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The Panther ~ 1928

Special Thanks goes to Jimmy Joe Moore for taking the time to scan and submit this wonderful piece of history!

Photos are quite large, so give them plenty of time to load!

Each page has been transcribed. Some that were fairly large will have a text file listed.

Copyright, 1928

Sheldon Bell

Laurance Whitehead


Lois Gray

Granville Moore

Murray Johnson




In this, the fourth edition of the Panther, we have endeavored to give, in word and picture, an expression of the school life, spirit, accomplishments and aspirations of the Class of '28. If, as you later turn these pages, you catch a true glimpse of our Stockton High School in all its tumult, true effort, and fun, we shall feel amply rewarded.

We hope this year book will be a source of many happy memories in the years to come.



To the Business Men of Fort Stockton, without whose whole-hearted support this year book would have been a failure, we dedicate the fourth edition of the Panther.

We take this means of thanking you for your financial backing and many courtesies.



Frank Rooney Richardson

Died February 15, 1925

Beloved Member of Senior Class

Superintendent H. H. Crain

Died, May 6, 1928

The sad news of Mr. Crain's death reaches us as the Annual goes to press.


Order of Books










The Old Pecos County Court House

Fort Stockton High School


H. H. Crain, Superintendent

J. Floyd Reeves ~ Bryon Durham

Miss Ann Hall ~ Austin S Bratcher

Mrs. Isabel Winter ~ Mrs. R. D. Blaydes

Miss Helen Tipton ~ Miss Ruel Turner


Class of '28

President ~ Sheldon Bell

Sponsor ~ Mrs. Winter

Nancy Moore

Ruth Brown

Mary Gibson

Lois Gray

Helen Dorr


Vice-President ~ Ward Winter

Secretary-Treas ~ Lois Gray

Ward Winter

Frank McSpedden

Clifford Odom

Millan Brown

Frank Nevans


Granville Moore

Murray Johnson

Nonis Reed

Alene Frazier

Ara Smith


Helen McDowell

Marian Morehouse

James Ogle

Doc Foster

Orville Gilkerson



Sheldon Bell

Lawence Whitehead

Class of '29

Dan Crump ~ Lazy

Charles Rollins ~ Impulsive

Recie Moore ~ Unobtrusive

Walter Butz ~ Candid

Noble Boydstun ~ Nobe

Edna Ricks ~ Optimistic

Paul Valentine ~ Industrious

Ella Pierce ~ Capable


Mildred Price ~ Peppy

Paul Crone ~ Intelligent

Charles Ogle ~ Nervy

Celeste Carll ~ Modest

Foster Binion ~ Indescibable

Jack Downs ~ Odd

Beatrice King ~ Dependable

Thomas Bobo ~ Reserved

Beulah Lewis ~ Patient

Charles Harral ~ Unsophisticated

Morris Pheister ~ Droll


Bernard Rooney ~ Athletic

Jessie Moody ~ Ambitious

Wilma Rooney ~ Quiet

Martha McSeddon ~ Competent

Bill Winter ~ Cheerful

Josephine Moody ~ Friendly

James Rooney ~ Popular

Patty Harral ~ Clever

Lois Pace ~ Cute

Louise Furgason ~ Pretty


Junior Who's Who

Look where you may,

And as long as you please,

A better looking bunch,

You'll never find than these.

Hurrah for the Juniors!

For instance, there are our vaudeville actors, Foster, Jessie and Jimmy. We defy you to produce three others who can compete with them.

Our Ella's themes will hold you spell-bound. We are counting on her to leave her footprints in the sands of the literary world.

We will put our class wit, Paul Valentine, up against any of them. Even if his picture isn't over the title, "Wittiest Person," it wasn't the lack of his ability but of our funds.

Where can you find a better yell-leader than Louise? She, TOO, is a Junior.

I haven't room to declaim on each Junior's good points; but they each have an abundant supply, and I have them all in mind.

Well -- we don't mean to be conceited,

but we are a pretty good bunch, after all.

~Patty Harral




(Toast given by Patty Harral at the Junior-Senior Banquet)

Tonight we're here assembled,

'Tis my pleasure to relate,

To honor our beloved Seniors,

The Class of '28.

We're glad to have you with us,

Our friends and our classmates,

A happy evening we've wished you,

Our Class of '28.

Here's to your president, who's our Mickey

(With our Lois's consent!)

Let us say that he's first rate.

Who could ever find one better

For the Class of '28?

Good luck to your Athletes, Sheiks and Shebas,

Who have flirted so hard with fate,

That to keep up with them was impossible

For the Class of '28.

Should any of these eats we've offered,

Though by then they will be "ate,"

Well -- we hope digestion will deal kindly

With our Class of '28.

And when in final glory

In caps and gowns you shine,

None will be prouder of you

Than the Class of '29.



