY April Dawn b-1980 d-198

GLIDEWELL Claude W. b-27 Dec 1917 d-2 Sep 1920 Son of Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Glidewell with the angels

GLIDEWELL E. D. "Doc" b-6-Apr 1915

GLIDEWELL Ella Marie b-25 Jul 1918 d-23 Jan 1975

GLIDEWELL Johnny F. b-22 Apr 1913 d-16 Jul 1994

GLIDEWELL Malisie b-1 Aug 1875 d-12 May 1899 Wife of J. F. Glidewell In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust.

GLIDEWELL Minnie C. b-3 Sep 1883 d-24 Nov 1944 Mother in loving memory

GLIDEWELL Ruth E. Warren b-22 Apr 1918

GOODBAR Alonzo L. b-28 Apr 1885 d-25 Jun 1972

GOODBAR Cora J. b-26 Nov 1879 d-8 Oct 1963 Mother

GOODBAR Ethel L. b-6 Jun 1898 d-22 Jul 1964 She was the sunshine of our home Mother

GOODBAR Flora S. b-5 Jul 1888 d-18 Feb 1901 Daughter of J.A. and Leeann Gppdbar gone to be an angel

GOODBAR James A. b-17 Sep 1851 d-11 Mar 1934 Father

GOODBAR Leeann G. b-2 Aug 1852 d-8 Apr 1895 Wife of J. A. Goodbar There is a bright region above the long to reach its shore to join iwht the dear ones we love not lost but done before in my father's house are many mansions farewell

GOODBAR Pauline b-Apr 1879 d-Oct 1907

GOODBAR Sibba L. b-12 Oct 1898 d-16 Jul 1976 Sister

GOODBAR J. W. b-29 Mar 1881 d-8 May 1968 She was the sunshine of our home Father

HAFERKAMP Ivy b-1924 d-1972

HALFORD Ethel b-20 Nov 1903 d-28 Feb 1994

HALFORD James R. b-3 May 1921 d-14 Feb 1946 Texas Pfc 97 CML Mort arbn

HALFORD N.S. b-10 May 1867 d-1 May 1937

HALFORD Richard Douglas b-18 Nov 1940 d-19 Feb 1999 Gone fishing

HALL Mineola b-1895 d-1918

HALSELL Charles W. b-28 Jun 1862 d-10 Feb 1935

HALSELL Mollie E. b-23 Nov 1876 d-8 Sep 1964

HAMILTON Infant Daughter Infant daughter of George and Suzanne Hamilton

HAMILTON John Wayne b-1950 d-1977 Sp4 US Army

HAMILTON Richard Wayne Infant son of George and Suxanne Hamilton

HAMILTON William R. b-15 Mar 1897 d-26 Jan 1964 At rest

HARBIN Lucy T. b-1897 d-1942 Cotten-Bratton Funeral Chapel

HARBIN Sarah F. b-1872 d-1944 Cotten-Bratton Funeral Chapel

HARBIN W. C. b-14 Jul 1866 d-31 Oct 1918

HARMON Joe Mack 1940

HARMON John Edward 1941

HARMOND Evie Lena 9 Jan 1907 married 3 Jan 1935 At rest

HARMOND Loyd Mason b-13 Nov 1910 d-12 Nov 1969 married 3 Jan 1935 At rest

HARRIS Jeff D. b-3 Feb 1858 d-30 Sep 1948 Dad

HARRIS Lilie B. b-12 Apr 1904 d-13 Feb 1985

HARRIS Lizzie b-11 Aug 1868 d-14 Jun 1950 Mother

HARVEY Ruth Genellen b-12 May 1918 d-24 Jun 1989

HATFIELD Albert Lee b-20 May 1893 d-7 Dec 1955

HATFIELD Erma D. (Hatfield) b-20 Jun 1906 d-23 Feb 1984 Wife of D. P. Railsback

HENLEY Kitty May b-20 Aug 1911 d-14 Sep 1985

HENLEY Len b-14 Feb 1916 d-8 Dec 1968 pvt HESCO 842 Eng BN AVN WWII

HENSON Alfred N. b-30 Jan 1857 d-10 Mar 1948

HENSON Mary Eleanor b-1860 d-1896

HERRICKS Samuel Lee b-28 Mar 1883 d-24 Feb 1952

HESTILOW Homer C. b-12 Jan 1928 d-14 Apr 1978 Brother At Rest

HESTILOW Jim L. b-31 Dec 1890 d-30 Nov 1960 Daddy

HESTILOW John Allen b-10 Feb 1893 d-3 Apr 1959

HESTILOW Robert Allen b-13 Jul 1925 d-14 Jan 1996 S2 US Navy WWII

HESTILOW Mary S. b-18 Feb 1891 d-16 Sep 1942 Mother

HESTILOW Nancy A. b-3 Jan 1911 d-4 Apr 1989 Sister At rest

HILL Eliza d-15 Mar 1914 age 70 years

HILL Enoch Thomas b-1892 d-1902 Age 10 years

HILL G. M. D. b-24 Sep 1863 d-12 May 1939

HILL George Bruce b-1894 d-1902 Age 8 years

HILL Jessie b-25 Oct 1892 d-20 Oct 1894 Son of W.R.W.C. and N.E. Hill Farewell father mother dear I am not dead but resting here

HILL Jody Fannie b-23 Oct 1879 d-7 Jul 1953

HILL Laura

HILL Laura Lou b-16 Feb 1907 d-4 Jul 1920 Dau. W.F.H. F.B.H.

