179 CR 329 – Deberry  TX  75639


Cemetery located behind and to the left (east) of Antioch Baptist Church.  The front of the cemetery has a beautiful black wrought iron fence and gates.  Present pastor of the church is the Rev. Rogers Jackson.  Email address for the church is





The inscription on the corner stone of the church, additional information in parentheses:


Antioch Baptist Church

Organized 1889



            N.C. Golden  (Per 1880 Census, Nelson Golden, born about 1835 in MO)

            W.B. Wright


            Joe Golden  (Per 1900 Census was born Dec 1862 in TX)

            James Golden  (Per 1900 Census was born Feb 1860 in TX)

            E. Allison  (Per 1880 Census, Elijah Allison, born about 1850 in TX)

            H. Allen  (Per 1900 Census, Henry Allen, born Nov 1853 in TN)

            H. Smith  (Per 1880 Census, Henry Smith, born about 1839 in MS)


            T.J. Alexander


            M.A. Golden


Cemetery indexed Dec 26, 2003

By Marylee W. Knight, Shannon R. Knight

Assisted by Breanna Knight, Eric Knight, Ashley Knight and Jacob Knight



Allen,  Christopher

Born: Jan 19, 1983

Died: Sep 23, 1991

Other:  “Age 18”

Misc: Funeral home marker from Lewis Funeral Home


Allen, Dorothy

Misc: Broken funeral home marker with other data missing,  Wooden fence around grave


Allen,  Howard

Born:   (Jan 1921)

Died: Mar 5, 1979

Other:  “Age 58 years, 2 months and 5 days”

Other:  Also military marker  “PVT  US army  WW II”

Misc: Funeral home marker from Duncan Funeral Home in Houston TX


Allen,  Roosevelt

Born: Oct 10, 1909

Died: Mar 11, 1967

Other:  Masonic emblem on tombstone


Anderson,  Curtis

Born: Sep 5, 1951

Died: Jan 7, 1993

Other:  “Gone but not forgotten”


Anderson,  Dennis

Born: 1960

Died:  2002

Misc: funeral home marker from Lewis Funeral Home


Anderson,  Ethel L.

Born: May 20, 1947

Died: May 17, 1995

Other:  “In memory of”


Anderson,  Fred

Born: 1917

Died:  2002

Misc: Funeral home marker from Lewis Funeral Home in Marshall


Anderson, Luther R.

Born: Aug 5, 1934

Died: Apr 3, 2000

Other:  “In God’s care”


Anderson,  Raymond,  Sr.

Born: 1945

Died: 2000

Misc: Funeral home marker from Lewis Funeral Home


Anderson, Viry W. 

Born: 1887  (Per 1900 Census Nov 1886)

Died: 1973

Father:  _____________ Wills

Mother: Jane Riggins

Spouse:  John Anderson  (Married Feb 18, 1906 – Vol H, p 282 of Marriage Records)

Misc:  Concrete slab covers grave


Brown, Bertha A.

Born: Sep 13, 1901

Died: Dec 2, 1970

Spouse:  Elbert E. Brown, Sr.


Brown, Elbert E.,  Sr.

Born: Nov 29, 1895

Died: Jul 4, 1971

Father: Charles A. “Charley” Brown

Mother:  Susan “Susie” Jernigan

Spouse:  Bertha A.

Other:  TX  PVT  CO K  815 Pioneer Inf  WW I


Brown,  Herman

Born: Sep 10, 1895

Died: Feb 8, 1986


Brown,  John Henry

Born: 1933

Died: 1982

Other: Funeral home marker from Lewis Funeral Home


Brown,  Mable D.

Born:  Dec 12, 1927

Died:  June 14, 1983

Other:  “Mother”  “In Loving Memory”  Heart engraved on tombstone


Childs,  Mary

Born: 1898

Died: 1959


Cole,  ____________  (marker broken)

Born: 1907

Died: 1995

Misc:  Funeral home marker from Lewis Funeral Home, grave near Raymond Anderson, Sr.


Collins,  Rose Ann

Born: May ___________

Died: May 5, 1979

Other:  “Peaceful Rest”

Misc:  Concrete stone with stick-on lettering, Due to weathering the letters are beginning to fall off stone


Conner,  Janie Golden

Born: Sep 6, 1917

Died: Feb 13, 1992

Other:  “Rest in Peace”  “You are forever loved”

Misc: Also funeral home marker from __ S. Williams & Sons, Inc. of Shreveport


Cowney,  John

Born: Jan 26, 1926

Died: Nov 22, 1991

Other:  “Age 65”

Misc: Funeral home marker from Winnfield funeral Home, 3701 Hollywood Ave, Shreveport LA 71109


Davis,  Ola B.

