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1857 Star News Centennial Edition 1957
Section 4: Story on page 3

submitted by Bob Jessup

Matthew Jackson Vaughan

Matthew Jackson Vaughan and his wife were not the first of the Vaughans to arrive in Palo Pinto County but were early settlers, coming to join Mr. Vaughan's brother, Reuben, in the Keechi country in 1865, and later built a log house near the spring at the foot of Wynne Mountain.  Matthew and Margaret Pulliam had married in Alabama, June 21, 1846, and had a family of nine children when they came to Texas.  Five were born after their arrival here.  Their oldest, Drewsiler, married John Glover in Alabama and came to this county, settling in what is now Progress, south of Mineral Wells; Elilabeth Vaughan married Alex Jones in Alabama and came to this county, settling near Brazos; Martha C. married Jim Dyer and settled in Ardmore, Okla.; Sarah Wilmeth (Willie) came to Texas with her parents and married Richard Lemon, at the home of her parents at the foot of Wynne Mountain; Mary J. married Adam Whitley and settled near Brazos; Ellen Lucendy married Elbert Williams and settled in Pleasant Valley; Jim H. married Emma Pruitt; John a Miss Bell; Margaret Ann married Rev. Ike Duncan; Frances Abigie married Bob Glover; Reuben married Ella Jordan; Harriet married John Riley; Watson married Deborah and Milam married Elmer Franklin.

Indians and wild animals as well as sickness plagued the Vaughans at times like all pioneer families.  They lived busy lives like their neighbors.  In Alabama several members of the family joined the Baptist Church but after reaching Texas, they became Methodists and Matthew Jackson Vaughan preached for both denominations.

Matthew Jackson Vaughan was murdered and robbed near Black Springs about a mile from his home in 1871 at the age of 46, and his widow and several small children moved to Chesnut Bend, where they would be near relatives.  The log house he built has been torn down within the last few years.  Mrs. Vaughan died in 1891.


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