HILL Nancy E. b-19 Nov 1863 d-16 Feb 1920 his wife (WRWC) asleep in Jesus

HILL Virginia Gibbs b-1902 d-1995

HILL W.R.W.C. b-16 Feb 1861 d-21 Nov 1944 Asleep in Jesus

HILL W. Frank b-3 Dec 1874 d-12 Nov 1949 Father

HILL Walter R. M. b-19 May 1902 d-27 Sep 1948 Texas Pvt 97 Coast Arty WWII

HILL William B. b-1898 d-1968

HILL Willie M. b-15 Mar 1900 d-15 Feb 1976

HILL William Stephen b-16 Dec 1950 d-12 Oct 1999

HILL Wyley W. b-20 Jan 1902 d-17 Apr 1942

HOBBS Genevieve b-10 Dec 1946 d-12 Oct 1954 Our Little Darling

HODGES Lena b-26 Jul 1904 d-7 May 1965 Granny

HOUCK Cecil L. b-7 May 1904 d-8 Nov 1991

HOUCK Frances M. b-3 Feb 1915 d-9 Oct 1992

HOUSE D. J. b-1854 d-1916

HOUSE Elmer b-19 Dec 1892 d-28 Dec 1901 Age 17 years Weep not, father and mother, for me, for I am waiting in glory for thee

HOUSE John E. b-12 Nov 1884 d-27 Oct 1969 House Dad

HOUSE Laura A. b-8 May 1895 Mother

HOUSE Leo Oscar 25 Apr 1914 Son of Edd and May HOUSE

HOUSE Margaret R. b-1865 d-1919

HUDDELSTON Troy Lynn b-18 Nov 1966 d-18 Dec 1979 Son

HUDSON Edward H. b-21 Apr 1910 d-29 Jun 1993

HUDSON Holly Dalton b2 Mar 1902 d-2 Dec 1976

HUDSON Infant son b-2 Jan 1904 d-2 Jan 1904 Infant son of J.W. and M. J. Hudson

HUDSON James Walter b-29 Apr 1876 d-15 May 1963

HUDSON Martha Ann b-29 Sep 1846 d-12 Dec 1902 HUDSON Wife of J.H. Hudson Asleep in Jesus

HUDSON Mary Jane b-29 Jul 1876 d-3 Mar 1967

HUDSON Seth James b-28 Mar 1912 d-10 Mar 1979 In loving memory

HUDSON William Clyde b-31 Aug 1905 d-24 Dec 1933

HUGHES Ona LaRue Halford b-7 Nov 1929 married 13 Nov 1981

HUGHES Robert Ford b-4 Apr 1916 d-11 Nov 1991 married 13 Nov 1981

HUTTO Homer Lewis b-1901 d-1961

JACKSON Mary Richie b-10 Aug 1896 d-21 Feb 1979

JACKSON Millard F. b-30 May 1892 d-1 Jul 1976

JACKSON William H. b-1910 d-1964

JENKINS Andrew John b-1914 d-1985

JENKINS Thelma Mae b-1917 d-1984

JOHNSTON B. Walton b-30 May 1883 d-5 May 1966

JOHNSTON Flora Drue b-8 Aug 1895 d-30 May 1928

JOHNSTON Juanita Faye b-10 Jul 1924 d-10 Jun 1970 At rest

JONES Nancy L. b-30 Jul 1949 d-22 Aug 1949

JONSTON Reuben Walton b-13 Sep 1921 d-7 Nov 1984 CPI US Army WWII

KEARBY Alice Belle b-7 Feb 1928 d-14 Feb 1928

KELLEY Mary Evelyn Tompkins b-12 Apr 1916 d-21 Oct 1944 married 8 Sep 1935

KELLEY William Evertt b-16 Dec 1914 d-28 Mar 1997 married 8 Sep 1935

KELLEY Orval Eugene b-18 Dec 1932 d-18 Dec 1932 budded on earth to bloom in heaven

KIMBROUGH Baylor b-11 Mar 1894 d-28 jan 1973 Dad

KIMBROUGH Ethel b-11 Feb 1897 d-22 Dec 1918

KIMBROUGH Joel b-2 Nov 1915 d-7 Mar 1976

KIMBROUGH Lou Alice b-14 Mar 1908

KIMBROUGH M. F. b-12 May 1840 d-17 Jul 1917 At rest Mother

KIMBROUGH M. I. b-25 Sep 1866 d-25 Mar 1940

KIMBROUGH Maggie M. b-1910 d-1962 Kimbrough

KIMBROUGH Pauline b-27 Jan 1916 d-6 Nov 1996

KIMBROUGH R. b-19 Oct 1827 d-22 Feb 1908 At rest Father

KIMBROUGH Sallie V. b-20 Dec 1887 d-12 Jul 1945

KIMBROUGH Tandy L. b-9 Oct 1889 d-30 Jun 1970

KIMBROUGH W.R. b-10 Apr 1868 d-17 Feb 1952

KIMBROUGH William R. b-1905 d-1982 Kimbrough

LANGHAM Anna Lee(Whatley) b-18 Apr 1895 d-13 Mar 1968 Our darling one has gone before to greet us on the blissful shore LANGHAM

LEE Albert b-10 Nov 1879 d-7 Aug 1935

LEE Columbus R.(Lum) b-3 Oct 1909 d-7 Feb 1983

LEE E.S. b-20 Nov 1838 d-20 Oct 1925

LEE Lana C. b-27 May 1904 d-29 Jul 1965

LEE Leslie b-1884 d-1971

LEE Mandy V. (Morgan) b-4 Aug 1882 d-4 Jun 1952

LEE Mary Ann b-1 Dec 1849 d-2 Nov 1910

LEGGETT J. T. b-6 Dec 1876 d-7 Jan 1946 Remember sons as you stand by, as you are now so once was I, as I am now some day you will be, prepare for death and follow me. I remember, dearest mother, All your tender ways; there never will be another to bring joy on sad days. LEGGETT

LEGGETT Laura Matthews b-8 Oct 1875 d-20 Sep 1945 Remember sons as you stand by, as you are now so once was I, as I am now some day you will be, prepare for death and follow me. I remember, dearest mother, All your tender ways; there never will be another to bring joy on sad days. LEGGETT

