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1857 Star News Centennial Edition 1957
Section 3: Story on page 8

submitted by Bob Jessup

John Glover Native of Alabama Arrived In 1871

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John Washington Glover was born in Alabama, March 7, 1847, and came here as an adult.  His father died while he was a young man and he along with three brothers, Jim, Bob, and Gabe Glover and a sister, Missouri Wilmeth Glover Lamson, came to make their home in Texas.

In 1867, when John Glover was 20 years old, he married Drucilla Vaughan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Jackson Vaughan.  Two of their children, Margaret and James, were born before they came to Texas in 1871.  Margaret married Jim Trollinger and five of their six children are living.  James married Ida Jones and they had 10 children, one of whom died early and was the first to be buried in Willow Pond Cemetery .

With these two children, the couple came to Texas in a covered wagon, coming from Mississippi, Louisiana and on to Texas.  They landed in Keechi Valley and stayed for a time with Mrs. Glover's parents who had made the trek a few years earlier.  While there, the Indians stole the team they drove on the trip to Texas, after coming near the house and waving a red blanket to scare them away from the house.  On another occasion later after the family had settled south of what is now Mineral Wells, Indians came near their place on the river and tried to capture their horses but there were several men together and they shouted and yelled at the top of their voices scaring the group away by making them think there was a large number of the white men.

John Glover had a blacksmith shop at his home and also a corn mill, which he operated in addition to his farm.  The women cooked on the open fire and children attended schools, if at all, where the benches were of split logs, using slates to do their writing and sums on.  The home they built is still standing.  This couple died at their home, Mr. Glover, January 1917 at the age of 69 and Mrs. Glover in 1913 at the age of 65.  They are buried in the Willow Pond Cemetery.

After the couple reached Texas, William, their third child was born.  He married Annie Whitley and she is still living in the Willow Pond community.  They had 4 children, two of whom are living.  Robert, the next child was born 1874 and he married Hattie Autrey.  They were the parents of 15 children, including two sets of twins.  Twelve of the children are living and Mrs. Gertrude Spurlock is their daughter.

The fourth child, Martha (Mattie) was born in 1875.  She married Arthur Adkinns and they have 6 children, all living in and around Mineral Wells.

The fifth child, Jesse, was born in 1877.  He married Bana Hamilton and four of their five children are living.

Elbert (Ebb) was next and he married Cora Harrington.  Seven of their 10 children are living.  Watson, the next child was born 1881 and he married Elnar Autrey and they had 8 children.

The eighth child, Mary Jane, died at the age of 1 year and Laura, the next child, was born in 1884.  She married Will Blocker and both of their children are living.  They have always lived on the Glover homestead.  Another child, the ninth, a son, Ollie, was born in 1886.  He married Pearl Christian, and they were the parents of 14 children.  He is the only child of the John Glovers that is still living.

In 1887 the tenth child, Bertha, was born.  She married Cal Osborne and they had 3 children.  The last of the children, George, married Fannie Knight and they had 2 children.

Twins were common in the family, there being a number of them in all generations.  Many of the descendants of the John Glovers live in Palo Pinto County.  Of the 70 grandchildren, 29 live in this county:  of the 197 great grandchildren 81 live here and about 30 of the 80 great great grandchildren live in the county also.  Six generations can be counted in Margaret (born 1869) Glover T. Trollinger's descendants; John Glover; Margaret Trollinger; Drucie Glover, her son Roy and children and grandchildren.


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