Julia Mae Bihl ~ President

Geraldine Pace ~ Vice-President

J. B. Blalock ~ Secretary-Treas

Coral Miller ~ Lucille Furgason

Ruth Baverly ~ Bob Blalock

Louise Beeman ~ J. B. Blalock

Pauline Bierschevale ~ Quay Clark

Julia Mae Bihl ~ John Crone

Lola Conger ~ Charles Flynt

Ella Blanch Davis ~ Milton Gehlen

Roberta Douglass ~ Walton Harral

Madell Frazier ~ Ray Lannom

Maxine Gibson ~ Harllin Martin

Doris Irvin ~ Ralph De La Moniere

Kathryn McSpeddon ~ Edward Nieman

Geraldine Pace ~ Joseph Rodgers

Ethene Nevill ~ John W Rotan

Jessie Jewel Patterson ~ Myrel Storey

Lorene Pfister ~ William Wall

Evelyn Smith ~ Johnnie Dyche

Gladys Sullivan ~ George Morehouse

Jerusha Willingham ~ Bill Cartmell

Reta Hale



Sammie Dee Thomas ~ President

B. H. Warnock ~ Vice-President

Lillian Johnson ~ Secretary-Treas

Robert Bennett ~ Herbert Rigsbee

Myrl Borron ~ Dan Crump

Clyde Cook ~ Wright Heeves

Bill Duncan ~ Lewis Hale

Ronald Henderson ~ Lula Allen

Eugene Mitchell ~ Fay Biershwale

Donald Moffatt ~ Laurell Frazier

E. C. De La Moniere ~ Maurine Hatchett

Marshall Neville ~ Elaine Jackson

George Reeves ~ Lillian Johnson

Robert Stevens ~ Ann Nita Perry

Sammie Dee Thomas ~ Cassie Smith

B. H. Warnock ~ Louise Trower

Vernice Paul ~ Prebble Adams

Victor Douglass



The following are the organizations of the grades:


"Busy Bee Literary Society" - President, Cuthbert Carll; secretary, Vivian Odneal

"Honest Workers' Literary Society" - President, Ivagene Trent; secretary, Chester Parke


President, Virginia Douglass; Secretary-Treas, Roy Pheister


"City of Fort Stockton" - Mayor, Carey Durham; President of Chamber of Commerce, Margaret Bennett; Sheriff, Carl Courtney; Deputy Sheriff, Leslie Bobo; County Judge, George Baldwin; Cith Health Officer, Jo Ann Montgomery; Fire Chief, Glenn Gowen


Four Leaf Clover Club (Music and Literary) - President, Shelby Blaydes; Secretary-Treas, Margaret Odneal



(With apologies to Robert Louis Stevenson)

First grade children are very little

And their bones are very brittle.

If they would grow great and stately

They must try to walk sedately.

Second grade children must be bright and quiet

And content with simple diet,

And, remain through all bewild'ring

Innocent and honest children.

Third grade children have happy hearts and happy faces,

Happy play in grassy places.

That was how in ancient ages,

Children grew to be kings and sages.



Miss Edith Cooper, Supt

The present school building was purchased in the summer of '26, and the three Mexican schools of Pecos County were consolidated that fall. After consolidation, we had an enrollment of 248 pupils and six teachers. Larger enrollment and more teachers are employed now than ever before. A Domestic Science Department has been added this year. Also the first Mexican Parent-Teacher Association has been organized and federated, containing at present about 70 members.

"Hope ever urges us on, and tells us

Tomorrow will be better."




Mrs. Byron Durham

Mrs. Marlin Kastner

Miss Marjorie Stansell

Miss Oro Smith

Miss Maurine Stansell



(Text version)


A few of our track stars. We are proud of their work this year.


When noise was made on the sidelines this year, Louise Furgason, Jimmie Rooney and assistants might be seen in characteristic conditions of good yell leaders. You could also see our boys in action.


Explanations are in order - Merely Senior Day. What strange spectacles stalked through study hall and later repaired to Tunis Creek on that memorable day.


A few scenes of Fort Stockton, including the Court House, the Spanish Grotto, and the historical guard house of the army fort once stationed here as a defense against the Indians.


Some Scions of Sophomoric glory, including the Sophomore's proud letter man. Also our sponsor's favorite son.


And these? A few of the Juniors in their saner members, and our exceedingly dignified joke editor.


This was originally dedicated to the tender Fresh men, but as the Senior letter men mysteriously appeared at the bottom of the page by mistake, we have nothing to say.


Mexican Boys Playing Football

Domestic Science Class

These are snaps taken from the campus of the Mexican School.