LEGGETT Nina Mae b-9 Aug 1922 d-22 Jun 1985

LEGGETT Pearl b-1912 d-1940

LEGGETT William Hugh (Jack) b-28 Feb 1910 d-13 Jun 1992

LEWIS A. D. Jr. Age 4

LEWIS Nora Eubank b-8 Oct 1891 d-2 May 1973

LEWIS Yancey E. b-3 Aug 1902 d-7 Dec 1939

LEWIS Yancey N. b-24 Dec 1934 d-9 Jun 1935

LIKE Ida Kearby b-22 Nov 1895 d-5 Aug 1970 Mama

LIKE J. V. b-1874 d-1957

LIKE John W. b-24 Dec 1891 d-28 Dec 1979 Sambo

LIKE John W. Jr b-1922 d-1978 PFC US Army WWII

LIKE Martha E. b-6 Jan 1906 d-30 May 1976 Nanny

LIKE Mary E. b-1878 d-1949

LIKE Minnie Lee b-10 Mar 1901 d-25 Aug 1977 married 2 Nov 1922

LIKE Willie C. b-8 Aug 1897 d-24 Jan 1977 married 2 Nov 1922

LINDLEY Dorothy Lucelile b-22 May 1938 d-21 Nov 1978 In loving memory

LINDLEY Elizabeth b- 3 Nov 1927 d-24 Aug 1983 Sis

LINDLEY James F. b-23 Feb 1928 d-28 Apr 1987 pvt US Army WWII

LINDLEY James F. Jr. b-23 Feb 1928 d-28 Apr 1987

LOTSPEICH B. P. d-28 May 1900 In memory of aged 75 years safe safe at home

LOTSPEICH Johnie Robert b-5 Oct 1904 d-14 Jun 1906

LOVIN Ethel H. b-1 Sep 1895 d-19 Sep 1981

LOVIN James A. b-25 Aug 1896 d-10 Nov 1966

LUNDGREEN Mary (Rogers) b-8 Nov 1902 d-10 Feb 1966

LYLES Danny Dawane b-1966 d-1966

MAHAN Margaret Sarah b-21 Feb 1919 d-26 Jul 1990 Beloved parents of twelve, 18 May 1940

MAHAN Orbie Aldo b-2 Jul 1904 d-29 Dec 1980 Beloved parents of twelve, 18 May 1940

MANLEY Richard b-1877 d-1964

MARTIN Sylvester F. b-26 May 1913 d-22 Jan 1998 SI US Navy WWII

MASTERS Bruce b-11 Jul 1921 d-27 Feb 1922 Asleep in Jesus

MASTERS Fred b-26 Apr 1887 d-25 Apr 1963

MASTERS Sallie b-10 Feb 1890 d-9 Aug 1968

MASTERSON Alma b-3 May 1909 d- MA married 7 Aug 1935

MASTERSON C. K. b-12 Nov 1909 d-29 May 1985 PA married 7 Aug 1935

MASTERSON Carroll W. b-8 May 1918 d-29 Sep 1962 Asleep in Jesus

MASTERSON Gertie P. b-10 Jul 1917

MCCOY Tim Timothy Ray b-6 Mar 1945 d-19 Jul 1969 At rest with Jesus


MCDUFFEE Dillard 16 Aug 1916 At rest in heaven

MCDUFFEE Frances Lee b-9 Jan 1931 d-19 Jan 1979

MCDUFFEE Fred E. b-10 May 1897 d-27 Jun 1915 He has gone below for nothing

MCDUFFEE H. N. b-1862 d-1941

MCDUFFEE Randolph L. b-29 Jan 1922 d-2 Mar 2000

MCFALL Wanna Loy Nickell b-13 Oct 1935 d-21 Oct 1984 CRNA A Joy to the World

MCGOWEN Viola Irene b-8 Sep 1922 d-14 Dec 1976

MCMICHAEL Oakley L. b-8 Sep 1891 d-27 Apr 1939

MCQUEARY Jan H. b-31 Oct 1948 d-21 Sep 1994 Loving husband and father, SSgyt US Air Force Vietnam

MEEKS Elmer M. b-6 Apr 1894 d-1 Dec 1966

MEEKS Tressie S. b-28 Nov 1900 d-28 Jan 1981

MERRICK Lottie Mills b-30 Sep 1901 d-17 Feb 1922 Wife of Percy Merrick Asleep in Jesus Merrick

MILLS Herman Eugene 13 Dec 1917 MILLS

MILLS Jimmie McCluster b-15 Oct 1912 d-8 Jul 1998

MILLS Linnie Bell b-3 Mar 1915 d-16 Feb 1917 Daughter of R. L. and Ellen Mills with the angels

MILLS Mary Ellen b-27 Jun 1877 d-31 May 1959 Mills Mama

MILLS Raymond Lee b-26 Jun 1867 d-8 May 1957 Bills Papa

MILLS Reuben Riley b-26 Mar 1896 d-24 Jun 1961 Texas Cook US Army WWI

MILLS Ruby Estill b-24 Feb 1904 d-11 Jun 1984

MILLS Ola V. b-1905 d-1973 There shall be no night there

MITCHELL Arthur G. b-1909 d-1975

MITCHELL Julia Agnes b-1878 d-1950

MITCHELL LeRoy b-11 Jan 1913 d-22 Jun 1969 Texas as US Navy WWII

MITCHELL Lonie L. b-13 JUN 1883 d-17 Mar 1957

MITCHELL Mary L. b-18 Feb 1888 d-1 Apr 1930

MITCHELL T. (Jeff) b-1874 d-1930

MODRALL Erma P. b-25 Jan 1902 d-1 Feb 1941

MOORE Alvin S. b-29 Sep 1881 d-2 Jul 1966 Father

MOORE Evelyne b-1928 d-1928

MOORE Rev. Jackson Tom married 8 Sep 1936 Grandpa MOORE

MOORE Jessie b-1919 d-2000

MOORE Joe Edd b-1911 d-1932

MOORE Pearlie Marline b-8 Sep 1918 d-22 May 1984 married 8 Sep 1936 Grammie MOORE

MOORE Rosa M. b-19 Jun 1888 d-29 Apr 1960 Mother

MOORE Walter Joe

MOORE Walter Joe b-1970 d-1970

MORGAN Alford b-10 Jul 1974 d-1 Jan 1936 Married 1 May 1903 MORGAN

MORGAN Alfred b-1873 d-1935

MORGAN George b-15 Jul 1845 d-28 Apr 1931 Come ye blessed Another dear father in heaven

MORGAN Leonard E. b-23 Jun 1918 d-6 Aug 1918

MORGAN Lovell W. b-12 Jul 1916 d-11 Apr 1917

MORGAN M. C. b-18 Aug 1873 d-17 Mar 1957 to be In loving memory of our Daddy

MORGAN Mazy C. b-18 Sep 1845 d-11 Nov 1911 Wife of George Morgan Come Ye blessed of Heaven's gate

MORGAN Obed b-29 May 1899 d-19 Oct 1899

MORGAN Roxie Ann b-12 Jan 1888 d-20 Mar 1978 Married 1 May 1903 MORGAN

MORGAN Tennie b-6 Oct 1900 d-3 Jun 1908

MORRIS Fannie D. b-27 Dec 1863 d-16 May 1907 Wife of S.H. Morris F.D.M. She was the sunshine of our home.

