Henry Watson and John Lindsey Watson

September 1861 -  September 1864


Transcribed by Marylee Watson Knight  

**Please note that these letters are typed exactly as they are written in the letters.**


Henry Watson and John Lindsey Watson were the first two children known to have been born to William and Nancy Barcenia (Lindsey) Watson who lived in the Holland Quarters Community of Panola County, on land granted to Nancy’s mother Catherine Lindsey when she migrated to Texas in the spring of 1836.  Neither Henry nor John married before they enlisted in the Confederate Army.


Henry (born ca 1839) enlisted as a Private in Company F, 10th Texas Calvary (Locke's Regiment) on September 25, 1861 in Quitman, TX.  He served honorably and was discharged, but never returned home.  As he had written letters home under the adverse conditions of war, it stands to reason that, if he had not died after mustering out of the army, he would certainly have written to his family in the years to follow.  Many soldiers died of sickness or wounds as they tried to make their way back to their homes.  Many were killed by highwaymen, looking to rob them of money or possessions.


John (born ca 1843) enlisted as a Private in Company A, 7th Texas Infantry on March 29, 1862 at Caldwell, Burleson County, TX.  There are two versions of his death.  Both versions say he died of smallpox.  However, the prevailing one told by his nephew and nieces who lived in Panola County is that, when John became ill, the family arranged for him to come home to receive medical care.  Despite the best efforts of his family, he died and is buried in Old Macedonia Cemetery.  Since the Watson and Lindsey family graves were simply marked with wooden devices, long since destroyed by the elements, there is no proof of his burial there.  The other version is that John died in camp at Little Rock, AR on January 17, 1863.  To date no official record has been found to substantiate that version.


            Henry and John both wrote frequent letters to their family back in Panola County, several of which are still in existence.  The spelling of words in this transcription is exactly as it appears in the original letters.  The following is a list of fellow soldiers they mentioned in their letters. 


September 1861                       

            Mr. Hood

            Uncle Newell  (James Newell Walton)                                                          

            Uncle Tom Benedick                                                 

            Capt. Craig                                                   


December 9, 1861                                                

            Ben McCullough                                                     

            Col. Locke                                                 

            Conrad Wall                                                    

            James Wall                                                    

            Guss Coates                                                


January 31, 1862

            Gen Mcintosh

            Gen McCullough

            Augustus Coats

            Jack Armstrong

            Ham Armstrong


April 17, 1862

            Jack Wall                                        

            Jack Jordan                                                 

            Adda Roaty                                                  


January 1, 1863                                                          

            Guss Wall                                                    


January 1863

            James Forsyth                                    

            Mr. Bert                                                                 

            Mr. Hood                                                  

            Lee Gary                                                    

            William King                                                    

            Conrad Wall                                                    

            Jack Wall                                                    

            Augustus Coats

            James Herrin                                      

            Thomas Sparkman                                                                                


January 22, 1863

            A.D. Corbey

            T. Habin

            S.T. Hillard

            S.H.T. Melton

            Sanford Yates

            James Harcythe

            James Lout

            Lt. S.J. Walker

            J.H. Bell

            Thomas Sparkman

            Col. Craig


December 8, 1863

            Conrad Wall

            Jack Wall

            Thomas Turman

            Bellson Smith

            E.R. Smith

            Newt Fite


August 9, 1864

            Winslow Corley

            W.H. Daniels

            Thomas Hodges

            Monroe Fite


            J.J. Langley


September 23, 1864

            Capt. Booty

            Jack Wall

            J.T. Herrin

            Monroe Fite

            Eli Banks

            Thomas Hodges

            Green Hodges