Lois Gray

Most Beautiful Girl

Murray Johnson

High School Shiek


Mary Gibson

Cutest Girl

Jimmy Rooney

Most Popular Boy


Nancy Moore

Wittiest Student

Clifford Odom

Best Athlete


Our Pet Project

(Text version)

West of the Pecos

(Text version)


Football Write-Ups

(Text version)

Football Write-Ups

(Text version)

Football Write-Ups

(Text version)

Season's Results

(Text version)

Panther Yells

(Text version)


(Text version)


(Text version)


Girl's Glee Club

You have always heard that a "good beginning makes a good ending," but we say, "a good beginning means no ending."  The girls have certainly made a good beginning, and we feel assured that there will be no ending to the work they have started.  The Girls Glee Club will go ever onward and their singing will be truly "a thing of beauty and a joy forever."


Boy's Glee Club

"Since singing is so good a thing -

I wish all men would learn to sing."

The boys of our high school are learning to sing, and while they have not done the things this year they would like to have done, they have made a good beginning. They have laid the foundation for future classes, and they deserve praise. Let's boost them and back them as the "Sing Along the Way."


Dramatic Club

Alene Frazier ~ President

Sheldon Bell ~ Vice-President

Lois Pace ~ Secretary-Treasurer

The first Dramatic Club was organized this year, under the sponsorship of Miss Turner, its charter members consisting of the students of the Public Speaking Class.

Its purpose is to promote the appreciation of Dramatic Art among the members of the club and in the community, through the study and presentation of the best dramas of all lands and all times.

There is a real need for a club of this sort in our high school, and let us hope that its organization will be more than justified.


Athletic Association

(Text version)


We have indeed reason to be proud of our debates, as this is the twelfth consecutive year in which we have won the District Meet.

This year, after interesting preliminaries, the heavy responsibility of upholding our reputation fell to Helen Door, Nancy Moore, James Ogle and Foster Binion.

The boys responded gallantly by defeating El Paso and Marfa and winning a beautiful silver loving cup, beside a trip to Austin.

The girls were defeated by Marathon, but were excellently prepared and were a credit to the school


The Panther Staff

Lois Gray, Granvill Moore


Sheldon Bell ~ Manager

Lawrence Whitehead ~ Manager

Murray Johnson ~ Manager

Mary Naomi Gibson ~ Literary

Helen Dorr ~ Art

Ara Smith ~ Chronology

Clifford Odom ~ Sports

Frank Nevans ~ Jokes

Ward Winter ~ Snap Shots

Ruth Brown ~ Snap Shots

Nancy Moore ~ Society


Student Council

A Student Council, if it is at all worth while, should be a real power of the school. The present council consists of two members from each class in High School and is presided over by the President of the Student Body. This Year, however, the honor of being a member has been rather a shifting one, as several have been eliminated by the demerit system. Meetings are held on Tuesday of every other week. The members are:

Ward Winter  ~  Lois Gray

Bernard Rooney  ~  Louise Furgason

Marshall Nevill  ~  Geraldine Pace

Quay Clark


Fun and Ads


Senior Will

(Text version)

Senior Will, Page 2

(Text version)

Topics of the Year

(Text version)

Topics of the Year, Page 2

(Text version)

Topics fo the Year, Page 3


(Text version)

Our Ideal Teacher

You See (Poem)

(Text version)

Around The Table

(Text version)

Prophecy of Class of '28

(Text version)

Senior Razz

(Text version)

Of Course You've Read These Before

(Text version)

The Gang's All Here

Memories Live

Bell & Carr Builders

Stockton Realty and Abstract Co.

Stockton Service Station

Popular Dry Goods Co.

Stockton Hotel


Baker Drug Store

Harry Durham

Ellis Grocery

Rodgers Motor Company

Fort Stockton Insurance Agency

Palace Theater

New Rooney Hotel and Cafe

Pecos County Abstract and Title Co


Corder Motor Co

Pace Auto Company

Fred Cliett Real Estate and Insurance

First National Bank

Alamo Filling Station

Texas-Louisiana Power Co

Rooney Mercantile Co

Morris Winkler Dry Goods

Judge Howell Johnson and Son, Atorneys

Gowen Furniture Store

E. I. Tippett Jeweler

Mrs. Pearl E. Cranford

Fort Stockton Laundry

Len Smith and Co.

Continental Oil Co

White Lily Meat Market

Sanitary Barber Shop

The Hawk

R. D. Blaydes, Attorney

Stockton Bakery

H. W. Butz, Realtor

Aaron Meat Market

Stockton Lumber Company


Butler Barber Shop

Lone Star Garage

Burton Lingo Co.

Art Craft Studio

Comanche Hotel

M. R. Gonzales Dry Goods

Young's Cafe

J. R. Bennett Cash Store

Heid Bros. Inc.

City Transfer Company

Story's Place

The Electric Chair

Also Contributed

(Text version)

High School Honors Won By Fort Stockton Boy

(Text version)







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