MORRIS S. H. b-1860 d-1936 Nor forgotten

MORRIS W. M. b-11 Sep 1903 d-29 Jul 190?

MURRAY Lillie Mae b-1922 d-2000

NEELY Lee Baxter b-20 Nov 1892 d-17 Feb 1967 PFC Mil Police Corps WWI

NEELY Nell b-1901 d-1985 Bumgardner Service

NELSON E. C. b-9 Mar 1870 d-8 Jul 1909 Hope

NEWBERRY Lawrence Kenneth b-7 Mar 1930 d-19 Dec 1932 Son

NICKS Edith May Cook b-3 Jul 1902 d-25 Nov 1994 Nicks Mother married 21 Mar 1920

NICKS William Centon b-21 Jun 1899 d-20 May 1929 Nicks Father married 21 Mar 1920

NUNLEY Willie b-1894 d-1929 Mother

OKSA Christopher John b-9 Jan 1977 d-11 Jan 1977 Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Oksa

OLSON Patsy Ann b-10 Jan 1934 d-31 Jul 1955

OLSON W. H. b-8 Jul 1934 d-11 Feb 1992 SW US Navy Korea

OLSON W. H. "Bill" b-7 Jul 1934 d-11 Feb 1992 Loving parents of Cheryl, Buddy, Teresa, Joe

O'NEAL Charles H. b-14 Jul 1920 d-18 Mar 1937 In life trustworthy in death rewarded

O'NEAL Dallas Martin b-20 Jun 1918 d-27 Jun 1918

O'NEAL Dallas Shannon b-13 Mar 1879 d-27 Apr 1921

O'NEAL John Richard b-3 Sep 1902 d-21 Jan 1984

O'NEAL Minnie Bell b-27 Aug 1882 d-25 Aug 1925

O'NEIL Lisa Bell b-25 Apr 1967 d-2 Sep 1996

OSBORNE Dara Deane b-15 Jan 1906 d-22 May 1959 In loving memory of our mother and sister

OSBORNE Dora Lee b-30 Nov 1928 d-12 Jul 1937 In loving memory of our mother and sister

OWENS Beular

OWENS Clifton Kerby b-17 Aug 1912 d-27 Nov 1998 SGM US Army WWII Koren

OWENS Donnie D. (Nannie) b-16 Nov 1905 d-31 Aug 1977

OWENS Dorothy L. b-30 Apr 1928 Mama, married 15 Dec 1953

OWENS Elmer R. b-18 Mar 1893 d-21 Nov 1981 Daddy, married 15 Dec 1953

OWENS Glenda F. b-26 Sep 1948 d-9 Dec 1969

OWENS Harriet 27 Mar 1906

OWENS Henry b-29 Jun 1862 d-10 Jun 1945 married 15 Aug 1889

OWENS Jim C. (Poppie) b-13 Sep 1890 d-12 Sep 1963

OWENS John W. b-1869 d-1939 Until we meet again

OWENS Lillie C. b-2 Apr 1871 d-15 Sep 1939 marrioed 15 Aug 1889

OWENS Mary Elizabeth b-5 Sep 1916 d-19 Jun 1941 Our loving mother

OWENS Nancy Jane b-20 Mar 1838 d-23 Feb 1928 Little Granny

OWENS Ruth Maxine b-12 May 1923 d-9 May 1981

OWENS Samuel D. b-23 Jul 1898 d-29 Dec 1972

OWENS Sarah C. b-1875 d-1961 Until we meet again

OWENS Truman Thomas b-4 Mar 1909 d-11 Oct 1983 TSGT US Army WWII

PARKER Peggy Jo b-17 Jul 1931 d-21 Apr 1985 In loving memory

PARTON Lloyd F. b-11 Aug 1911 d-16 Nov 1933 In loving memory

PAYNE Frances Marie Hodges b-16 Dec 1929 d married 14 Dec 1963

PAYNE Lyman Judge b-30 May 1926 married 14 Dec 1963

PER Dearleen b-1880 d-1961

PHARISS Anita E. b-21 Jan 1926 d-16 Jan 1988 married 20 Jun 1948



PIERCE Cassie b-19 Dec 1856 d-17 Apr 1918 Mother Waiting for Loved Ones

PIERCE Floyd D. b-24 May 1908 d-24 Nov 1984 Father Pierce

PIERCE Henry Cleveland b-15 Jul 1885 d-14 Nov 1940 Asleep in Jesus

PIERCE Marian Franklin b-5 Sep 1875 d-23 Mar 1951 Gone but not forgotten

PIERCE Mattie M. b-22 Nov 1911 Mother Pierce

PIERCE William B. b-1882 d-1988

PIERCE Winfield b-13 Dec 1847 d-14 Dec 1918 Father On the other side Pierce

PINCHING Nettie Inez b-22 Aug 1911 d-15 Mar 1966 In Loving Memory

PINEX Leta b-1906 d-1962

PINEX Vern E. b-1901 d-1972

PITTS Laura L. b-6 Jun 1905 d- Married 1 Aug 1945

PITTS Walter B. b-27 May 1906 d-23 Apr 1988 Married 1 Aug 1945

PORTER Claude Albert b-30 Apr 1917 d-26 Apr 1958 PFC Co K38 Infantry WWII BSM and OIC Ph

PORTER Norman Douglas b-5 Oct 1922 d-5 Jan 1988 Capt US Army WWII

PRESNALL Jewel Hope b-1916 d-1919 Bud of Love

PERKINS Quintana b-1913 d-1994 Granny Snookie

PRUITT Bessie Idella b-20 Aug 1907 d-4 Dec 1994 Married 6 Dec 1929 Pruitt Son of John and Matilda Jane Pruitt Daughter of John F. and Lillie May Gabriel

PRUITT H. Reedy b-23 Jul 1921 d-22 Jan 1980 T Sgt US Army WWII Korea

PRUITT Lou Zania b-16 Jul 1906 d-25 Aug 1969 Married 6 Dec 1929 Pruitt Son of John and Matilda Jane Pruitt Daughter of John F. and Lillie May Gabriel

PURTON Clarice b-21 Sep 1911 d-28 Apr 1978 In loving memory

PUTT Floyd D. b-13 May 1915 d-26 Jan 1959 God's finger touched him and he slept

PUTT John Tom b-21 Aug 1940 d-31 Jan 1965 God's finger touched him and he slept

PUTT Mattie M. b-19 Mar 1920 d-18 Jul 1979 God's finger touched her and she slept

PUTT Michael David b-8 Oct 1946 d-3 Jan 1982 SP5 US Army Vietnam

PYLE Donald F. b-30 Oct 1905 d-15 Aug 1966

PYLE Jerry Eugene b-21 Dec 1931 d-1 Sep 1979

PYLE Mamie Freida b-21 Jan 1910 d-6 Aug 1979

PYLE William D. b-15 May 1928 d-26 Apr 1999

QUEEN Daphne L. b-27 Jun 1897 d-5 Oct 1899 Only sleeping

QUEEN Lola P. b-11 Mar 1901 d-31 May 1902 Only sleeping

QUEEN Orvid K. b-3 Jun 1894 d-11 Sep 1899 Only sleeping

QUEEN Thelma C. b-30 Dec 1905 d-29 Mar 1906 Only sleeping

QUEEN W. H. Co. E Birds L.A. Cav C.S.A.