Born: Nov 18, 1917

Died:  July 29, 1985

Other:  Praying hands engraved on tombstone


Edwards,  Dorris

Born: Nov 7, 1924

Died: May 9, 1974

Other” Heart engraved on tombstone


Ervin,  Auther Lee

Born: Feb 22, 1931

Died: May 5, 1984

Father:  Seymore Ervin

Mother:  Janie A. ___________

Other:  “In memory of our brother”

Other:  “Psalms 23:4  Yea though I walk through the valley of death, I will feel no evil, Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me”


Ervin,  Janie A.

Born: Apr 30, 1895

Died: July 14, 1986

Spouse:  Seymore Ervin

Other:  “Mother”  “At Rest”


Ervin, Seymore  (Deacon)

Born: Dec 25, 1894

Died: Apr 2, 1988

Spouse:  Janie A.

Other:  “Father”  “At Rest”


Fields,  Ellen

Born:  1887

Died:  1970

Other:  Funeral home marker, Also grave covered with concrete slab with name scratched on it


Fields,  Ruffus,  Jr.

Born: 1950

Died: 1984

Other:  SP 4  US Army  Vietnam


George,  Birdie Allen

Born:  Sep 23, 1923

Died:  Sep 22, 2001

Other:  Also funeral home marker giving name as “Mrs. Birdie Lee George” and giving date of death as Aug 2, 2001


Golden,  Alvin Carl

Born: 1951

Died: 1984

Other:  US Air Force  Vietnam


Golden,  Aubry  (Rev.)

Born: Jun 18, 1930

Died: Aug 26, 1978

Other:  “Gone but not forgotten”


Golden,  Brenda

Born: Jun 12, 1955

Died: May 5, 1980

Misc:  Handmade concrete marker


Golden,  Edna

Born:  1905

Died:  1985

Misc:  Funeral home marker


Golden,  Henry

Born: 1901

Died: 1986

Other:  Funeral home marker – Marker on same grave mound as another one giving info for Luther Anderson; however, Luther Anderson has a permanent tombstone in another location


Golden,  I.  (Rev.)

Misc: Small square marker with no other information – This is possibly Isaiah Golden, born Mar 1884, the son of Joseph and Alice Golden and grandson of Nelson & Agnes Golden.


Golden,  Israel

Born: Feb 20, 1920

Died: Nov 14, 1999

Other:  “Age 79”

Misc:  Good Samaritan Funeral Home marker – Shreveport


Golden,  J.R.

Born: Feb 1, 1952

Died: Oct 15, 1966


Golden,  Laydell

Born: Aug 22, 1921

Died: Nov 8, 1979

Other:  “God’s greatest gift returned, To God, Our Mother”


Golden,  Lee Vera

Born: March 29, 1935

Died: Feb 9, 1989


Golden,  Morline

Born:  1933

Died:  1971

Other:  “In Loving Memory”


Golden,  Priscilla

Misc:  Foot stone and funeral home marker, no other info


Golden,  Sam  (Deacon)

Born: Sep 10, 1896

Died:  Oct 31, 1973

Father:  Joseph Golden  (son of Nelson & Agnes Golden)

Mother:  Alice

Other:  “Rest in peace”


Golden,  Shav_________  (broken marker)


Died: Jul 11, 1964

Misc:  Broken funeral home marker from Hayward Funeral Home in Marshall


Golden,  Victoria

Born: Jul 23, 1901

Died: Sep 29, 1979

Other:  “In memory of our Mother”  “Gone but not forgotten”


Golden,  Willie D.

Born: 1984

Died: 2003

Other:  Funeral home marker from Lewis Funeral Home in Marshall


Horton,  Joe

Born: 1884

Died: 1985

Father:  Nelse Horton

Mother:  Lou

Spouse:  Mattie Adams


Horton,  Mattie Adams

Born: 1899

Died:  1982

Father:  George Adams

Mother:  Ann

Spouse:  Joe Horton



Hudson,  Leroy

Born: Nov 1, 1948

Died: Oct 20, 2001

Other:  SP 4 US Army  Vietnam

Misc:  Concrete top on grave shaped to look like the top of a casket


Hulon,  Amelia  (Miss)


Died: Jan 6, 1963

Other:  “Entered into eternal rest”

Misc:  On the 1900 Census, Amelia is shown as being born Oct 2, 1897.  In 1900 she was living in the household with her grandmother, Agnes Golden (widow of Nelson Golden).  Amelia was probably the daughter of Agnes’ daughter Allie Golden Winn.  In 1900, the 23 year old Allie was also living in Agnes’ household along with her children, Henderson Winn, born in 1891 and Buna Winn, born in 1892.  The census said that Allie had three children, so Amelia would make the third child for her.  Only three adult males named Hulon living in Panola Co in 1900 were John, age 60 and his two sons, Horace, age 24, and Archie, age 20.  These Hulons lived near the Goldens.


