Goshen Methodist Church

Entrance to Goshen Cemetery
This is a picture of the church looking through the gates to the cemetery.  The cemetery is actually to the right of the picture.

Historical Marker of Goshen Cemetery

This is a monument that is located outside of the cemetery.  It says, "Goshen Methodist Church, organized 1854.  This church was organized by the following members. Rev. Pleasant Tackett and wife, Samuel Leonard, Dr. T.D. Ellis, John H. Prince and wife, Joshua Barker and wife, Rev. John Godfrey and wife, and Mrs. Francis.  Soon a burial lot was set aside thru the foresight and perseverance of them and the other pioneers of this settlement, we have been left a sacred heritage. As a tribute to the memory of all who pioneered and to those who have since contributed to the care of these hallowed grounds, we dedicate this memorial.  May 21, 1972."

It is believed that the Goshen Methodist Church was the first church established in the territory which is now Parker County.  In 1854,  residents of the area gathered at Hezekiah Culwell's log cabin to hear Rev. Tackett preach and organize what was then known as the Goshen Society.   Early members of the church cleared a site for the little log church and graveyard.  When the log church burned several years later, a frame church was built.  Sunday school was held weekly for many years and on certain Sundays each month preaching services were held by the District Methodist pastor.  The little building served as a funeral chapel for all denominations when interment was in the Goshen Cemetery and as a school for the small school district.

About 1942 the frame building burned again.  It was presumed that a passing traveler had spent the night in the building and carelessly tossed aside a cigar.   Money was donated all across the United States to rebuild the small church.  Many of the descendents of former members donated their time to rebuild this church.  On September 23, 1942 the third building was dedicated.  Services were conducted by Rev.  P.E. Riley.

For many years the Goshen Cemetery Association has held meetings on the third Sunday in May to decorate graves and attend religious services at 11:00am at the church  A basket lunch was served at noon and the remainder of the afternoon is spent in visiting, singing, and holding a meeting of the Goshen Cemetery Association.  However I do not know if this is still an annual meeting.


This list of charter members differs from the monument in only small ways. It came from the Community News dated May 23, 1986

Pleasant Tackett and wife
Samuel Leonard
Dr. T.O. Ellis (The monument says Dr. T.D. Ellis)
John H. Prince and his wife, Harriet (monument doesn't list Harriet's name)
Joshua Darker and his wife (The monument says Barker)
Rev. John Godfrey and his wife
Mrs. Francis

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