QUEEN Wilma b-6 May 1873 d-21 Jan 1951 Wife of W. H. Queen

RADFORD Edgar (Slim) b-1 Dec 1908 d-1 Feb 1985 married 11 Nov 1939

RADFORD Ethel F. b-20 Jun 1921 d married 11 Nov 1939 Granny Walking with Jesus Dee Dee

REED Alfred B. b-29 Nov 1894 d-15 May 1971 In loving memory

REED Laura b-26 Feb 1907 d-13 May 1965 In loving memory

REEDER Agnes b-1905 d-1934

REEDY Clayton T. b-1914 d-1984 Father REEDY

REEDY Eddie Floyd b-4 Sep 1912 d-8 Dec 1918 Son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Reedy

REEDY Edward Carroll b-31 Dec 1925 d-Jul 1999 married 9 Sep 1977

REEDY Effie D. b-1890 d-1911 Mother

REEDY Emmie L. b-1890 d-1918 Mother

REEDY Flora M. b-4 Jul 1894 d-19 Jun 1959 married 24 Dec 1912

REEDY Frances Taylor b-1911 REEDY Mother

REEDY George A. b-25 Feb 1886 d-20 Dec 1950 married 24 Dec 1912

REEDY George Alton b-1950 d-1933 born Talbot Co GA

REEDY Henry Jackson b-9 Apr 1933 d-23 Jun 2000 REEDY Loving parents of Vicky, Carolynn, Mark and Henry J.

REEDY Henry Lesley b-19 Aug 1907 d-28 Feb 1975 married 31 Oct 1926

REEDY Jerry Wayne b-21 Jul 1950 d-29 Jun 1992 S Sgt US Army Vietnam

REEDY Jimmy C. b-20 Jul 1935 d-27 Jun 1974 PFC US Army

REEDY Joe Weldon b-1931 d-1943 Brother

REEDY John Tom b-1928 d-1990 Daddy

REEDY Katie Odessa b-14 Sep 1914 d-7 Dec 1918 Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Reedy

REEDY Kenneth Lee b- 1936 d-1999

REEDY Lavinia L. b-6 Jun 1887 d-1 Dec 1964

REEDY Loyd Alton b-20 Jan 1955 d-26 Feb 1957 Son of Mr.and Mrs. Geroge Alton Reedy Our baby sleeps

REEDY Mary Janetta b-31 Oct 1910 d-29 Nov 1913 Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Reedy

REEDY Mertice Jimmie b-22 May 1910 d-12 Jan 1992 married 31 Oct 1926

REEDY Pauline 16 Feb 1937 REEDY Loving parents of Vicky, Carolynn, Mark and Henry J.

REEDY Priscilla (Pat) b-7 Jan 1928 d-9 Mar 1995 married 9 Sep 1977

REEDY R. H. b-1884 d-1944 Father

REEDY Robbin H. "Shorty" b-20 Nov 1906 d-17 Oct 1972

REEDY Sally Chester b-2 Jan 1876 d-22 Feb 1963

REEDY Sarah Blanch b-1876 d-1918

REEDY Thomas L. b-1911 d-1976 Tec 5 US Army WWII

REEDY Thomas W. b-15 Feb 1888 d-25 Aug 1969

REEDY Viola Goodbar b-1909 d-1992 Mother

REEDY William John b-3 Oct 1874 d-21 Oct 1932

REASONER Juanelle C. b-7 Sep 1928 d-18 Aug 1995

REASONER Juanita Lovin b- 21 May 1919 d-19 Apr 2000 Beloved Mother

REASONER Leonard Ross b-21 Sep 1921 d-24 Sep 1994

RICHARD Joy E. b- May 1944 d- Jun 1975 In loving memory

RICHARD Odessa D. b-1903 d-1970 In loving memory

RICHARD Walter b-1901 d-1979

RICHARDSON Maggie Ruth b-30 Sep 1927 d-10 Sep 1983

RIGGS Earl Willis b-15 Feb 1931 d-23 Mar 1956 Texas Air Force

RODGERS Infant Daughter 1895 Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Rodgers

RODGERS Renie b-23 Dec 1892 d-27 Dec 1895 Daughter of W. A. and S.E. Rodgers Fold her o father in heaven and let her be-----love between our heart and thee R.R.

RODGERS Susan E. b-6 Sep 1852 d-29 Jul 1940 Mother

RODGERS William A. b-28 Feb 1854 d-27 Aug 1946 Father

ROGERS Fred J. Rev. b-20 Feb 1901 d-1 Jun 1996

ROGERS Freida May b-3 May 1925 d-5 Jan 1931 Our baby Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rogers with the angel's

ROGERS John C. b-13 Dec 1906 d-12 Apr 1966 Pfc US Army WWII Purple heart

ROGERS Lola Mills b-25 Apr 1905 d-21 Sep 1992

ROSS David Wayne b-15 Mar 1961 d-3 Nov 1970 God's Little Angel

ROSS Ducan Ella b-29 Sep 1904 d-27 Jan 1972

ROSS Jo Ellen b-31 Dec 1937 d-6 Mar 1997 My special gift from God Married 29 Sep 1952

