James Washington Sikes

Family Bible

Submitted by Wanda Sikes

April 2003


Note: I have the copies of these Bible Records that were given to me by Jack Goodwin who had copied them. I have typed them as they are written. It looks as though some of the sheets have a different border on them and that they have been inserted into the Bible. Since this covers several generations I am sure this is true. Anyone doing research on these people are welcome to contact me. -- Wanda J. Sikes


Page 1

Mr. J. W. SIKES bought 1876


Page 2

Book of J. W. SIKES left to M. D. SIKES (Alexander McDuffee SIKES) presented to granddaughter of M. D. SIKES, Tishie Mae BARNETT June 24, 1937


Page 3

Family Record Marriages


J. W. SIKES and Sarah E. MARTIN was married July the 12 1855

J. W. SIKES and Mrs. Sally SIMMONS was married Jan the 12 1871 (Sarah Ann Metlock SIMMONS)

J. W. SIKES and Mrs. FARRIS was married May the 13 1888


James Mackie BARNETT & Gertrude McCANN were married May 30, 1934

Henry Franklin BARNETT & Nina DENNIS were married Dec. 30, 1935

Jabie Nolan BARNETT & Inell PUCKET were married Sept. 22, 1940

Tishie Mae BARNETT & Oma (w) KILE were united in marriage Feb. 19, 1944 at Singer, Texas


Page 4 - Marriages


M. D. SIKES, of Panola Co. Texas and Jennie E. REEVES of Panola Co. Tex. was married Feb. 26, 1888

(Alexander McDuffy SIKES and 1st wife Eugena Edith REEVES)

Sally E. SIKES & Henry Bascom BARNETT were married Jan. 6, 1907 in La.

Mandy B. SIKES & Eddie BARNETT were married June 17, 1911

Merry M. SIKES & Marlin SPRADLEY were married Sept. 9, 1912

Nannie SIKES & D. R. BAKER were married Nov. 20, 1913

Verner G. SIKES & Pearl LANINGHAM were married Oct. 1, 1916

Ira Zona SIKES & S. L. DOTSON were married July 10, 1921


Page 5 - Marriages


G. D. SPRADLEY and Ira GALLOWAY were married Oct. 13th 1901

W. W. FOSHEE and Fannie GALLOWAY were married Dec. 2, 1906

G. E. BROWN and Emma GALLOWAY were married Nov 24th 1907

J. S. GALLOWAY and Fannie BEARD were married Sep 8th 1909

J. W. GALLOWAY and Gertrude BELL were married Oct. 23rd 1912

Harvey MATHIS and Maude GALLOWAY were married Nov 8th 1914

Frank GALLOWAY and Mary MONTGOMERY were married Jan 8th 1915

Oscar GALLOWAY and Lowella LIVELY were married Feb 10th 1922

Claude GALLOWAY and Velma LIVELY were married Jan 8th 1925


Page 6 - Marriages


Mack D. SIKES & Julia A. JOHNSON were married Sept. 25, 1907

(Alexander McDuffy SIKES and 2nd wife Julia Ann Berry Wilson JOHNSON)

David Henry KILE & Barbara BRADY (no date given)

Tommie Payton KILE & Pamela Jean WELCH were married Mar. 22, 1974 in Dallas, Tex.

*Sandy Renee KILE & Joseph Ricky CARRIER were married July 1, 1995 in Rayne, LA.


Page 7 - Marriages


Mr. J. T. GALLOWAY and Miss N. P. SIKES were united in the bond of Holy Matrimony

(John Theodore GALLOWAY and Nancy PRESCILLA SIKES)

At Mr. & Mrs. J. W. SIKES on the 1st day of Feb. in the year of our Lord 1883

In Presence of Relatives and friends

Signed Rev. William Grossom (Grissom)


Page 8 - Birth Records


Willis Gibson SIKES first son of J. W. and Sarah E. SIKES his wife was born July the 2 1856

James Solomon SIKES son of J. W. and Sarah SIKES his wife was born Dec the 3 1858