Jackson,  Lillie

Born: Oct 17, 1896

Died: Apr 22, 1969


Jones, Ira

Born: Mar 23, 1924

Died: Nov 23, 1992

Other:  PVT  US Army  WW II


Lewis,  Ellen



Other:  Old funeral home marker with no dates on it


Pipkins,  Bunnie V.

Born: Nov 30, 1892

Died: Aug 22, 1970

Spouse: John A. Pipkin


Pipkins,  John A.

Born: Mar 14, 1892

Died: May 27, 1997

Father:  Owen Pipkin

Mother Liddy Rolly

Spouse: Bunnie V.

Other:  “Father:

Misc: Funeral home marker from Southern Funeral Home in Henderson


Pipkins,  Lois

Born: Mar 5, 1903

Died: Sep 30, 1982


Pipkin,  Marcellus

Born: Feb 17, 1884

Died: Mar 3, 1972

Father:  William Pipkin

Mother:  Ellen Johnson

Spouse:  Roberta Perkins  (Married Dec 4, 1910 – Vol I, p 260 of Marriage Records)

Other: “Our Beloved”   “Peace in the valley”


Pipkin,  Marcellus C.,  Jr.

Born: May 6, 1926

Died: Jul 7, 1993

Father:  Marcellus Pipkin

Mother: Roberta Perkins

Other:  US Army  WWII


Pipkins,  Nadean

Born: Dec 10, 1935

Died: Jun 13, 1998

Other:  “Loving wife and mother”


Pipkins,  Nancy L.

Born: Jun 1, 1925

Died: Apr 14, 1996

Spouse: Zebidee Pipkins, Sr.


Pipkins,  Zebidee,  Sr.

Born: Feb 26, 1923

Died: Jun 22, 1998

Spouse:  Nancy L.


Raines,  Lizzie

Born: May 7, 1901

Died: May 31, 1982

Other:  “Gone but not forgotten”


Robinson,  Andrew

Born: 1900

Died:  1978


Smiley,  Cardie L.

Born: Jul 12, 1928

Died: Jan 8, 1996

Misc:  ____ & Jenkins Funeral Home marker


Smith,  Azzie Golden

Born: Dec 22, 1925

Died: Jan 27, 1999

Other:  “Gone but not forgotten”  “Age 73”


Stephens,  C.S. (Rev.)

Born: May 15, 1894

Died: Feb 17, 1983

Other:  “Beloved father”


Stephens,  John Marshall

Born: July 10, 1920

Died: Sep 10, 1989

Father: C.S. Stephens


Other:  PFC  US Army  WW II



Unmarked grave right beside Leroy Hudson



Broken funeral home marker, Dark metal vase shaped like an urn, Grave next to Azzie Golden Smith



Unmarked grave beside Lois Pipkins, Purple flowers on grave



One of two unmarked graves on south side of Roosevelt Allen’s grave



One of two unmarked graves on south side of Roosevelt Allen’s grave



Unreadable funeral home marker beside grave of Lillie Jackson



Unmarked grave on the north side of the grave of the Rev. I Golden, Red roses on grave



Unreadable funeral home marker on grave, the second unmarked grave on the north side of that of the Rev. I. Golden, red roses on grave



Unmarked grave with tall, slender PVC pipe used to hold red roses, In center of cemetery, not near a marked grave



Unmarked grave on north side of that of Ira Jones



Concrete rectangle with no writing on it, Between the graves of Victoria Golden and Deacon Sam Golden



Unreadable funeral home marker near Birdie George



Unreadable funeral home marker near Birdie George, Grave also marked by a cactus plant growing around funeral home marker,  At foot of the grave is a highway sign saying “Speed Limit – 55”



Unmarked grave between those of Andrew Robinson and Fred Anderson


Wallace,  Anna

Born: Dec 2, 1917

Died: Oct 14, 1980

Misc:  Handmade concrete marker


Wallace,  Herman

Born: Dec 3, 1917

Died: Aug 2, 1999

Other:  “Age 81”

Misc: Funeral home marker from Frazier-Mitchell Funeral Services, Houston TX (713-673-3672)


Washington,  Gloria Mae

Born: Dec 22, 1967

Died: Apr 10, 1980

Other:  “Now I lay me down to sleep”


Wisner,  Roosevelt

Born: Oct 19, 1933

Died:  Jun 18, 1982  (the day could possibly be 12 or 15 instead of 18)

Other:  “Age 48 years, 7 months and 12 days”

Misc:  Damaged funeral home marker from Leneve ______ Funeral Home in Shreveport


Wynn,  ____________________

Misc: Metal angle iron cross, approx. 5 ft. tall, Dark red paint, Plaque in center with “Wynn” on it



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