ROWLAND Tom Ray b-13 Oct 1903 d-15 Feb 1965

ROWLAND Nora Lee b-15 Mar 1900 d-8 Aug 1965

RURNS Ronnie Lee b-1 Oct 1953 d-2 Sep 1972 Loving memory

RUSHING Gaylon Ann b-28 Dec 1931 d-Jun 1934

SALTER JAMES R. b-1902 d-1963

SAVAGE Joe Baker b-21 Jul 1906 d-12 Jul 1983

SAVAGE Ruth Catherine b-1923 d-1983

SEAMAN James Lester b-21 Sep 1905 d-28 Feb 1991 married 5 Feb 1926

SEAMAN Kenneth L. b-22 Jul 1933 26 May 1955

SEAMAN Martha b-21 March 1904 d-12 Nov 1982 married 5 Feb 1926

SEAMAN Nancy L. Boone b-13 Dec 1934 26 May 1955

SCATES Gracie d-1896

SCATES Virgel b-1900 d-1960

SELLERS Mamie Vada b-22 Mar 1907 d-31 Aug 1984 Daddy's Mimi

SELLERS Marvin "Shorty" b-28 Jun 1912 d-18 Jan 1973

SETH J. b-19 Sep 1881 d-22 Jun 1949

SHARROCK Betty (Eubank) b-20 Feb 1888 d-14 Jun 1957 married 5 Jan 1917

SHARROCK Joseph C. b-5 Mar 1875 d-1 Mar 1963 married 5 Jan 1917

SHELTON Susan A. b-1965 d-1965

SHIELDS Emma Caroline b-4 Mar 1874 d-19 Jul 1913

SHIELDS John P. b-24 Mar 1849 d-21 Dec 1922

SHEILDS Martha M. b-2 Nov 1890 d-19 Apr 1969 At rest Mama

SHIELDS Sarah b-1 Nov 1852 d-6 Nov 1902 Come Ye Blessed Wife of J.P. Shields She was a kind and affectionate wife a fond mother and a friend to all SHIELDS

SHIELDS T.M. Mart b-18 Oct 1873 d-7 Mar 1943 Brother

SHIELDS William I. b-5 Aug 1885 d-3 May 1971 At rest Papa

SHRUM D. M. b-6 Nov 1905 d-4 Mar 1991

SHRUM Floyd b-1914 d-1916

SHRUM J. G. b-26 Mar 1890 d-3 Mar 1904 Son of J.M. and M.A. Shrum Eternal rest grant to him o Lord and let perpetual light shine on him

SHRUM John M. b-11 Nov 1855 d-18 Jan 1937 In memory of Mother

SHRUM Mabel b-6 Apr 1919 d-29 May 1984

SHRUM Martha A. b-13 Jan 1862 d-29 Oct 1936 In memory of Mother

SHRUM Martha E. b-1891 d-1913

SHRUM Verna T. b-24 Jun 1900 d-2 Jun 1967

SHUBERT Ida Mae b-9 Nov 1904 d-22 Mar 1991

SIMONSON Iris L. b-31 Jul 1907 d-1 Jun 1976 In loving memory

SINGLETON Emily L. b-1863 d-1960

SNIDER Anna Warren "Sis" b-14 Mar 1899 d-7 Dec 1984 Mother's are God's Gift to Children

SNIDER David Francis b-25 May 1889 d-9 Mar 1957 Father

SNIDER Effie C. b-22 Jan 1893 d-16 Apr 1972

SNIDER Grover Cleveland b-10 Mar 1891 d-10 Nov 1989

SNIDER Baby Johnny Matt b-1954 d-1954 Son of Sruce and Shirley Snider

SNIDER Norman Bruce b-10 Jan 1929 d-15 Jan 1988 AFC US Air Force Korea

SNOW Barbara Add b-5 Jul 1940 d-2 Sep 1940 infant daughter of T. J. and Irene Snow

SPANHANKS Ethel b-10 Jan 1897 d-23 Sep 1976 Faithful to their trust even unto death

SPANHANKS William M. b-22 Jul 1892 d-22 Jan 1963 Faithful to their trust even unto death

STEDDUM Ida O. b-18 Feb 1908 d-22 Aug 1995 Loving wife and mother

STEDDUM J. M. b-21 Sep 1910 d-8 Jan 1980 At rest

STEPHENS Family marker for William Franklin and Rebecca E.

STEPHENS Allie b-14 May 1859 d-8 Mar 1941

STEPHENS Bobbye b-1931 d-1993 Mother the rose and the brier

STEPHENS Emily b-17 Jul 1861 d-19

STEPHENS George W. b-29 Mar 1857 d-18 Jan 1936 married 25 Dec 1890

STEPHENS Lawrence b-20 Aug 1884 d-5 Oct 1908 Farewell my wife and children all from you a father Christ doth call

STEPHENS Lewis b-187u d-1929

STEPHENS Mary Etta b-3 Feb 1872 d-15 Oct 1959 married 25 Dec 1890

STEPHENS Mrs. Mattie b-1878 d-1937

STEPHENS Nellie b-1907 d-1915

STEPHENS Rebecca E. b-1864 d-1904 R.E.S.

STEPHENS Sarah b-26 Apr 1818 d-25 Mar 1906 At rest

STEPHENS Thomas Jr. b-1930 d-1994 Father the rose and the brier

STEPHENS Vergie Ann b-23 Jul 1905 d-19 Jun 1924 Daughter of J.L. and Carrie Stephens V.A.S.

STEPHENS William Franklin b-9 Feb 1855 d-9 Nov 1945

STOCKMAN Hardy V. b-1899 d-1974 Our beloved father rest in peace

STOKER Ada b-5 Jul 1893 d-28 Feb 1965

STOKER I. J. b-29 Sep 1884 d-23 May 1922 Father

STOKER Wilborn E. b-26 Nov 1924 d-28 Dec 1962 Veteran Texas Yntl US Navy WWII

SULTER James R. b-1902 d-1963

SWANSON Pearl b-26 Oct 1885 d-24 Jun 1961

SWANSON Virgil b-7 Feb 1881 d-20 Jan 1930

SWINNEY Aldridge (Al) b-11 May 1896 d-13 Mar 1928

SWINNEY Delia J. b-11 Sep 1895 d-1 Jun 1975

TAYLOR Joe Hill b-11 Jul 1920 d-9 Sep 1996 married 15 Aug 1943 Daddy

TAYLOR Joe Louis b-28 Nov 1907 d-17 Dec 1979 Oklahoma Sgt US Army WWII

TAYLOR Joe Louis b-28 Nov 1911 d-17 Dec 1973

TAYLOR Lina Belle b-22 Nov 1924 married 15 Aug 1943 Mama

TAYLOR Paula Ozella b-21 Apr 1922 d-

TEAGUE Deanna b-1971 d-1971

TEAGUE Genell b-11 Nov 1937 d-22 Mar 1942

TEAGUE Mary Belle b-1924 d-1989 Bumgardner Service

TEICHMAN Edward b-8 Aug 1889 d-27 Jul 1957 PFC US Army WWI

TEMPLETON Nehamiah Myers b-21 Mar 1913 d-15 Mar 1996 Married 14 Feb 1947

TIMAEUS Vernell b-12 Mar 1931 d-14 Jan 1984

TOMERLIN Katherine Warrenb-26 Aug 1910 d-9 Jul 1996 Together forever

TOMERLIN Paul b-19 Feb 1907 d-5 Oct 1998 Together forever


TOMPKINS Dorothy E. b-26 Dec 1923 d-26 Dec 1923 Daughter of J.L. and Millie Tompkins

