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Education in Parker County

Parker County has had a history of promoting education from its earliest days.  Several schools were built in 1856 when the county was first organized, however they were small with dirt  floors and split log benches. There were three or four month subscription schools in 1858, 1860, and 1861 where students had to pay $3.00 per month to attend.  Teachers such as Professor Keeler, Miss Bounds and Miss Mary Ann Dyer (who became the wife of Colonel Charles Goodnight) taught at these type of schools.  In 1881 Weatherford established the seventh free high school in the state of Texas.

Parker County has been the home of several colleges over the years.  The first college level classes were taught at Texas Masonic Institute at Veal's Station.  On Jan 2, 1860 an act approved by the governor established the Texas Masonic Institute.  William G. Veal, associates and successors, first ran the school, then the Methodist Church; later, by B. W. Akard; afterward, it was a Presbyterian school known as Parsons College.  

As early as 1885, there was an institution called Cleveland College.  Later Cleveland College was called The Training School. Eventually Granbury College moved into the same building and became Weatherford College.

Other institutes of higher learning in Parker County were Simms Female Seminary , The Texas Athenaenm, St. Joseph Academy, McCracken College, Peaster Institute, and The Texas Female Seminary.  The Springtown Male and Female Institute and the College Hill Institute were located in Springtown.  Parker County Institute and Whitt Seminary were established in Whitt.  The links above will give you more information about education in Parker County.  

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