Nancy Precilla SIKES daughter of J. W. and Sarah his wife was born Jan. 22 1861

Alexander McDuffee SIKES son of J. W. and Sarah his wife was born Aug the 1 1866

David Franklin SIKES son of J. W. and Sally A. SIKES was born Oct the 16 1871


Page 9 - Birth Records


Of M. D. SIKES & Jennie E. SIKES

Sarah Elizabeth, Dec. 7, 1888

Mauady Belle, June 10, 1892

James Gavin, May 8, 1894

Merty May, Jan. 26, 1897

Nannie, Feb. 8, 1899

Verner Gertrude, Dec. 3, 1901

Ira Zona, April 23, 1904

Birth Records


Of Henry BASCOM & Sarah E. BARNETT

Henry Franklin, Dec. 20, 1907

Tishie Mae, Dec. 27. 1908

James Mackie, March 20, 1911

Jabie Nolan, May 12, 1914

Page 10 - Birth Records


Iva Olive GALLOWAY was born Nov. 4, 1884

James Isam GALLOWAY was born Oct. 10th 1886

John Wesley GALLOWAY was born May 25, 1888

Fannie Dianna GALLOWAY was born May 15th 1890

Sarah Emma GALLOWAY was born Jan. 4th 1892

William Franklin GALLOWAY was born Nov 8, 1893

Maudie Belle GALLOWAY was born Dec 16, 1895

Claudie Dell GALLOWAY was born Dec 24, 1897

Oscar GALLOWAY was born May 4th 1900

(These are the children of John Theodore GALLOWAY & Nancy Precilla SIKES)


Page 11 - Birth Records

(Plain Page with births written and inserted in Bible)


Of Henry Franklin & Nina Elizabeth BARNETT

Johnny Wayne, lived about 4 hrs, Sept. 22, 1937


Of James Mackie & Gertrude McCann born (James Mackie BARNETT)

Billy Jean, born Feb. 18, 1946 at Muenster, Texas

Jimmie Ann, born Aug 12, 1949 Dexter, Texas


Of Jabie Nolan & Inell Puckett BARNETT

Joan, born Dec 31, 1946

Weldon born Aug 7, 1952


Of Oma W. KILE & Tishie Mae Barnett KILE

David Henry, born July 15, 1947 Valley View

Tommie Payton, born Dec. 28, 1949 Valley View


Sandy Renee KILE born Feb 19, 1970 to

David Henry & Barbara KILE, Bay City, TX

Barbie Lynn KILE born Mar 20 1972 Bay City

To David & Barbara KILE


Tishie LouCinda born to Tommie & Pamela J. (Welch)

KILE, Sept. 21, 1975 in Tyler, TX


*Brandon Joseph CARRIER born Nov. 24, 1991 to

Sandy Renee KILE & Joseph Ricky CARRIER.


*Brandy Renee CARRIER born Aug. 12, 1994 to

Sandy Renee KILE & Joseph Ricky CARRIER.


Page 12 - Death Records


Sarah E. SIKES first wife of J. W. SIKES departed

This life March the 13, 1869

Sally A. SIKES second wife of J. W. SIKES departed

This life Nov the 7, 1886

Evelyn SIKES daughter of J. S. SIKES departed

This life Nov the 22 1888

J. S. SIKES departed this life Dec the 3 1898 (James Solomon SIKES)

John E. SIKES departed this life

Jan the 11, 1899 being 80 y 2 m 28 days

Sally SIKES wife of John E. SIKES departed this life

June the 14 1905 age 79

Jennie SIKES wife of M. D. SIKES departed

This life August the 29 1905


Page 13 - Death Records


Sarah Elizabeth SIKES third wife of J. W. SIKES

Departed this life January the 27, 1909


James Washington SIKES departed this life

March 20th, 1919 Age 88 yrs 2 mo and 28 days


Nancy Precila GALLOWAY daughter of J. W. and Sarah E. SIKES

departed this life July 25, 1933 being 72 years 6 months 3 days old


Page 14 - Death Records


Maudy B. BARNETT departed this life Apr 19, 1912

James G. SIKES departed this life Jan 26, 1914

Johnny Wayne BARNETT grandson of Mr. & Mrs. H. B. BARNETT

departed this life Sept. 22, 1937

Henry Bascom BARNETT departed this life Mar. 15, 1943 in Panola Co. at 7:12 am. He was 59 yrs.

M. D. SIKES departed this life Feb. 23, 1943 at his home in Panola Co. He was 76 yr old.


Page 15 - Death Records


Gracie SPRADLEY daughter of G. D. and Iva SPRADLEY departed this

life Sept 18th 1910

Infant baby of Frank & Mary died Feb. 4, 1916 (GALLOWAY)

Violet, daughter of Frank & Mary died Oct. 14, 1918 (GALLOWAY)

Infant baby of Walter & Fannie died Jan. 7, 1921 (GALLOWAY)

Emma Cooper daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. T. GALLOWAY died Oct 17, 1920

*David Henry KILE died May 30, 1994

*Oma KILE died 1994


*Submitted by Sandy Renee KILE CARRIER on 03/09/2004