TOMPKINS J. H. 22 Mar 1913 Our darling one has gone before

TOMPKINS John H. b-6 Jul 1914 d-9 May 1925 Son of JL and Millie Tompkins

TOMPKINS John L. b-18 Nov 1881 d-12 Nov 1960 Precious Memories

TOMPKINS Mary Leayne b-16 Jan 1854 d-20 Jul 1930 In Loving Memory of MAMMA

TOMPKINS Maybelle b-17 Sep 1896 d-24 Apr 1975

TOMPKINS Millie D. b-19 Jun 1885 d-Feb 1959 Precious Memories

TOMPKINS Morris James b-1 Jul 1919 d-25 Feb 1986 MSGT US Army WWII

TOMPKINS Ralph Lewis b-2 Apr 1891 d-27 Dec 1973

TOMPKINS Stella O. b-1911 d-1994 Mrs. C. D. Tompkins

TOMPKINS Thelma b-30 Nov 1906 d-1 May 1917 Daughter of J.L.S. and Millie Tompkins

TOMPKINS Virgil Owen b-8 Nov 1911 d-31 Jan 1974 Texas Pvt US Army WWII

VERNER Charles E. b-28 Aug 1934 d-16 Mar 1987

WAGNER Cottie b25 Dec 1893 d-6 Oct 1981 Sweet Rememberance ours Eternal Rest Yours

WAGNER Will b-11 Dec 1884 d-1 Feb 1960 Sweet Rememberance ours Eternal Rest Yours

WALDEN Ben Lewis b-1886 d-1977 Bumgardner Service

WALDEN Willie Mae b-1896 d-1982 Bumgardner Service

WALKER Alice M. "Della" b-18 Oct 1895 d-22 Mar 1978 Mother

WALKER Bucilla b-17 Oct 1917 d-13 Oct 1987 WALKER

WALKER Columbus L. b-1904 d-1937

WALKER Floyd b-12 Apr 1921 d-14 May 1971 PFC CO K 128 Infantry WWII

WALKER Frank b-1889 d-1962

WALKER Freddie Vernell b-13 Jan 1929 d-4 Jan 1981 At rest

WALKER George A. b-12 Jan 1946 d-13 Sep 1949

WALKER Homer Jr.

WALKER Houston Oran b-14 Jun 1954 d-14 May 1957

WALKER Joel Robert "Jr" b-3 Mar 1930 d-21 Jul 1992 In my father's house are many mansions

WALKER John Henry Sr. b-28 Sep 1909 d-28 Dec 1984

WALKER John H. Jr. b-2 Jan 1936 d-1 Jan 1994 Sp4 US Army

WALKER Joseph J. (Tobe) b-29 May 1870 d-2 Oct 1953

WALKER Judd C. b-27 May 1890 d-2 Apr 1968 Father

WALKER Larry Gene b-5 Dec 1953 d-21 Aug 1978 SP4 US Walker Vietnam

WALKER Leona Scott b-1903 d-1924

WALKER Lina Belle b-1 May 1915

WALKER Lilburn E. b-12 Feb 1893 d-13 Nov 1970 Texas Pvt 165 Depot Brigad Dad

WALKER M. Lorene b-27 Oct 1908 d-27 Mar 1982

WALKER Martha F. b-14 Jul 1874 d-31 Jan 1942 Married 3 Mar 1892 God's Chosen Few

WALKER Nora Christi b-23 Dec 1909 d-13 Jun 1997

WALKER Robert Leslie b-6 Apr 1912 d-10 Feb 1990 AS US Navy WWII

WALKER Roy Adam b-8 Sep 1911 d-30 Sep 1971 Texas PFC Co M 136 Infantry WWII

WALKER Sarah b-1878 d-1962

WALKER W. Jeff b-25 Mar 1903 d-7 Nov 1962

WALKER Wiley Lee b-25 Jun 1936 d-14 May 1980 WALKER

WALKER William J. b-1 Jun 1925 d-13 Jul 1992 US Army WWII

WALTER Ruth W. b-26 Feb 1897 d-17 Oct 1943

WARE William b-24 Nov 1926 d-6 Jan 1982 SFC US Army, Korea

WARREN Baby b-10 Mar 1913 d-10 Mar 1913 Baby of Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Warren

WARREN Boot Jack b-29 Jun 1905 d-29 Jun 1991 married 21 Dec 1924

WARREN Bruce b-18 Sep 1931 d-19 May 1993 Pvt US Army

WARREN Carl Fredrick b-10 Nov 1906 d-13 Jun 1913 Son of W. D. and Rudie Warren C. F. W.

WARREN Charles Jr. d-4 Mar 1929

WARREN Charles Dean b-7 Mar 1907

WARREN Donald Travis b-1935 d-1935

WARREN Doris Jane b-31 Jan 1931 d-11 Dec 1939 Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Warren

WARREN E. L. (Bus) b-17 Mar 1917 d-12 Aug 1974 at rest WARREN

WARREN Elmore L. b-17 Mar 1917 d-12 Aug 1974 WOJG US Army

WARREN Hugh Byron b-17 Feb 1914 d- Married 29 Jun 1946

WARREN Infant Sons b-14 Oct 1926 d-14 Oct 1926 Infant sons of R.D. and Lucy Warren

WARREN Jessie Rachel b-15 Feb 1914 d-19 Jul 1990 Aunt Jet Our hearts will remember Jesus loves us all

WARREN John A. b-1940 d-1941

WARREN Julia Henry b-12 Oct 1914 d-20 Jun 1987 Married 29 Jun 1946

WARREN Lois b-1912 d-1913

WARREN Louise b-4 May 1910 d-29 Oct 1922 married 21 Dec 1924

WARREN Lula J. b-1879 d-1955 WARREN

WARREN M. E. (Mitch) b-2 Mar 1911 d-14 Nov 1984 At rest WARREN

WARREN Mary G. b-24 Nov 1880 d-27 Oct 1964 At rest WARREN Mother

WARREN Merle Flowers b-3 Oct 1912

WARREN Mitchell E. b-1911 d-1984 SSget US Army WWII

WARREN Rachel Snider b-23 Nov 1916 Wed 16 Nov 1935 In loving memory

WARREN Roy T. b-17 Jan 1902 d-24 Nov 1930 Son of T.P. and L.J. Warren WARREN

WARREN Tim P. b-1876 d-1946 WARREN

WARREN W. D. b-10 Feb 1870 d-15 Aug 1934 Father Warren at rest

WARREN W. D. b-19 Jul 1912 d-6 Jan 1945 Lost in the Himilayan Mountains somewhere in that foriegn land lies part of America So close is grandeur to his dust as near as God to man--when Duty whispered low, "you must." Dub replied, "I can."

WARREN W. R. "Tuck" b-22 Oct 1908 d-1 Jan 2000 Wed 16 Nov 1935 in loving memory

WARREN Wilese McMichael b-20 Jan 1912 Grannie WARREN

WARREN Willim Boone b-19 Jan 1904 d-16 Jan 1989 Grandpa WARREN

WARREN William Bruce b-14 Apr 1964 d-14 Sep 1998 Totor

WARREN Wilma b-7 Jul 1948 d-18 Aug 1948

WASHBURN Polly Ann b-5 Mar 1839 d-11 Jun 1925

WASHBURN R. L. (Bob) b-24 Mar 1868 d-29 Aug 1954

WATKINS Emma Lee b-1905 d-1924

WEAVER Leonard Scott b-9 Oct 1927 d-15 Jul 1999 PFC US Army WWII

WEAVER Marjorie Nadine b-1929 d-1992 Beloved Mother and Dean-Dean

WEAVER William Stewart b-10 Sep 1910 d-18 Jun 1980 Sgt US Army WWII

WEBSTER Myrtle Foster Choate b-26 Apr 1905 d-6 Jun 1987

WHATLEY G. W. b-23 Oct 1846 d-26 Feb 1918 A devoted husband an indulgent father waiting for you

WHATLEY Hard b-18 Nov 1923 d-1 Mar 1992 PFC US Army WWII

WHATLEY Henry S. b-1849 d-1910

WHATLEY Indiana P. b-1846 d-1939

WHATLEY Jarrel Lannon b-6 Sep 1924 d-11 Dec 1994 SI US Navy WWII

WHATLEY Jarrell R. b-12 May 1900 d-5 May 1981 married 29 Apr 1923

WHATLEY Jessie Cushman b-12 Apr 1906 d-4 Oct 1991

WHATLEY Larry b-2 Dec 1927 rest in peace

WHATLEY Mabel E. b-31 Oct 1902 d-23 Feb 1996 married 29 Apr 1923

WHATLEY Marshall W. b-4 Sep 1927 d-26 Mar 1996 On earth in heaven

WHATLEY Mattie L. b-21 Apr 1873 d-12 Jun 1955

WHATLEY Olene Stockman b-5 Jun 1908 d-7 Oct 1973 Our beloved mother rest in peace

WHATLEY Picherd b-1904 d-1926 Sleeping in the light of the lord is the death of his saints them also who sleep in Jesus shall God bring with him

WHATLEY Thomas W. b-1 Feb 1929 d-19 Jan 1998 Beloved son brother true friend to all

WHATLEY Tom A. b-8 Nov 1896 d-2 Apr 1975

WHATLEY Walter W. b-17 Feb 1872 d-1 Jul 1950

WHEELER Charlie Franklin b-1 Dec 1894 d-26 Nov 1897 Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Wheeler

WHITE Infant boy b-1998 d-1998

WHITEHEAD Billy Joe b-12 Jul 1941 d-21 Oct 1994

WHITEHEAD Daniel Richard b-23 Apr 1958 d-23 Apr 1958

WHITEHEAD Elmer T. b-28 Aug 1907 d-26 Aug 1963

WHITEHEAD Leslie Edward b-7 Sep 1963 d-19 Oct 1994 We Love You Always, EDDIE, loving daddy of Crystal and Daniel

WHITEHEAD Mattie P. b-13 Jul 1900 d-4 Jan 1992

WHITEHEAD Thomas Edward b-31 Jul 1977 d-1 Aug 1977

WHITLEY Emma Shields b-16 Aug 1882 d-10 Dec 1918

WILLIAMS Mamie O. b-5 Sep 1882 d-8 Oct 1910

WILLIAMS Mayme b-18 Nov 1883 d-24 Nov 1971

WILLIAMS Marion A. b-29 May 1896 d-5 Apr 1966

WILLIAMS Ruthie Mae b-3 Feb 1906 d-4 Jun 1975

WILLIAMS W. G. b-Sep 1818 d-28 May 1896 W.G.W.

WITHERSPOON E. C. b-18 Feb 1880 d-27 Mar 1938 Woodsmen of the World

WITHERSPOON Edward b-20 Apr 1900 d-2 May 1909 Son of E.C. and LouaWitherspoon EW Sleep on baby and be at rest God called you home he thought it best

WITHERSPOON Lora L. b-18 Feb 1884 d-14 Nov 1913

WITHERSPOON Rose b-28 Oct 1879 d-2 Jun 1961

WOOD Eula b-9 Jul 1913 d-5 Feb 1946 At rest

WOODRUFF A. J. b-20 Nov 1916 d-26 Jun 2003

WOODRUFF Viola Mae b-23 Mar 1924 d-9 May 1993

WORRELL Lucy May b-1894 d-1940 At rest

WORRELL Roy Lee b-5 Jan 1889 d-13 Nov 1951

YORK James b-2 Feb 1856 d-6 Dec 1931 Father

YORK Joseph Wallace b-13 Aug 1884 d-11 Jun 1938

YORK Sarah b-12 Jul 1858 d-18 Mar 1930 Mother

YOUNG Ila M. b-28 Apr 1938 d-17 Oct 1999


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